The Twilight Twenty-Five


Prompt: #16/Italian Restaurant

Pen Name: Missus T

Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: M

(This will be a multichapter fic.)

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Fire and Rain Ch25


A/N: So... Here we are. Thank you all so much for reading as I took on this challenge. It was both easier and more difficult than I imagined - I know that doesn't make sense, but it's the truth. LOL

HUGE thanks to SydneyGen and Seastarr08 for pre-reading, beta-ing and just being awesome friends in general.

000ooo000ooo Fire and Rain ooo000ooo000

"Oh my God. What are you doing?"

"I'm waking you up."

"You certainly are," he groaned. "Bella, get up here."

Edward pulled at my hair, and I gave him one more long lick for good measure before sitting up to straddle his waist. I couldn't sit still though and so rocked against his length while I kissed his chest and jaw.

"Shit." His eyes were shut tight, and his back was arched, pushing him up against my center. "Let me wake up, baby."

I blew some hair off my forehead and laughed. "I was waking you up. You made me stop."

"No," he paused, biting his lip, as he moved a hand to my hip. He positioned himself at my entrance with his other hand, before pushing me back so he entered me slowly. "I just wanted to be inside you."

I moaned and felt myself melt at his words. He slid all of the way in, holding me still for a second before he started to move. Pushing off his chest, I sat up so it would be easier to move with him, sliding up and dropping down so I rubbed myself on him every time.

"Lean back, baby." He gripped my hips tighter, pulling me down harder and faster.

I did as he asked, reaching behind myself to put my hands on his thighs. He thrust his hips and began to hit the perfect spot inside me.

"Right there, right there, right there," I chanted, though I didn't really have control over what I was saying at that point.

He kept hitting me right where I needed it, and brought one hand between us to rub on my clit. That's all it took, and my orgasm ripped through me, curling my toes and bowing my back as my muscles went tight.

Edward continued to work me over him, roughly pushing and pulling. It wasn't long before he held me tight against his hips, growling his own release.

I stretched out on top of him, listening to the pounding of his heart, and his hot breaths in my ear. He brought a hand up to my back, gently stroking my hair a few times before letting it rest on the curve of my hip. I kissed his chest, and he squeezed me a little tighter. I slid off to the side, stretching out beside him. We stayed quiet, watching each other with soft smiles.

After a few minutes his fingers brushed over my gold chain and the diamond pendant I'd had made from the rings Garrett gave me.

"Are you going to be okay today?"

I sighed and flopped onto my back, putting my arms behind my head. "Not everything reminds me of him, you know?"

He rolled onto his side and propped himself up with an elbow to look down. "I know, but I can only imagine that today is going to be difficult for you. Watching your best friend get married..."

"I'll be fine," I huffed. "This won't be anything like my first wedding. Really. Today will be much more like our wedding is going to be, because it's going to have Alice's brand of crazy all over it."

"I can't believe you told her she had carte blanche."

I groaned and tucked my head into his shoulder. "She hasn't gotten over the fact she wasn't involved in my first wedding."

"So she's going to plan a pink wedding circus for us?"

I scooted back so I could see him again. "Something like that."

She only had eight months to plan it; I was hoping that would hold her back a little bit.

He rolled his eyes. "Great."

"I thought you wanted a real wedding?"

"All I need is you, me, and a preacher."

God, I loved him. Who said stuff like that? Edward, that's who, and I was lucky to have him. I knew it, and I thanked the stars every day.

"You're so sweet." I cupped his cheek and laughed. "Emmett's ordained, right?"

"Ha! Did he tell you that? He got ordained on-line in Dudeism, like in the Big Lebowski. I'm not sure that counts."

"The Dude abides."

He took my hand in his, running his thumb over my engagement ring. He'd proposed on Labor Day over coffee and cannoli at our favorite Italian restaurant in Port Angeles.

"Bella, being with you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. You taught me how to forgive myself, and how to live again. You're my whole world, my everything. Please, say you'll marry me, that you'll be mine forever?"

"Of course! Of course I'll marry you!"

There was no question whether I would say yes. I'd been denied my forever with Garrett and was given a second chance with Edward. I was not going to let it slip away. I couldn't. Saying no to him had never been a possibility.

His voice brought me back into the moment, "The Dude is not marrying us."

"Alright, alright. No Dudeist wedding," I laughed. "Alice would never let that fly anyway."

"No, she wouldn't. She'd let us go to Vegas before she let Emmett stand at the altar in Birkenstocks."

"Oh, God." I laughed. "The thought of that. You in a tux and him up there looking all... Dude-ish."

Edward chuckled, rolling us over so he was on top of me again. He pushed some hair off my shoulder, his eyes sparkling down at me.

"I love you, baby. I can't wait 'til we're married."

"Yeah?" I grinned. "You want to make an honest woman of me?"

"Mm hm." He nodded. He kissed me and ran his nose up my neck making me shiver. "I want to have babies with you and grow old together."

"Babies," I sighed. I wanted them with him too, badly, but I teased him anyway. "I'm not sure I'm ready for that."

He bit my shoulder in retaliation, and laughed. "Then you shouldn't have gone off your birth control to get it out of your system."

"Guess I didn't think that statement through."

He grinned at me. "No, you didn't."

I sat up a little, checking the alarm clock over his shoulder. "Ugh. We have to get up. I have to get in the shower before Rosalie shows up here and drags me out the door."

"You smell fine."

I rolled my eyes and climbed out of bed. He loved the way I smelled after sex. It was totally cavemanish, but he did.

He stretched, purposely teasing me with his nakedness. I shook my head and smiled. He was such a goof. And he was mine.

"I love you." The words fell out of my mouth, sometimes I felt like they just bubbled up and I had to tell him.

"I love you, too. Now get in the shower before I make you very, very late."

Checking the clock again, I bit my lip. I felt my weight shifting back and forth as I thought about it for just a split second before I launched myself back onto the bed and kissed him hard.

"I can work with being late."

000ooo000ooo Fire and Rain ooo000ooo000


And we're done! *wipes brow*

I hope you're happy with the way it all came together. It would have taken way too many chapters to wrap it up in a perfect bow - but I think with the 25 I had to work with that it all worked out. They found their happy together and all is well. (And I promise they got pregnant and had babies right away.)

Thanks again - This was certainly an adventure!

OH - and you really can get ordained in Dudeism.