This one is to resolve some subplot stuff that has to happen.

"Something about you."

Jacobs POV

Jake woke up rather abruptly feeling tired and worn. His head was thrumming from the after affects of a headache. He hadn't really gotten much sleep; his mind had been too full. He threw his legs over the side of the mattress yawning and shaking his head before noticing the low hum. He blinked a few times trying to overcome the fogginess when a picture of Bella kissing his cheek in the car flew through his memory causing him to sit straight up. Then something in his chest pulled and he remembered what the low hum was.


He rubbed his face thinking instantly that it must have all been a dream because he wasn't that lucky. The chord tugged again. He at least could feel that was real. Bella's eyes as they locked with his in the club and the need to touch her, to hold her, to be as close to her as he possibly could, yeah it had been far too dream like.

He got up and pulled on a pair of shorts before going through to greet his dad who was already awake.

"Rough night champ?"

"Hi Dad. Yeah, problems galore."

"The red head show up or something?"

Jake snorted "I wish."

Billy waited in silence for the elaboration.

His son sighed grabbing a carton of milk out of the refrigerator, drinking all of it. He paused for a moment before clarifying.

"I ain't even one hundred percent sure myself." He chucked the carton away. "There's a new leech in tow by the looks of it, a drifter maybe and to top that off-" he was cut short by the sound of the phone ringing which Billy wheeled over and picked up.

Jacob body became tense while listening to the phone conversation between Billy and Sue Clearwater. Apparently things weren't going to get any easier around here.


He repeated to himself.

Bella's POV

"Bella." She heard "Bella, wake up quickly."

I lifted her head from the pillow squinting "Dad? What time is it?" I heard a sniff then my eyes adjusted enough to see Charlie standing by the door his eyes were red rimmed. I sat up instinctually covering myself with the sheets. "Dad! What's wrong?"

"I just had a call, Harry Clearwater's been admitted to the hospital, he uh, had a heart attack and I'm gonna go over there right now. Wanted to let you know before I took off."

Alarm bells were going off in my head, not good, definitely not good. Despite the fact that I should have been worrying about my Dad's friend I was more concerned with the cause of such an event 'Leah'.

"Dad, that's awful, wait just gimme a second, I'll get ready and come with you ok?" I blurted.

My dad nodded and stepped out so could change. I got up and then noticed I was completely naked, which was highly unusual seeing as I hated it. I went for my dresser, opening some drawers pulling out underwear, a long sleeved loose fitting top and a pair of shorts and without even thinking grabbed some flats from under my bed. Only after I stood back up did I notice my black dress slung over the back of the computer chair not remembering getting undressed or having put it there. After dressing and quickly brushing my teeth I ran down the stairs while putting my hair up picking up my jacket from the hook in the hallway.

My dad who was waiting by the door looked at me oddly before opening the front door and leading the way to the car.

On the drive to the hospital my mind wondered about whether Harry's heart attack had anything to do with his daughter becoming a werewolf. I bit my nail while looking out the window wishing I had had the time to speak to whoever it was that was supposed to be patrolling my house in order to find out what the hell was going on. But deep down I knew it was too much of a coincidence, that the two events must be linked. Jake had told me that new werewolves have difficulty controlling their shifting due to their unbalanced emotions. I hoped to God Leah hadn't accidentally done so in her living room or something.

I grew nervous and felt the achy feeling in my chest from last night. I wanted to talk to Jake but wasn't sure I would be able to, there were too many questions that I somehow knew I would never be able to concentrate on if yesterday was any indication.

Yesterday. Now that was another mystery in and of itself. I felt the silver chord thrum and placed my hand over my chest where it hurt. I almost hoped I didn't have to face Jake today or I might risk inappropriate behaviour.

Charlie pulled up at the parking lot and we walked quickly and in silence to the reception where we asked for directions to the ward where Harry would be but before the lady could even answer I spotted Paul hurrying down the hall.

I shouted after him and he turned taking in me and my dad before nodding and leading us through the hospital. For once since I had met him Paul was dressed,shoes, t-shirt, trousers. It was a surprise I managed to recognise him at all. Before we had even arrived at the room we could see the familiar group of people sitting or standing outside.

I took in their atmosphere and my breath caught in my throat. Billy's wheelchair was facing the window of the room his son was crouched his arms wrapped around his father. Some of the guys from the pack stood around looking downcast.

"No..." Charlie whispered running the rest of the way down the hall, making the boys notice our arrival.

"Charlie." Jake turned to him but Charlie wasn't listening he pressed his hands against the window looking into the hospital room.

"Oh no" Charlie heaved seeing his friend's widow lying on his dead body weeping while the doctors and nurses cleared away the machinery they used to try to resuscitate his friend. "NO DAMMIT!" he pounded the glass once then dropped his head to the floor. We had been too late.

