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Title: Because
Pairings: ZoLuZo
Rating: K
Warnings: Fluff
Summary: None
Note: Request fic by my friend Tezzie. Written June 2011.


He looked up as Luffy walked up to him. The younger boy smiled as he sat in Zoro's lap, leaning back so his back molded against Zoro's chest. And Zoro didn't complain, he just closed his eyes as he tried to fall asleep again.

"Ne, Zoro. I'm glad you're on the ship with me," Luffy said quietly.


The rubber man squirmed a bit in Zoro's lap, turning his head so far that any normal human shouldn't be able to do. His face was split by the grin he sported, and his eyes practically reflected the stars above. "I'm glad you're on the ship with me. Sailing wouldn't be the same without you," he repeated.

"What's gotten into you? Kinda mushy tonight, aren't we?" Zoro asked.

Luffy twisted his torso, Zoro knew because his bottom half didn't move. Rubber men were so interesting. Just as he opened his mouth to make a remark, he found Luffy's lips pressed against his own, and he didn't move back or closer, just let Luffy kiss him.

When the younger pulled back, Zoro chuckled. "What was that for?" he whispered.

"Because," Luffy replied, shrugging his shoulders as he giggled, turning back to sit normally in Zoro's lap. He pushed back, squishing Zoro between his back and the wall, and exhaled through his nose. It surprised Zoro when he heard soft snores, which would soon become so loud they could be heard from the main deck, and he only laughed.