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Accidental Marriage

A few days passed and Hinata had been recovering incredibly well, but Sasuke wasn't able to visit her since he was checked out of the hospital, more like kicked out. Every time he wanted to visit Tsunade didn't allow him, as her doctor she thought it's better to let Hinata rest. Reluctantly he left her but today Tsunade called him and to be honest it was the best call he heard in a very long time.

"Hello?" Sasuke spoke through the phone

"Hello Sasuke its Tsunade"

"Is Hinata alright?" he immediately jumped into conclusions, but Tsunade just laughed through the phone making Sasuke sigh.

"No no I just called to say that you can finally come visit" her voice sounded relaxed and Sasuke hung up, he's happy doesn't mean he'll be nice, and of course Tsunade didn't leave his name out when she cursed at the beeping phone.

As Sasuke entered the hospital he felt nervous and the funny thing it was finally his turn to visit instead of Hinata, he let out a dry laugh when he let the thought disappear. When he walked through the hospital halls he didn't even ask where Hinata's room was, he immediately walked down the familiar hallway where her room is supposed to be.

Sasuke opened the door roughly only not to find that Hinata wasn't there, but there was an old couple who looked like they were going to kiss but got interrupted by Mr Casanova. Finally snapping out of it he apologized and quickly escaped to see Tsunade laughing at his blushing face.

"I was going to warn you but decided to let you find out on your own" she continued to laugh as Sasuke glared at her.

"Where is Hinata?" he said menacingly and Tsunade glared back.

"I was going to take you but now I won't"

"Easy, I can get it out of your staff" he smirked folding his arms but the blonde doctor continued to glare.

"If it wasn't for Hinata asking for you I would let you suffer" she sighed and waved at Sasuke to follow her.

Sasuke was surprised when he heard that Hinata wanted to see him, he would expect her to turn him down and he would enter anyway. Well it made things easier and it'll be easier to apologize as well, in his way.

They walked to the special ward where Hinata was kept, since she got out of the operation room recently Tsunade decided it would be better for her recovery to be in a quiet environment. Hardly anyone in the special ward except for extreme cases.

The doctor knocked and entered with Sasuke on tow, he peered to find Hinata staring out of the window but what surprised him that even though she was blind folded for now, she was smiling for the first time in a very long time.

Honestly he felt in content watching her smile, she deserves happiness that she haven't felt recently since she met him. That thought made him stop, was it his fault that she lost her smile? Well that was an obvious answer, Hiashi wanted to use her against him and Kiyomi almost killed her because he was her ex.

Tsunade was going to speak but suddenly Sasuke stopped her, this time he wanted to speak. His dark eyes softened as Hinata shook her head letting tresses of her hair fall against her beautiful face, even though it was simple he just wanted to hug her tightly against his chest and kiss her hard.

"Hinata" he whispered walking towards her, Tsunade disappeared letting the couple to reunite.

As soon as she heard his voice Hinata snapped her head to his general direction, she smiled softly she really missed him.

"Sasuke" she whispered back extending her hand that he captured quickly kissing softly. Feeling his lips made her shiver slightly, how long has it been since they last kissed, she missed all the romantic moments with her beloved husband. Yes that's right she called him her husband!

"I missed you so much" his voice was hushed as though afraid to break the special moment and his lips continued to kiss her palm, but soon after he tugged her arm to capture her face in his free hand and hold his lips against hers gently.

Hinata was surprised by his action but quickly responded thoroughly, his lips were soft but firm against hers. He needed this to make sure this is all real, to prove that Hinata is in fact the woman of his dreams. And to be truthful she was everything and more he could ever wish for.

Slowly he leaned back to look at Hinata's flushing face, "You never change" he chuckled as Hinata joined in giggling.

"And you did" she replied, yes he had changed and to the better because of this woman.

"I thought you were going to kick me out" he spoke his mind as he sat close to her placing her hands on his lap.

"Well I think I was at one point, but I never could do that. I can never deny what we had, what we have" she pushed herself closer to Sasuke.

Actually during the operation where she thought that she won't be thinking anymore, well she started to remember that beautiful night together (not the after). And what she felt was incredible, a feeling that was addicted and she didn't want to lose.


A feeling that she always dreamed of, the feeling that came in the form of Sasuke.

"Marry me again" he murmured in her ear, moving his lips to her neck giving it a soft kiss.

"Make it after I remove these bandages" she said giving Sasuke a peck, celebrating the new life they'll face together and it better be a good one. But if not… Well let's think of the better for now.