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Chapter 1

Gohan was rushing to class; he was late…AGAIN! As he cut around the corner, he was thinking.

'I can't be late again! Dende, PLEASE DON'T LET ME GET A D-HALL!!!'

-Inside the classroom-

"Good morning class! We received a new student today! Her name is Lime Punch. Lime, come on in sweetie." Mr. Kewtip. (A/N- Kewtip! Q-tip! HAHHA! ….or not…I heard the last name from another fic one time so I went a head and used it…if I got it from your fic, thanks. If you would like credit, I will gladly give ya credit!)

A girl with red hair and soft, happy eyes walked into the classroom. "Hello." She said.

"This is Lime's first day at school, similar to our good friend…who might I add is late for the 3rd time this week." Mr. K. grumbled.

"Lime, you can sit over there, on the end." He said to the girl.

"Okay. Thank you." She said politely.

A tall boy with black, spiked hair and dark black eyes rushed into the classroom and started rambling out excuses.

"Kaasan woke me up late and I missed breakfast and I had to stop by Bulma's and I had to get some breakfast cuz I missed breakfast and had to get my stuff cuz I forgot it when I left and-" he said all in one breath before he was interrupted by the teacher.

"We get the point Mr. Son. Take a seat and never be late again." He said firmly as Gohan quickly obeyed.

"Well, now with that out of the way, let's begin…" he droned on…by this point, everyone either fell asleep, whispered, or tuned him out.

"Hi Gohan-kun." Lime said cheerily to Gohan. That snapped the demi- saiyan out of his reverie and caught near-by people by surprise…this girl knew Gohan? The smart-geeky kid who was often late.

"Huh? Oh, hey Lime. I didn't notice ya…I was to busy-" he started.

"Making excuses? Shame, shame Gohan!" she finished for him.

"Yea…the sad thing is, it's all true!" he declared to his friend.

"Knowing you, Gohan-kun, it probably is!" she answered with a quiet laugh. He laughed too.

"Hey, Nerd-Brain, how do YOU know THIS chick?" Sharpener asked.

"Hm? Oh, I met Lime around the time of the Cell Games and-" he started.

"-and we became friends." She interrupted.

"Would you stop interrupting me!" he said.

"Oh, sorry Gohan-kun! Poor thing, interrupted THREE times in five minutes…poor, poor you…" she sarcastically with a giggle.

"Hey! Well, anymore questions before I'm inter-"he started.

"Yea! Anymore-hehehe, just kidding…go on!" she said, holding back laughter.

"I don't think I wanna say it anymore! You ruined it!" Gohan declared.

"Well that's nice to know Mr. Son, does that mean we may all go on with class?" asked a peeved Mr. K…he had heard some of their conversation and enjoyed embarrassing his students…and it worked! Gohan turned beat red.

"Ummm…..I guess….." he fumbled before glaring at the laughing students…they hadn't grown to know the danger of a ticked off Saiyan…. He then mumbled under his breath, "Why does he always catch ME and never anyone ELSE?!"

"He just doesn't like you Gohan." Erasa, the blonde on the other side of him, stated.

"Gee, thanks." He muttered.

"I thought that you were being home-schooled because your grandfather needed your help Lime-chan." He said.

"I was…but Grandpa found out you transferred here so he decided I could too and that it would be best for me." She answered.

"Cool! Your Grandpa is awesome…I only came here about a week ago and- " he told his friend.

"Hey, do you wanna go out with me Lime? You're pretty. Videl isn't cooperating so I'll try you." Sharpener.

This was it…Gohan…was mad…

"Excuse me Sharpener but I DON'T LIKE BEING INTERUPTED!!!" he shouted.

"Mr. Son, would you like to say-" Mr. K started.

"NO!" He yelled. He noticed what he said and blushed. "Ummm…no thank you sir…" he mumbled sheepishly.

Mr. K looked irritated. "What is your problem today Gohan?"

"Ummm…didn't get enough sleep?" he answered in more of a question then an answer.

"Then you should get more sleep…no, NOT IN MY CLASS!!! Well, because I don't like all the interruptions." The teacher replied.

"I'm the one who's been interrupted at least 4 or 5 times…" he muttered to where Mr. K couldn't hear him. Lime and Erasa giggled, Videl looked shocked and Sharpener rolled his eyes…he didn't like the new Gohan.

The rest of the class went similar to that…Gohan, Lime, Erasa, Videl and Sharpener talk, Gohan yells, Mr. K rants, and Gohan gets in trouble and the process repeats.


"C'mon Lime-chan! Eat with us!" Gohan called to the girl.

"Kay Gohan-kun!" she called back.

"Why does a pretty thing like her choose Nerd-Boy anyway?" asked Sharpener.


"Hello?" he asked again.


"Are ya'll listening?" he questioned.


Videl was too busy thinking to pay attention to the useless jock. 'Why do Gohan and Lime get along so well? It's not fair…Lime Punch…this means war.'

"-del! VIDEL!!!" screeched Sharpener.

"Huh?" she replied.

"Kami, Sharpener, your gonna make her go deaf." Gohan said goofily as he and Lime sat down on the grass next to their friends. Videl inwardly blushed and Lime smiled.

"Hiya Gohan and Lime! Hey Lime, I didn't really get to meet you, my name is Erasa." Said Erasa.

"Hi Erasa! So, are you three friends?" she asked the blonde.

"Yup! Sharpie here is mean to Gohan though…just cuz Gohan's smarter than he is…Gohan's too much of a sweetie though!" Erasa said, pointing to Sharpener when saying Sharpie and grinning at Gohan near the end.

