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I looked up discreetly from my book to peek at him The once boy now man in front of me was bent over the front of his car which he was making some minor readjustments to. I was relatively nervous after letting it slip how I felt about the way he looked in a moment of dizziness and stupidity. He had rapidly come to my rescue when I had crashed the motorbike he had only just managed to fix and hit my head on a rock, how very like me. I wasn't too sure to be honest what drove me to say those words. Sure if someone asked me (and I hoped that no one ever would) I would gladly admit that he was stunning. Although I highly doubted anyone would want my opinion on the subject anyway, no one needed it. Me and Jacob spent a lot of time together and when we went out anywhere I saw the way people looked at him. It's not just his height or muscles, he has a dazzling smile and russet colored skin that I'm convinced even women envy. His hair was only now starting to to grow a little after he had cut it but even short it was black as ebony and gleamed putting my wavy locks to shame.

I deeply admired him and many times found myself simply looking at him more and more than I'd care to admit, I couldn't help it. He had caught me spacing out before and needless to say I'm sure it greatly inflated his ego, a few times he made cocky remarks in response but mostly he just beamed in a way than made my toes curl and my stomach flip with nervousness.

I did love to see him happy … but he was my best friend, I loved him but my heart was broken and my mind a downright mess.

Sometimes I feared I no longer even had a heart, I just felt numb. I loved Jacob, the way I loved my father and mother. I told myself he was like a brother to me-

"Spacing off again are we?" I flushed a bright red as I realized I'd been caught again having not even noticed that Jacob had turned around and was now cleaning the grease from his hands with a rag. Smugness oozing off him.

"Yeah, thinking about how annoying you are." I muttered and turned my eyes back to my paper back copy of Persuasion.

He smiled "I'm finished here anyway."

"Great! Does that mean we can go somewhere and do something now?" I huffed and almost slammed my book onto the small table next to be. Not that I didn't like reading but I found that boredom fueled my absentmindedness.

"Restless much?" he teased.

"Jake we've already watched 2 movies today plus a documentary on ants and since then we've, no sorry, I have been sitting in here watching you work and that's cool but I'm tired of being a couch potato. Sam is being over the top about the staying indoors thing, I'm sure. " When Jacob raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms like he was doing now, I knew it was because he thought I had said something silly.


"There is a vampire out there right now who is willing to brave being killed by a pack of giant wolves just so she can kill you very slowly and you think Sam is being over the top?"

"Yes well, one of those giant wolves happens to be a very good friend of mine, who would take care of me in case I didn't want to be manipulated into staying indoors any longer? " I questioned awkwardly and continued before Jacob could say anything "Besides, before you guys knew she was after me I was going to school and work and parading around in the open, plus I was the one who told you in the first place." I duplicated his posture.

Jacob became thoughtful, ignored the last part of my rant and asked "You knew about that huh?"

"I'm not sure whether or not I should be insulted right now but yes I have noticed your reluctance to take me out anywhere. Even though you and I both know Victoria has gotten nowhere near me so far and isn't likely to. I'm just about ready to face her wrath because at least death would save me from boredom. Please, please, please let's go outside." I begged childishly putting my hands together.

"OK, OK, calm down, you win, where do you wanna go?"

Of course the problem with going anywhere in Forks is… there's nowhere to go. I closed my eyes and cocked my head to the side. Then I remembered something about which I was extremely curious and had been on my mind for some time.

"Ummmm..." I was uncertain whether I could ask this or not. His face became curious at my expression.


"Well…I was curious about…" I was awkwardly looking down at my shoes and my hair curtained my face as I mumbled the last part " ryuvreengbatolv?"

Jake shook his head.

"Bella I have hyper sensitive hearing but you mumbling still makes it sound like gibberish."

"You being a wolf..." I looked up tentatively.

"OK… well technically I'm not a wolf, I turn into o-"

"You know what I mean." I frowned.

He was smirking wildly at my discomfort and I wanted to smack him for it but just huffed like a child instead. Jake's carefree attitude was really starting to rub on me.

