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Chapter 9

Videl sat in the park next to her husband, cradling her first-born child; Her daughter, Son Pan.

Gohan stroked the baby's tiny face with a finger and said quietly to Videl. "I can't believe we're parents."

"I know..it was two years ago I moved in with you.now I'm sitting in the middle of the park, married to you with a child. And to think that it all happened so quickly." Videl said, ruffling their child's jet-black hair.

"Hehehe!" the baby giggled as she looked up, her coal-black eyes shining brightly. She had gotten her eyes from her father.

Videl had moved in with Gohan two years ago. They were soon married and due to Chichi's obsession with studying, the two graduated.early for say.and finally, two years later.Chichi's greatest wish came true.she had a grandchild. Since they were only 16, she taught them what would've taken two years in school in half a year. Now they were 18 with a one-year-old baby girl. They had moved into their own house a year ago when the baby was born.

"Hello Panny." Gohan cooed affectionately as he poked her nose.

She giggled and tiny hands clasped around the finger. He smiled at her then looked lovingly at his wife.

'Before I met Videl and we began getting along, my life was a wreck. Though I hid how much I miss my father, she helped me open up so much. Now look at me, married with a kid.life just couldn't get any better.' Gohan thought happily.

"We better get home, huh Videl?" Gohan said to his wife.

Videl nodded and the two got up and were on their way home. Once they got there, Gohan handed the baby to Videl and he got the mail. He looked through them as he walked into their house, finding none that stuck out.

He walked into his house, threw the mail on the counter and walked into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, he picked up his tiny daughter and planted a kiss on her small forehead.

"Life is good." He said smiling.

"Yeah." Videl said happily.

"Hey, let's invite Erasa and Sharpener over." Gohan suggested.

"Yeah! We haven't seen them in years!" Videl said.

Pan squirmed and smiled sweetly, oblivious to the world around her.

"Let's find the phone book and call them up." Gohan said, reaching for the book. Videl nodded.

"Pencil...Sharpener Pencil." Gohan muttered under his breath as he looked through the "P"'s.

After a little effort, they found it. It read:

Pencil Sharpener

637.821.3456 807 Lost Creek LN.

"Let's call." Videl suggested.

"Yeah." Gohan said as he punched in the number and held the phone to his ear.

"Moshi moshi! Pencil residence!" chirped a female voice from the other end.

"Huh? Sorry it must be a wrong number because I called Sharpener.Sorry." Gohan said embarrassed.

Videl shot a confused look and Gohan whispered in her ear.

"Wrong number." He whispered. She nodded and Gohan went back on the phone.

"What do you mean? Who is this? Sharpener is here.would you like to talk to him?" the voice answered.

"Huh? You mean he DOES live there? Well ummm..sure.I guess.put him on." Gohan answered confused.

"Moshi moshi." A male voice answered.

"Sharpener?" Gohan asked.

"That's me.what do you want? Who are you?" Sharpener asked.

"It's me, Gohan." He answered.

There was silence on the other end of the phone when he heard a yell on the other end. "WHAT?! GOHAN?!"

Gohan cringed. Videl shot a knowing look at her husband.she knew of Saiyans sensitive hearing.

"Yeah.it's me." Gohan replied.

"Gosh.what's it been man, two years? What's up? Where did you disappear to?" he asked his old friend.

"Yeah.two years. That's why I was calling, we wanted to know if you wanted to visit us this afternoon." Gohan said, revealing the purpose of the call.

"Us huh? Whose US?" Sharpener asked suggestively.

"Eheheheee..ummmmm...how about you just come over, okay?" Gohan said, trying to change the subject. Videl once again shot a questioning look but Gohan ignored her.

"Whatever man.on the way." Sharpener replied, holding back a laugh.

"Ja ne!" Gohan said.

"Ja ne." Sharpener said, hanging up.

"He's coming." Gohan said.

"Cool. Now let's call Erasa." Videl said, flipping to the section Erasa should be in. Looking up "Pynk", she found nothing.

"Huh? She's not listed." Videl said sadly.

"Aw.maybe she got married." Gohan said, upset.

"Yeah.oh well.at least Sharpener is coming." She said.

"Yeah." Videl said.

Just as the started getting up, the phone rang again. This time however, Videl picked up the phone.

"Moshi moshi?" she said into the phone.

"Hm? Sorry, is this where Son Gohan lives?" answered the man form the other end.

"Hai, why?" she answered.

"Who are you? Anyway, would you put him on the phone?" he asked.

"Sure. -Gohan dear, someone's on the phone for you!-" Sharpener heard in the background.

"Moshi moshi." Gohan said.

"Hey Gohan.I umm..don't know how to get to your house." Sharpener mumbled timidly.

Gohan smirked then started laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asked his friend.

"Oh nothing.that just seems like something I would do.say I'll go somewhere before I know where I'm going." Gohan said laughing.

"Yeah.yeesh it's been a long time.hey who was the chick who answered the phone?" Sharpener asked.

