For thousands of years, Gargoyles have been forbidden to be mated to a human by Oberon himself, in hopes of preventing a Fourth Kind. But sometimes, when you unexpectedly fall in love, rules tend to be broken...

Elisa walked up the steps of the large stone tower as the sun began to set. She opened the large wooden door and leaned on the wall. Cracks began to form on the seven stone Gargoyles lined up on the ledge before her. She held her hand up to block shards of stone that flew around her in a flurry as the Gargoyles broke free of their daily prison.

She brushed some flecks and dust off of her red jacket and crossed her arms, "All right guys, I need your help with some police business tonight." She stated in a serious tone.

Goliath stepped off his pedestal, "How can we help?"

Elisa pulled out a picture from her inner jacket pocket, and handed it to him, "This is Rebecca Mathison. She's 16 years old and has been missing for two days. Missing Person's thinks she was kidnapped but they haven't turned up any new leads, aside from the fact that we know that she was last seen leaving her job at the Library down the street."

As the picture fell to Angela she gave a sympathetic sigh, "She looks so young, I hope nothing bad has happened to her."

Elisa nodded, "Yeah, so do I and everyone on this case." she agreed. Angela passed the picture around. Goliath placed a hand on Elisa's shoulder, "Well find her Elisa, I swear." he vowed. Elisa smiled, "Good to know someone won't give up ."

Hudson spoke next, "Dose the young lass have anyone she could go to, should she escape from her captors?" Elisa shook her head, "None. Her mother and father died when she was four years old, and she has no known living relatives."

Lex scratched the back of his head, "That might complicate things."

Brooklyn handed the picture back to Elisa, "Complicated or not, Goliath said we'll find her and we will."

Broadway piped in, "I like the sound of that!"

"We should get started. Brooklyn, you take Lexington and Broadway, search the area around the library. Hudson, you and Bronx check Central Park, Angela and I will accompany Elisa." Instructed Goliath. Elisa straightened her jacket, "Sounds like a plan. I've also asked Xanatos and Derick if they could keep an eye out, and report in if they hear anything that sound like our girl." She told Goliath and Angela as they walked down the stairs of the tower.

The Trio were the first to leave. They glided off of the building and headed down the road, towards the old clock tower. Broadway took the right and Lexington took the left, leaving Brooklyn to cover the middle. The image of the girl burned into their minds. Each of their eyes blazed determination, not because she was a girl (for once), it was because she was alone, had been possibly kidnapped, and could be hurt. They each shared a feeling of responsibility toward her, and found it their job to find her, protect her and return her home safely, as such was in their nature.

Lexington scanned the roof tops, alleys and every place he could see from his birds-eye view of the city. Brooklyn looked over to Broadway and to Lex, "We won't get much if we stay together like this. Spread out, and we'll meet back at the Clock tower an hour before sunrise."

Broadway and Lex veered away to the left and right, "Got it!" they both agreed.

As they split up, Brooklyn stayed on his coarse but lowered his altitude in between the buildings, to get a better view of the ground. Thanks for that night when they saved a train full of people, nearly every human knew he was a protector, not a destroyer and most of them noticed him, but paid him no mind. As he glided over the streets, a few feet above the traffic, he noticed a group of people on the sidewalk waving at him, and motioning for him to land. One of the men near the front was holding a piece of paper. Brooklyn glided down as smoothly as he could with out causing a big gust of wind or hitting people or objects on the sidewalk. He had landed in front of populated areas before and the humans walking on it were both kind and smart enough to give him room.

One time, his claws had slipped from the curb and a young boy pulled him back from an oncoming truck that would have defiantly ran him over.

His claws clicked lightly on the pavement as he landed. He folded his wings setting the claws on his shoulders, should he have to take off again, but mostly to be polite and leave room on the sidewalk. He also made sure he kept his tale to himself to, again, stop from hitting, tripping or knocking people or objects over. The man who had the paper handed it to a little girl no older than three years old and motioned her over to Brooklyn. As she ran over to him, he knelt down on one knee and smiled a bit.

She stopped a foot from him and held out the paper to him. Brooklyn looked at it. The paper was a poster with the Missing girls picture on it, as well as an address and a phone number. He took the poster and studied it for a second then looked back up at the girl.

She was smiling shyly, her hands behind her back, "Daddy said you is trying to help find my sister's fwend." she slurred in a cute little voice. Brooklyn folded the poster and tucked it under his belt, "Yep. I've got my other friends looking for her too." He looked up and stood when he noticed the parents and older sister approach them.

The father spoke first, "We were the ones who phoned the police when we started to get worried. The Captain told us that Gargoyles would lend a hand in the search, have you found anything yet?" He asked. Brooklyn shook his head, "Afraid not. I just split up my team and told them to look around and see if they-" Brooklyn was cut off by a siren, and Elisa's red and white car sped past them, followed by Goliath and Angela gliding just behind. Angela stopped on top of a street light beside them, "Lex said he thinks he found her! Over by the docks!" with that she glided off the light after Goliath.

Brooklyn spun around and someone shouted to others on the street to "Get out of the way!" as he lifted his wings and started to scale a building as fast as he could. When he was about 16 feet up, he jumped off and snapped his wings open and caught an up draft.

He was gliding over the buildings when he met up with Broadway, "Hey! Angela come get you too?" he called. The blue Gargoyle veered over to glide beside him, "No, Hudson did! Lex told him, and I told Angela to tell you." he explained.

"You really think Lex found her?" Brooklyn asked.

Broadway shrugged with a smile, "Lex could find anything if he set his mind to it." Brooklyn chuckled, "Yeah, Lex could. Infact now that I think about it, if someone lost a contact out here, not only would he find it, it would belong to the person who lost it to beguine with."

Broadway laughed at the statement. But their moment of ease was interrupted by a loud, blood-chilling scream. They looked down onto the roof tops and saw a girl, young enough to be the one missing, being attacked by six older men. The two Gargoyles shared an angry growl and glided down to help. Broadway reached the men first, tackling two of them with out even landing. One of the others turned and fled at the sight of a Gargoyle, wile the other three advanced on the girl. That's where Brooklyn came in.

He landed with his back to the men and whipped his tail under their feet. The first man nearest the front fell backwards and hit his head on a metal bar on the way down, and the one behind him ran at Brooklyn with a knife. He spun around and leaned to the side to dodge the strike, but his timing was off and the knife sliced a two inch long gash across his chest. It wasn't deep, but it hurt and had hit a few small arterys. Blood ran down his chest, stomach and stained the waist band of his deep blue loin-cloth.

But Brooklyn was a warrior and he wasn't about to let a wound stop him. Unless an injury obscured his movement or rendered him completely motionless, he would keep fighting. He shot after the man with the knife, and bashed his head against his. The man dropped to the ground unconscious a few seconds latter and the knife in his hand clattered to the ground. Brooklyn staggered a bit and looked down ant the gash in his chest. The blood kept poring out of the wound and he was starting to feel dizzy from blood loss. He had lost track of Broadway a wile ago, but as his vision began to fail he knew that he was still fighting because of the sounds he could hear.

Then the brick red Gargoyle finally dropped to the ground and everything went black.