"Well except for that one time in the field with... Laurent, I haven't had much of a chance to see you as a wolf and well... I'd like to since this is now a part of who you are." My own improvised logic astounded me. "You are my best friend, think of it as me getting to know you better."

Jacob looked surprised.

"I don't know Bella…" I could see his hesitance but I could also see he was interested in this idea, he probably had been wanting to show me before but just never got the chance. "It might scare you."

"Pfft, If it's too much for me I'll let you know." I was ecstatic and trying to hide it, probably doing a bad job too. I vaguely remembered the reddish brown wolf looking at me in the clearing. At the time I had been terrified that it had noticed my presence but after finding out it had been Jacob I wish I had paid closer attention.

"Well…shall we go then?" He said standing near the exit of the garage and extending his hand towards me. I immediately shot up and took his hand, following him into the back part of his house and going into the woods.

"Hey, this is OK right? The guys wont give you any grief about it?"

Jacob snorted "Nah, don't worry, we have phased for some pretty pointless reasons before."

I was very aware that we were still holding hands as we walked further into the woods and although he seemed to be at ease I wasn't. The moment was too intimate for my liking.

"How much further are we going in?"

He gave me a side glance and nodded towards some trees in front of us, at first I couldn't see anything but then I noticed there was a space where the trees were growing slightly further apart. I thought it was slightly ridiculous considering that I knew Jacob could phase pretty much anywhere and he freely ran through the forests around if he could tell what I was thinking he spoke,

"I just wanted to make sure we were somewhere where we could have some privacy."

"Privacy? Won't they know you have phased?"

"It's only Embry and Quill out right now" He assured me turning to stand in front of me and grabbing both my hands, as if for reassurance.

I was relieved since they were Jacobs best friends and wouldn't kick up a fuss any more than teasing him… maybe. I wasn't quite sure how the other pack members felt about me.

His eyes looked down at me hesitantly. Boy was he tall.


"A little" he admitted his mouth pulling up at one corner.

We stood there for a few minutes, his vision had moved down to our joined hands. I wondered what could possibly be going through his mind. When he spoke again it was so abrupt I jumped a little.

"OK so I'm honestly a little worried that you won't like what you see or that you'll be scared but I figure-"

"Jacob." I interrupted him and reached up to grab his nose with one hand to pull his face down like I used to when we were kids, even back then he hadbeen larger in height than me considerably. "Let's get one thing straight. Nothing you are is scary enough for me. I'll always be your friend. You're forgetting, I'm vampire girl." I let his nose go. "So how we doing this?"

Jacob's mouth stretched into that irresistible glorious smile and he suddenly picked me up in his arms and gave me one of his super hugs twirling me around in the air making me giggle.

He put me down, took a step back and quickly removed his shirt and then in turn bent down to remove his trainers. My mouth popped open and a furious blush crept up on my face. He threw his clothes next to where I stood and just when I thought he would continue undressing he grabbed my arms and spun me so I was facing the opposite direction. I hadn't quite recovered from my shock before I heard him say from behind me.

"Now, no peeking, don't turn around until I signal, OK?" I could hear the laugh in his voice.

"As if!" My voice rang with indignation.

I had seen Jacob shirtless on several occasions before but seeing him undressing in front of me like that had a very strange effect on my heart rate. I shook my head as a voice in the back of my mind questioned me "Wanted him to take off the rest didn't you?". I heard something else being thrown next to the pile of clothes and gulped assuming it was his pants. I didn't want to think about that right now, it must be my nervousness playing with my brain. My previous surprise at Jacob's state of undress was replaced by the realization that very soon I would be standing with my back facing a creature that had once been the object of some of my nightmares. Not a second had passed that I felt a shift in the air behind me. The idea of the air shifting was stupid since there was no wind but my hands trembled because I knew if I turned, I would finally get to see the wolf from the clearing again. I heard a loud huff and assuming this was some sort of signal I slowly and shakily turned around.

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