Gohan smirked. "It's a secret."

"Really? Well, how do I get there?"

Gohan explained and they hung up.he was on his way.

---10 Minutes and 5 Cups of Tea Later---


"I'll get it." Videl said.

"No.I'LL get it." Gohan said grinning.

Videl rolled her eyes and smiled. "Okay love." she answered.she knew Gohan was the one who had spoken with Sharpener.oh what fun.

"Hi Sharpener..and..I feel sick." Gohan said as he answered the door.

"Hi Gohan." Chirped..ERASA?!

Gohan grinned. "Hey guys.welcome to my humble home." Gohan said sarcastically.

They three walked into the living room to see Videl still drinking the tea and Pan crawling around in circles giggling.

Gohan didn't notice that his friends froze.


Videl turned around. "Hey guys." She said cheerily.

After another moments silence, Erasa leaped at Videl. "HI VIDEL!!! Gosh.it's been YEARS!!! What's been up? Where'd ya'll disappear to? Who's the kid? When did ya'll move here? Wh-" Erasa started, rambling the questions out.

"Wait, wait, WAIT!!! Gimme a chance to answer!" she said.

Sharpener sat down and Erasa followed in suite. Gohan scooped up Pan and sat down as well.

"Well, since Sharpener asked pretty much the same thing, we can hit two birds with one stone, ne Videl?" Gohan said.

"You invite us over and now your gonna hit us with a rock?" Erasa said, tears forming in her eyes.

Everyone sweat dropped. "Ahem.no.it's an expression." Gohan mumbled.

"Yeah, I never thought I see the day when GOHAN is telling ERASA 'it's an expression'.hehehe." Sharpener teased.

Everyone laughed as Erasa realized what they were talking about.

"So, we 'disappeared' to my house. Now before you talk, I'll explain." He said, glancing at Videl for approval. When she nodded sadly, he continued. "Remember that article about us? Well, her father didn't take it lightly. He threw something at her so she needed somewhere to stay.so I invited her to stay with me. She stayed in the guestroom and my mom was having a blast.it was kinda sad." Gohan said, sweat dropping. He looked to Videl.

"The kid is our daughter, Pan. She is 1 year old." Videl said.

"One year huh? Well that's cool." Erasa said happily.

Gohan continued. "We moved here a year ago when Panny was born."

"That's cool. I'm glad everything worked out.we were all worried sick!" Erasa said.

"Sorry about that." Videl said laughing.

They all laughed.

"You two had lunch yet?" Gohan asked.

"Nope." They replied.

"I'll make some." Videl said.

They all nodded.

"Oh shoot." Gohan mumbled.

"What dear?" Videl asked from the kitchen.

"We forgot Lime." He said.

"Oh yeah." Videl answered dryly but Gohan didn't catch it.

Sharpener and Erasa held in laughter.Videl STILL hadn't gotten over that.

"I'll call her, okay?" he asked.

"Sure." Videl said.

Gohan shrugged his shoulders and dialed Lime's number.

"Moshi moshi." Answered Lime.

"Hey Lime. It's Gohan. I wanted to know if ya wanted to join me, Videl, Erasa, and Sharpener for lunch." He said.

"Sure." She chirped.

"Okay." he explained where they lived and she said she was on the way.

---15 Minutes and Many Clashing Pans Later---


"I'll get it." Gohan said.

"Hi Lime." He said.

Lime smiled and said, "Hey Gohan."

They walked in and everyone said their hellos.

"LUNCH IS READY!" Vidle yelled from the kitchen.

Everyone went in and Videl and Lime exchanged glances and made silent peace.

"Sooo.this is good." Lime said, breaking the deafening silence.

Everyone just ignored Gohan as they always did.

"Some things never change." Sharpener said laughing as he looked at Gohan.

"No kidding." Videl mumbled.

Everyone laughed and Gohan just looked clueless.then continued his lunch.

They finished their lunches and sat down in the living room again. Pan climbed up on her daddy's lap, gave the Son Grin and giggled. He smiled back and messed up her hair.

Everyone grinned.it was a cute little moment when everyone just goes "Awwwwww"..

"Well, it was nice having you guys over." Videl said sweetly. They all nodded.

"We better get home." Sharpener said.

"It was nice visiting.call us anytime, okay?" Erasa said.

They nodded and Erasa and Sharpener were on their way.

"Well.thanks for inviting me." Lime said.

"No prob. You're welcome anytime." Gohan said good-naturedly. Videl nodded.

"Thanks you guys. I better go. Bye Videl! Bye Gohan!" Lime said as she left.

"Bye" they said in unison.

As the door closed they noticed how sleepy Pan was. They took her up for her nap and sat on the couch next to each other.

"Well.that was interesting." Gohan said.

"No kidding. I'm exhausted." Videl added, yawning.

"Me too.I say let's take a nap." Gohan answered.

The two went upstairs and joined the daughter in a well-deserved nap.

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