Gohan was blushing to the roots of his hair by the end of her sentence. Lime only nodded her head to agree with Erasa's statement.

"I know! He's always been like that! You should see his little brother! SO cute! His mom scares me though. If your wondering WHY he's so smart, you should see his mom…she's the most strict, scholar-obsessed woman in the world…poor Gohan-kun!" said Lime, making conversation.

"He has a little brother? How sweet! Really? No wonder he knows all that stuff!" replied Erasa.

As the two were talking, Videl decided to talk to Gohan. "Hey Gohan. How long have you known…ummm…Lime?" she asked.

"Since the Cell Games." He replied with his mouth full of food.

She looked disgusted but continued her questions. "How'd ya meet?"

"Hm?" he swallowed a mouth full. "What? Oh, I met her in the forest. I was gathering something or other for my mom and she had fallen into the river…" he started.

Erasa and Lime heard him and were listening.

"…So I got her out. Then, I went out help her Grandpa out with something cuz some creeps were robbin' his store or something. Well, then I cut him some wood and me and Lime became friends. We hung out for a while but one day…I dunno, she had to be home-schooled cuz her Grandpa needed help. Now she's here." Gohan said with a grin.

"That's….nice Gohan." Videl said.

"Yup….hey, how's Goten?" Lime asked.

"He's doing good. Spars with Trunks and I a lot but nothing too drastic…he's getting really good." Gohan replied.

This shocked Erasa, Videl and Sharpener…Gohan knew martial arts?

"Whoa, WAITAMINUTE!!! Gohan? You know martial arts?" Videl questioned.

Gohan got nervous…he had slipped up. "Um…I…uh….ermmm…ya see-" he stuttered.

"What he means is: You're darn right I do!" Lime interrupted proudly.

"Hey!" Gohan said, blushing.

Erasa, Sharpener and Videl stared blankly as Gohan's eye began to twitch. "Why? WHY AM I CONSTANTLY INTERUPTED?!?!?! Dende, I swear I'm gonna kill you…"

"Now, now Gohan, be careful, Dende is a sweet guy…just cuz he picks on you doesn't mean ya gotta threaten him. I'm sure it's all in good nature." Lime reasoned.

"Sweet? Sweet my foot…just because I haven't visited the Lookout cuz I've have SCHOOL, DARN school, to deal with….sure it gets boring but oh well…" Gohan said.

---Meanwhile, At the Lookout---

"I think I have a FRIEND to visit…Mr. Popo, we can finish our game of Chess later, okay? I'm gonna go visit Gohan." Said the God as he flew down to OSH.

---Back on Earth---

"Ummm….who's Dende?" asked Erasa.

"Oh, he's Kami." Said Lime light-heartedly.

"LIME!" Gohan said, angered.

"Oopsies…sorry Gohan-kun." Lime said with a giggle.

"Hey Gohan! Long time no see, ne?" said a green teen said to the dear demi- saiyan we all know and love, Gohan.

"Yeah…hello to you to Dende…wait, WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Gohan yelled at the top of his lungs at the Namek.

"Nice to see you too! I just wanted to say hi to my good ol' friend. How ya been?" Dende asked Gohan.

Everyone stood and looked in awe at Gohan…did he just say what they THINK he just said? Perfect little Gohan, CURSED! And knew God?! The world was coming to an end…they were sure of it…

"Dende, don't think I'm not gonna kill you….WHY am I constantly interup-" Gohan started.

"Oh, ya see…it's not that important." Dende said.

Gohan's eye began violently twitching at Dende.

Dende paled…what had he done?! "Whoopsies..." was all Dende said before Gohan had calmed down a bit.

"'Whoopsies' is right my friend but that isn't the issue…why are you down here? Don't you have the planet to guard or something?" Gohan asked, drained of all life.

"Yes but it gets boring playing Mr. Popo at Chess and Go Fish…so I thought I'd say hi…IS THAT SO MUCH T ASK?!" Dende asked dramatically.

"Umm….rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhttttttt!!!!" Gohan replied.

"So, HI MY GOOD FRIEND GOHAN!" Dende said enthusiastically.

"HI MY GOOD FRIEND DENDE!" Gohan mocked.

"………." Was Videl, Erasa, and Sharpener's reaction while Lime smiled.

Gohan noticed he was getting stares and turned around. "…..SO I know Kami, what's the big deal?" Gohan said cluelessly.

Everyone face-faulted at his naïveté. "Gohan…" said Lime, shaking her head at him.

"G-G-Gohan?" stuttered Videl.

"Yes Videl?" Gohan asked, with innocence shining in his eyes.

"Did I miss something?" she continued.

"Probably…" mumbled Dende.

As Gohan sent Dende an icy glare, Sharpener added, "Yeah…what happened to quiet little nerd-boy?! I mean, common, you know a cute girl, start cursing mindlessly, and know KAMI!!!"

"Ummm…..I dunno…" Gohan said quietly, looking more and more like the little Son Gohan they thought they knew.


"Hehehe, lookie at that, the bell rang! Looks like we gotta go to class! Bye Dende! Maybe we can finish talking once I've finished cooling down, like say, after school! Bye!" Gohan said as he rushed off to class.

Dende stood there dumbfounded. "Buh bye Gohan…uhhh…yeah…well, I better go back, I have a Chess game to finish!" Dende said as he disappeared.

"Someone shoot me now…" mumbled Videl as she, Lime, Erasa and Sharpener went on to next period, PE.

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