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This is set after episode 5x12, it includes Addison & Jake's trip to Palm Beach but is completely AU to what you'll have seen on PP (*pukes*) this story is also based heavily on Sam's sister Corinne, but will also be AU to what is on PP, so just go with it! The title of the fic is a lyric from the song 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz, I highly suggest you listen to it! And again, review pretty please!

Even If The Skies Get Rough

"Hey, you ready?" Pete asked as Sam let him into his house.

"For what?" Sam frowned.

"For the bar, we're going out again remember"

"Oh, right" Sam nodded "I forgot"

"Forgot? How could you forget?"

"Look, I know you want to get over Violet by picking up all these girls but…."

"They're women, very hot women, Violet is dating some paramedic now and I, am having fun with all the hot women, I thought you were too, you had fun with that blonde didn't you" he shrugged.

"Sure, I had fun, but me and Addison just broke up"

"I know you're finding this whole break up thing hard but, she's at Palm Beach with Jake right now, this is the perfect time to try and get over her"

"You are such a bad influence" Sam smirked "Just, give me 10 minutes alright, grab a beer if you want"

"Thanks man" Pete said, patting his shoulder as Sam headed up to his room to change.


"I like it here" Addison smiled as she sat in the hotel restaurant with Jake in Palm Beach.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice" Jake smiled back "To Palm Beach" he said raising his glass.

"To Palm Beach and wine" Addison laughed, tapping her glass to his before taking a long sip.

"You look beautiful tonight"

"Thank you" Addison said shyly.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure" she nodded.

"If I asked you out on a date when we got back to LA, what would you say?" he asked.

"Are you going to ask me out on a date when we get back to LA?"

"Well that depends on what you'd say" he laughed softly.

"Me and Sam we, we just broke up…"

"I understand"

"No, listen" Addison said, reaching over and putting her hand on his "We just broke up and, I'm not going to deny the fact that I still have, a lot of feelings for him, but, I think going on a few dates might be, good for me, but it's just going to be dating, no funny business"

"No funny business huh?" Jake laughed "Well that's ok by me, I'd just really like to take you out, I was really disappointed when you didn't come to Fiji with me"

"You didn't even end up in Fiji" she laughed.

"I was still disappointed, it would've been fun, getting to know someone from knowing nothing, but I get it, you had a lot going on"

"Yeah" she sighed heavily "Well we can get to know each other now can't we"

"Sure we can" he smiled "To getting to know each other" he said raising his glass again, Addison smiled and tapped her glass to his.


1 week later.

"Hey" Addison said quietly as she walked into the break room where Sam sat alone reading through some of his files.

"Hey" he replied, barely looking up from the page he was reading intently.

"Do you want a coffee?" she asked.

"No thank you" Sam replied with a small smile, Addison nodded a little and made herself a coffee before taking the seat opposite him.

"I, I'm dating Jake" she said quickly, Sam instantly put the files on his lap and looked up at her "You see, the thing is, when me and you broke up before, that guy I went on a date with it was Jake, I didn't know that, I didn't even know his name" she said with a slight laugh "He asked me to go to Fiji with him and I turned him down, I went to the airport but then I saw Naomi and, I knew I had to come back to you so I did and, nothing has been going on with me and Jake since then, nothing I swear to you, but, at the conference in Palm Beach we got talking and, he wanted to take me on a date and I said yes, so we're dating, but that's it, just, dating"

"Fine" Sam sighed.

"Fine?" Addison repeated, her eyebrow rising slightly.

"I've been seeing a few women myself"

"A few?" she asked with surprise.

"Nothing serious" he shrugged "I've moved on, you are free to do what you want, don't worry about me, I hope Jake makes you very happy, he's a good guy"

"Hey" Jake smiled as he entered the room "Oh, sorry, am I interrupting?"

"No" Sam said as he stood, gathering up his files "I have a patient" he went to leave but stopped as he reached Jake "Treat her right, ok?"

"Ok" Jake nodded, trying not to act too surprised as Sam left "You told him?"

"I had too, I thought he'd, have more of a reaction but, he's been seeing other people already so.…"

"I know"

"You know?"

"Pete and him, they've been going out to bars a lot lately, he's having a little fun" Jake shrugged "There's no harm in that right?"

"No, no harm" Addison said, shaking her head a little, trying not to show the worry in her face.


"Hey man" Pete smiled as Sam walked up to him at the hospital later that day "You on for drinks tonight?"

"Absolutely" Sam nodded "Addison's dating Jake"

"She's what?"

"Dating Jake, apparently they even had a date after we broke up the last time, I didn't even know they knew each other…"

"She had to move on some time" Pete sighed.

"Maybe that's true, but we broke up because of this baby thing, and now she's not even trying, she's just moving on with someone I thought was my friend, he didn't even ask me if I'm ok with it….don't look at me like that" he frowned "This is not the same as me and you or Addie and Naomi, it's not, I'm right"

"Ok" Pete nodded "Did you say that to him?"

"No" Sam mumbled "I told him to treat her right"

"Oh dude" Pete laughed "I've told you so many times, you are way too nice"

"Yeah I know" Sam sighed heavily "I hate that"

"Maybe it's a good thing" Pete shrugged "I know it's not what you wanted for her when you broke up but this way, you can move on without feeling guilty"

"Yeah I…."


"Oh my god" Sam stuttered as he saw a familiar woman walking towards them.

"What? Who is that?" Pete asked as the woman waved shyly.

"That's my sister"

Chapter 2 to follow….