Title: Rituals
Pairing: SanUso, implied ZoLuZo
Rating: M
Warnings: Boyxboy, romance, implied sexual content, language
Summary: There are some mornings where Sanji decides to change things up, and every once in a while Usopp joins him.
Note: Two fic updates in one day, and here's hoping I can get another update in before the end of the day!

Some days, Sanji didn't feel like making breakfast the moment he woke up. In fact, some days he preferred relieving whoever was on watch just to have some quiet time. He enjoyed it, giving himself time to think of a new recipe or consider himself. In fact he was kind of like Zoro, as much as he would rather not admit it, and sometimes got up at the crack of dawn to enjoy some morning stretches. And after those stretches, Sanji always had time to shower, where he could feel fresh and renewed before going off to prepare breakfast for a hungry crew.

Today, he was just a little late, passing Zoro on his way to the bathhouse and surprised to find Luffy yawning and dragging behind, latched onto Zoro's hand. Sanji didn't pay much attention, more concerned that Luffy would get bored of Zoro and come hunting for food.

Sanji was in the bathhouse and stripped of his clothes within a few minutes, standing close to the running shower while it warmed up. Steam started to appear and Sanji jumped in, a groan rumbling from his chest.
Just as he felt the aches from his routine disappear and reached for the soap, the door opened. Whoever decided to join him didn't speak up, not like Sanji heard the new occupant anyway. He was only partially aware, sighing through his nose while he closed his eyes.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his torso, hands resting on his chest and almost telling Sanji who was behind him immediately. "Running a little late today?" the other person said. Usopp, who sounded like he had just crawled out of bed and headed to the showers, held Sanji as tight as he could without completely drenching himself.

Sanji snorted and leaned against Usopp a bit. "Someone just got out of the hammock. Did I wake you up when I left?"

"Mmm, kind of, but I had a good dream. Couldn't go back to sleep," Usopp mumbled. Sanji became aware of heat poking against him when Usopp's hand started trailing lower. "Funny, I remember standing in the shower with you being part of the dream."

"Not this time, shithead," Sanji grumbled. He knew where Usopp was going, his suspicions backed up by Usopp pushing against him. Sanji grabbed his wrists and tried to be gentle as he turned in Usopp's arms and backed him against the shower wall. He couldn't hold back the smirk when Usopp pulled him close and parted his legs to give Sanji room. Finishing his shower was now Sanji's least important priority.

"You do realize," Sanji started after a few minutes of kisses, touches and, finally, Usopp lifting one leg to wrap around his waist, "that if breakfast is late, the crew is gonna be pissed."

Usopp gave a weak nod. "Don't care. Need this," he said, one hand ducking down to grab Sanji's arousal and guide him to his entrance. He didn't bother to make sure he was fully aligned before wrapping both arms around Sanji's shoulder and lifting himself to wrap both legs around him. "Please, hurry."

Sanji held any comments about being impatient in favor of compliance, pushing in and sucking at Usopp's skin while Usopp groaned. He was slow as he moved, wary of their time but enjoying the way Usopp held him tighter as his arousal grew stronger. Their movements were imperfect and rhythms lost, but they didn't care. Usopp just wanted his alone time with Sanji, and Sanji wanted to make him feel good.

After so many minutes, Usopp tensed up and arched his back, especially when Sanji sucked a little harder on his skin and gave a few hard, deeper thrusts that even sent him over the edge. They were still for a moment while they caught their breath, only realizing that the shower water was starting to get a little colder.

Sanji laughed under his breath to resist shivering. "You used up the hot water, longnose," he said.

"A-Actually, you've been in here longer, so you're the one that did it," Usopp moaned. He detached himself from Sanji while he spoke and pushed away from the wall when he was sure he wouldn't fall down. Usopp gently leaned against Sanji while adjusting the water temperature, happy to see steam returning. "Easy fix."

"Sure, sure," Sanji mumbled, already busy lathering his hair with shampoo. "Now I'm definitely late. Shitty rubberman is probably pining at the fridge and demanding food. And the idiot swordsman is gonna start drinking us into alcohol deficiency-"

"Oi, stop worrying!" Usopp exclaimed, grabbing Sanji's face and pulling him closer to his own. Sanji stared into his eyes for a moment before Usopp spoke up. "It's gonna be fine. I'll help you with breakfast so we can make sure it gets done on time."

Sanji smirked. "Says the one who tried seducing me one morning when he decided to help."

"That was all your fault and you know it!"

"Mmm, maybe, but it was so worth it. Especially when I got to tease you and excite you while everyone suspected nothing."

"Like hell! That was some poorly hidden dirty talk!"

They finished their shower in a rush, especially when Zoro walked in and pulled Luffy along. Usopp knew all too well that things were going to get heated quickly, be it an argument from Sanji or Luffy's careless touches that could make Zoro weak in the knees. Usopp pushed Sanji into rinsing himself off before leading him out of the room, face blazing when he heard a moan from Zoro.

Usopp dried off with the quick swipe of a towel before redressing himself. He helped Sanji dry off by rubbing his hair, which was then fixed. The two smiled at each other and vowed to shower together again soon, kissing to seal the deal. When they heard a chain of moans coming from the showers, they ran down to start working on breakfast.