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"I miss her" Addison said tiredly after waking up from a nap, Abigail having her own in the nursery down the hall at the hospital "I know all I've done is sleep but, I miss her so much already"

"I know baby, me too" Sam said with a soft laugh "How about I go and get us some lunch and when we're done I'll bring Abby right back here, and we can probably go home soon"

"Yeah, I guess so" she yawned "Can I have something with fries?"

"You can have whatever you want" he smiled, kissing her forehead "I'm so proud of you, I know you were scared but you were, you are always going to be amazing to me"

"I love you so much" she whispered "Now get me some food, labour is hard work"

"Ok" Sam laughed "I'll get you some food"


"Oh you have got to be kidding me" Sam groaned as he walked back towards Addison's room and saw his father standing by the nursery window "What are you doing here? I told you I'd call you if I wanted to see you again, how did you even know where I was?"

"I wanted to leave something at your house for the baby, I was just going to leave it on the doorstep but your neighbour said he spotted you leaving and had a feeling Addison was in labour, I won't stay, I just wanted to give this to you" he said as he held out the pink gift bag.

"I don't want your gifts…"

"Take the gift Sam" Marion said from behind them "And say thank you"

Sam let out a heavy sigh and took the bag "Thank you" he mumbled.

"Now go and give Addison her food so you can spend more time with your daughter, go, shoo"

"But Mom…"

"Sam, go" Marion said firmly "I'll be there in a moment"

"I swear if you say anything to upset her I'll drag you out of here myself" Sam glared at his father before storming away.

"Marion" Samuel Sr. said gently "You haven't changed a bit"

"And you're still a liar" Marion said with a soft laugh.

"You look beautiful Marion, and Sam, he's a good man, that's your doing, and Corinne, I'm sure she was a good girl….I'm so sorry, for everything"

"Corinne was, she was a beautiful girl, so happy and, a dreamer, she was such a dreamer" Marion laughed "But then she got sick and, my baby girl disappeared, in more ways than one, and Sam always blamed himself, both times, he's finally becoming himself again Samuel, nothing will change that, not even you, I won't let it"

"I have many regrets, my biggest being leaving you and the children, hurting you all, my intention isn't to cause either of you any pain, I would just like the chance to know my son and my grandchildren"

"That's one of them right there" Marion smiled, pointing Abigail out "Abigail Hope Bennett, she looks just like Sam did as a baby don't you think?"

"She does" Samuel Sr. said with a soft laugh.

"Maya is a young mother studying at one of the best colleges in New York City, and she will make a career out of whatever she chooses to do, she will be coming to visit with her daughter in a few weeks, I would advise you to stay on Sam's good side until then and you may get to meet them all"

"What makes you think he'd allow that to happen?"

"He still knows I know best even if he is grown" she smirked "And I have a feeling, about you being back in our lives, a good feeling, so I'm going to trust you not to mess it up Samuel, my boy and his family deserve so much better and I'm not, I'm not young anymore, or weak, if you mess with my family again, there will be hell to pay, do you understand?"

"You have changed" Samuel said softly, he leaned in closer and kissed her cheek before she could pull away "I'll leave you all be, send my congratulations to our son and his family again, she's beautiful" Marion watched as he walked away and then turned back to look at her granddaughter.

"One day baby girl, you'll have your heart broken" she murmured "But you'll survive, just like your old Grandma"


"Hey" Addison smiled as Sam walked into her room "Do you have food?"

"I have food" he smirked, he pulled the table that crossed the bed over to them and set out the food, sitting on the bed by her legs on the opposite side of the table, Addison picked up a few fries and ate them.

"Mmm, much better" she smiled as she finished the bite "What's that?" she asked, nodding at the gift bag Sam put near her feet.

"My father is here" Sam sighed heavily "Our neighbour saw him leaving this gift on our doorstep and told him we were here, I haven't opened it, my Mom saw us talking, made me take it and say thank you"

"Oh" Addison said with a soft laugh "Well, open it then"

Sam reluctantly opened the bag and took out the package and card from inside, he opened the package first and took out a newborn sized dress, the top half plain white and the skirt a soft pink with a bow placed on the seam that joined them together.

"That's sweet" Addison smiled as he passed it to her "She'll look adorable in this, what does the card say?" Sam opened the card and a picture fell out of it.

"Oh my god" he murmured.

"What is it?"

"It's, it's a picture of me and Corinne, on her 2nd birthday" he said as he showed it to her.

"Wow" Addison smiled softly "You can see so much of Maya in this photo, and you and Corinne look so alike, I never saw that before, he kept this all that time Sam"

"Yeah" he said quietly "The card, the card says he hopes we're as happy now as he was the day he became a father to me and Corinne, and that he wishes he could've been good for us, he still has a copy of the photo and will carry it with him every day, just like he has all these years" he let out a heavy sigh and put the card down "Tell me what to do Addie"

"I can't do that Sam" she said gently "I love you, and I'll support you whatever you decide, if you're not ready for him to be in your life then he won't be, if you're never ready then that's ok, but I think…"


"I think you want to give him a chance, and you just want someone who isn't your mother to tell you it's ok" Sam furrowed his eyebrows at her, a slight pout on his face and she laughed quietly "Hit the nail on the head honey?"

"It's a good thing I love you" he murmured, reaching over to kiss her "Thank you, you have no idea how much you've helped me Addie, no idea"

"I just want us to both be happy, to all be happy" she said quietly "And I know we will be, especially Abigail, she's going to be Daddy's little Princess and I won't get a look in"

"Of course you will" he laughed "She's going to look like me but she'll be just like you I'm sure, and I can't wait to see her grow up to be as incredible as you are"

"Ok, ok, stop with the compliments now" she laughed softly.

"You gave birth to our daughter today, expect the compliments" Sam kissed her again and she smiled before quickly finishing her food, wanting her daughter to be back in her arms as soon as possible.

Chapter 21 to follow…