E/O Challenge
WoW: Hope
Word Count : 100
Disclaimer : Why is no one listening? They should be mine!

Yeah, sure. I'll give you an interview….

"Brothers. Can be best friends, can be worst enemies.
Sam and Dean? Usually both."

"Close? Yeah…in a freaky symbiotic co-dependent kinda way.
Yup….you gotta be really special to join that clique."


"Yeah…I guess it is kinda parasitical. Like one's an apple tree,
so the other's the mistletoe. Course, chop the apple tree down
an' guess what?….No more mistletoe."

"My opinion? It'd be a damn shame. 'Cos whatever else,
together they're our best hope, for us humans I mean.
See…it's 'cos of them two brothers that the rest of us can keep
pretending there's nothin' really hidin' under our beds….right?"