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A hand slammed down upon the beeping clock, it was already held with band-aids and elastic bands. The same hand uncurled its fingers and stretched, each muscle tightening and loosening along the sleek, pale arm it was attached to. Kelly Jones, Head Girl. She sat up her expensive silk pyjamas clinging to her sweaty body. She grimaced at herself and took a stroll to the showers, it was 7:20am. No-one around to shower her with mind numbing questions or adorn her with praise of Flash. The darn fool.

She crept into the showers, checking for booby traps. Satisfied, she hung up her nightwear and stepped into the cascading warm water. Letting out a sigh of relief she titled her face up toward the falling water. Today's schedule was manic. Dress choosing and fitting. Bridesmaids fitting. Meeting with several planners. Another sigh escaped her lips. Kelly Jones, getting hitched. She let out her own little chuckle at the thought.

"Darn it Jones you sly devil" Annabelle was at the Trinski factory. Her bike, and as requested it had its gear lever back, but it was now missing the seat and battery. Despite her slight anger she smiled. Always one step ahead aren't you Jones. She placed her helmet back in its locker and hung the leathers up. She sat on one of the nearby workbenches swinging her legs to and fro. Her mind wandering back to that question "What was it like before me?" She tapped her heel against the workbench pondering situations until the door opened to reveal a very dishevelled man. He looked up with a smile until his vision focused enough to see who it was. "Balls..." He sighed.

"Ah, Flash. Just the guy" Belle smirked and hopped off the side. "You wouldn't happen to know where my battery and seat have ended up would you?"

"Now, Belle...urrhh...I might possibly have a vague interpretation of where they may or may not currently reside at the present time." He swirled his hands attempting distraction.

"Stop stalling. Stop trying to weasel round me. And stop being so" She made a gesture to his hands "So, fidgety. Just tell me where they are and everyone goes on with their day"

"Belle, I can't tell ya where they are. Kel has me sworn to secrecy." He puts on a empathetic smile.

"How much" she sighs and pulls out her check book.

"Call it 50 squid" Flash licked his lips and rubs his hands together, watching the pen dance along the paper.

"Wait" Annabelle stopped writing, Flash's face fell. "Why did she even take it, I was sober last night?"

"Simple ent it. She dun' wan' you to miss 'er big day" He shrugged then covered his mouth in shock.

"Thanks Flash, heres your check" She twirled letting the paper fall in his hands, his hope was still there until he read it.

Too easy

He yelled and threw the ball of paper on the ground. "DAMN FRITTONS" He shouted once more.

Kelly lathered herself up then let the hot water seep over her body. She hadn't felt this relaxed in forever. She rolled her neck, and shoulders little cracks easing the tension in her bones. "DAMN FRITTONS!" Her head jerked round at Flash's voice. Why was he up? What's Fritton got to do with it? She grumbled and hurriedly dressed herself in her jeans and a complimenting T-shirt.

As she entered the garage, Flash was passed out on a bench and Annabelle's bike was still there. So he didn't crack, where is she then? Her eyes flitted about for clues to her friends whereabouts. It was getting on for 8 o'clock. Polly would rise soon then she wouldn't have any time to herself. "Bollocks" She murmured and went to the sports field. As she strode there a pair of footsteps fell in beside her. "Jones."


"Busy day?"

"Fittings, meetings. Pollys scheduling is jammed" She let herself smile, she just couldn't help herself.

"Flash told me you had my seat and battery, I have come to barter for it" Belle chanced a smile back trying to avoid wedding talk.

"Good ol' Flash" Kelly rolled her eyes.

"Name your price"

"An acceptance to my wedding invitation."

"How about giving you a ride to your wedding"

"No dice Fritton."

Annabelle puffed out a breath of air in slight agitation. "Okay..." She pondered about her next move. Only to catch the stern look of Kelly Jones. She wasn't here to negotiate. Annabelle sighed and shrugged walking back to...where was she supposed to be. Kelly sighed, still Annabelle didnt know what class she had.

"English, Belle"

"You gave me the bike to run away from you" She stated as she walked away. "But now you slammed on the brakes."

"Maybe, I don't want us to run anymore.." Kelly mumbled as Annabelle strolled away defeated.

"KELLY WHERE ARE YOU!" Polly screamed in her earpiece. "DRESS. NOW."

"Yes, Miss" Kelly scoffed and took a lingering walk to her fitting.


Andrea hissed at the first dress claiming it to be a form that only a puffy clown could dare wear. She hated clowns. Taylor almost hung Kelly trying to get her out of the second saying that it was an 'I-bomb-a-nation' she was soon corrected and had her mouth taped shut. "You really should attend English" Chelsea spoke whilst bringing out the next dress. "How about you lot go look for some suits, this" She held up the elaborate dress trying to find the bottom. "..will take a while." The other girls sighed, leaving a worried looking Kelly. "She'll be fine" They all grinned.

The dresses became bigger, fluffier and brighter. Kelly shielded her eyes from the next one that was bought out. "Chels. No more big and puffy...I'm not partial to marshmallows let alone looking like one." She giggled.

"Kels, this one is perfect!" The blonde pleaded

"Yea, for you" She tossed the dress aside. "I want something..." She sauntered over to her friend "Something..." She balled her fists. "I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT!" Chelsea whistled for the others in panic.

"Bridal meltdown REGROUP!" Polly signalled and the girls barrelled there way through displays knocking over people, jumping the occasional low shoe rack until they arrived at a fuming Kelly pulling her hair. "I don't know, Kelly Jones, doesn't know..." She stared into no where. Andrea clicked in front of Kelly's eyes. Nothing but a blink. There was mention of electroshock therapy, and possible hair tongs if she didn't snap out. Until she suddenly whipped back the dressing room curtain and stared out of the shop window. The girls where baffled, until they heard her. The low rumbling stood out from the cars, it grew louder and Kelly drew closer to the window. She stared down the road both ways until a pink blur shot past the window only to be followed 5 seconds later by blue flashing blurs. "Hey, wasn' tha'" Taylor was cut off.

"FRITTON!" Kelly chucked on her jacket and trousers. "Chelsea pick a dress, you understand" She shot her a look. "Taylor, get Polly, Andrea back in the car I'll drop you back to base. I want a merge position five ago! If she can get back to the school she'll be safe"

"Yeah, only from the police though" Polly wiggled her nose and smiled ushering the girls out of the door into the car.