I approached him and hugged him from the side not even caring that the ache in my chest was burning. "Dad." I called softly but didn't know what else to say. I didn't think 'I'm sorry' would have cut it. Tears streamed down my eyes, I hadn't know Harry that well but he had been one of my dad's closest friends besides Billy and seeing him like this tore me up. Charlie had never been very expressive but I knew he loved and felt deeply just the same.

"They tried everything they could." Billy spoke up. "They said the damage to his heart was too great. That he wasn't-" he paused taking a breath "he wasn't strong enough to pull through."

Charlie nodded and patted my hand where it lay on his chest turning to sit down on one of the chairs in the hallway dropping his head into his hands and heaving with grief. As I let go of Charlie I finally had time to notice that neither Leah nor Seth were here. My face rounded onto the boys my expression full of worry, before I could say anything Embry nodded me over to where he and Quill were quietly standing.

"What happened?" I whispered my voice wavering a little.

"Sam went this morning to talk to Harry, Leah staid the night at Emily's. She was out cold anyway." He scratched the back of his head "Harry got really pissed, then he was falling over, Seth came in and well..."

"He phased." I finished miserably. To which Embry just nodded.

"Sam and Jared staid to help Seth."

"Does Sam know what's happened?"

Paul who had clearly overheard the conversation stepped in "That's why I'm here. I'm gonna go inform him now." I winced as Paul said 'inform'.

"Do Seth and Leah even know?" I asked slightly louder.

"No. Not yet." Embry replied.

I wanted to be furious but didn't know who to be furious at this was obviously none of their faults. My chest heaved all the same. I grabbed Paul by the arm "Please Paul, make sure someone tells them."

He shook his head and looked at my hand making me remove it. "Now is probably not a good time, we are trying to get them under control not giving them a reason to jump off a cliff."

A voice behind me answered making me shiver. "She's right, it's not for us to hide the truth from them, this is their dad and their mum is going to need them. Besides we will have more problems if they find out later rather than sooner."

Paul looked at Jake darkly clearly not liking being opposed but nodded and walked off just the same.

Narrative POV

He couldn't stop. He felt embarrassed for the thoughts currently circling his mind, about how Bella's milky white shoulder was exposed about how her legs were long and slender about how her skin looked so soft. His insides were on fire and although it wasn't so bad today his mouth had watered at the sight of her. He stood behind her now seeing her shift her weight nervously and trying to avoid looking at him. At least she managed to. He knew no matter how much he wanted to have her look and him and then never stop he couldn't, they were being faced with adverse circumstances left right and centre. He had told her they had 'time' a statement which he had severely kicked himself for later and was certainly doing so now.

Most of all however he was acutely aware of her grief, of course he felt it too but that she had to share in it after everything she had been through made it worse for him. He couldn't ever remember seeing Charlie cry, those three men had actually loved each other very much.

Soon one of the nurses came over to us and explained that they would be making preparations to send Harry's body to the morgue, Bella who had gone over to sit with her dad and hold his hand got up then. It was time for us to go. Sue came out and was immediately held and comforted by Charlie and my dad. I hated feeling so useless. Seth and Embry would be taking Sue home where Sam was no doubt waiting to talk to her about her children. Me and Billy would be following them in our own car.

I hugged Charlie once before we walked to our separate vehicles. I could see Bella giving quick goodbyes to Billy condolences to Sue and embraces to Quill and Embry although Embry's hug lasted a little longer than I would have liked causing me to unintentionally growl, Embry quickly let her go and Bella frowned still not looking at me.

As Charlie finished his goodbyes and walked back to the cruiser Bella stopped next to me her eyes on her father.

"What happens now?" She asked me.

"We need to get our shit together and sort out this mess."I put my hand through my hair missing its length. "Things just keep piling up."

"And Victoria? The drifter?"

"Bella." I was dying to touch her. "We haven't forgotten don't worry, we've just been taken by surprise too many times recently. Jared should be on the lookout now, and I'll be guarding you tonight. Hopefully by tonight, things will be straightened out. No matter what's happening though, I won't let anything hurt you."

Then Bella looked up. The force of the pull get stronger and I had to cross my arms and stiffen my entire body to stop me from reaching for her, I lost myself briefly in her gaze seeing all different kinds of emotions passing through it.

"You'll be patrolling the house today?"

I gulped and nodded.

"Can we talk then?"

Talk? I wasn't too sure if that's what she actually meant.

"If you want."

Bella nodded before walking to her dad's car once the door was shut and she was safely inside I released a breath I didn't know I'd been holding.

Quill placed his hand on my shoulder "Jake we gotta go."

I nodded "OK." Back to work.

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