Dear Readers of 'All I Need',

Okay I thought I'd make some clarifications before updating with the next chapter. In this story Sophia was never in the barn, and they still have yet to find her. Everything is pretty much the same, it's set a little after bring Randall back to the farm, they still haven't decided wither or not they are going to kill him and Dale is not dead!

Also if you want a visual of what the OCs look like Alana would be casted as Sophia Bush, Aiden as Jeremy Allen White, and Kaidan is most likely going to be Sebastian Stan.

I hope you all will like the new chapter, it should be up in a few hours and I'm so thankful for all my readers! I would really appreciate if you reviewed the chapters; it helps me get the motivation to write more when I know for sure people like the story. I love you all and again thank you very much!