Based on the VT for Jorgies routine, finale DOI 2012

It was that time of the week again. Jayne and Chris were at the practice rink choreographing routines for Matt, Jorgie and Chico.

Chris had a wonderful idea for a lift for Jorgie and knowing what she was like he was certain she would be up for it.

"This is what I have in mind" Chris began "Jorgie you will laying across the guys"
"I like it so far" she smiled
"Then they're going to throw you up, turn around and catch up"
"Umm…that sounds interesting" Jorgie said a little nervous at the idea

Chris skated off and grabbed a roll of carpet "try it with this first"

Matt, Mark and Andreai took hold of the carpet, throw it in the air, turn round and missed the carpet.

"I am not doing that" Jorgie said.
"I think we need to try it with a person, a lump of carpet doesn't exactly move like Jorgie does" Matt said

Jorgie was looking scared so Jayne skated up to her and put an arm around her waist "I know its scary, but trust that they won't drop you" she said "Try it with me" Jayne said to the boys.
Chris gave her a look "you sure?" he asked
Jayne nodded, not trusting her own voice.

The three young men lifted Jayne into there arms, gently threw her in the air, turned round and missed.

As the boys threw Jayne in the Chris could see that it was going wrong, he moved forward just in time to catch Jayne as she fell from through the air.

"Hello" Chris said to her
"Hello" she smiled back
The three younger men could not stop apologising enough
"Its ok" Jayne began "now you know how hard you need to throw"
Chris looked over Jaynes shoulder "take a break" he told everyone before skating with Jayne, still in his arms to the side of the rink "fancy a cuppa?"
Jaynes smiled and nodded at him

Chris disappeared for a few minuets to grab them both a drink.

"Here you go"
"Thank you"
"You didn't have to do that, you know?"
"I know" Jayne said "but look at Jorgie, look how much more confidence she has"

And it was true. Although they had dropped Jayne, Jorgie was much more willing to give the throw a try now that Jayne had done it"

"You really are something special, did you know that?" Chris said looking at his partner.
"Just doing my job" Jayne said trying to smile, that fall had shaken her more than liked to admit.
"Fancy a drink later?"
"Thought you had a date tonight?"
"Hey" Karen came over then to check on her friend "you alright?"
"Yeah, fine"
"Don't you lie to me Ms Torvill, I know when something wrong"
"You worry too much" Jayne replied "Chris caught me, didn't he"
Chris reached over and squeezed her knee "Always" he said simply
Karen smiled "you better" she teased "don't want to loose my best friend"
"Though I was your best friend" Chris said pouting
"Chicks before…"
"…thank you Karen" Jayne said interrupting her friend.

Chris turned to Karen "Do you mind if we postpone this evening?"
"Not at all" Karen said "you too need some alone time" she looked over her shoulder at the skaters still on the ice "lets get this lot back to work"

As Jorgie chorography was the last for the day Chris made sure everyone finished earlier than usual. He could tell Jayne was still shaken by her near miss with the ice and wanted to make sure she relaxed for the night.

Karen gave Chris a hug "you look after her"

"I'll try but you know what she's like" Chris said grinning.
"Yep, and I know what you're like to" Karen said before giving Chris a quick kiss and heading home.

"You ready?" Chris said hovering over Jayne
"Yep" she said grabbing her bag "what do you want to do this evening"
"I'm thinking take away, bottle of wine maybe a film?"
"Sounds good" Jayne said "umm…if its ok with you I've told Phil I'm staying in town tonight"
"You know you never need to ask"
Jayne smiled "thank you"
Chris wrapped his arm around her waist "Anytime Jaynie, anytime"

The driver pulled into the underground parking lot of Chris' building. It was one of the main reason he rented a flat her, it was harder for the paparazzi to intrude into his personal life. Yes everyone knew he was dating Karen but there were still things he liked to keep private. He could just image the headlines if they knew Jayne stayed the night.

Chris took Jaynes back to the second bedroom, if you could call it that, it was just big enough to fit a single bed and bedside cabinet.

While Jayne took a shower Chris ordered Chinese to be delivered.

"Um Chris?" Jaynes called shyly from the bedroom
"Yes?" Chris said walking in "oops sorry" he said as he walked in ok Jayne just in a towel
Chris tried not to smile "I said sorry, anyway you did call me"
"As I wasn't exactly planning on staying over I don't have any pyjamas or anything…"
"And you want to borrow a t-shirt?"
"If that's ok?"
Chris smiled "sure, it'll be just like the old days"
"Thank you"

Chris went back to his room and found an old baggy shirt that Jayne could borrow. He smiled to himself; it had been a long time, far to long, since they had done this. They each had their own lives to lead and regretted nothing but sometimes, just sometimes, they each yearned for the days gone by; tonight Chris was intent of recreating those times.

"You couldn't have found a longer shirt" Jayne said walking into the living room in a shirt that didn't leave much to the imagination
"It suits you" Chris said "purple is definitely your colour"
Jayne shook her head "sometimes Chris I could just….just…"
"Just what?" he said stepping close enough to feel the heat coming of her skin


"Food's here" Jayne said stepping turning around and heading for the door
"I'll get it" Chris said stopping her "you're not exactly dressed"
Jayne let Chris get the door while she headed to the kitchen to get plates and cutlery.

Chris couldn't help but stare at his partner as she reached to the top shelf for wine glasses, especially in the shirt. As Jayne reached up higher the hem of the t-shirt also rode higher.

"Are you going to stand there staring or give me a hand" Jayne said without turning around. She knew he was there, she always knew when he was close.
Chris placed the food on the side and joined Jayne. Chris placed his hand on her hips and gently lifted her up.
"Got them" Jayne said.

Chris put her down again and Jayne turned to face him, her body trapped between his and the counter. The only thing between then was two wine glasses, Jayne's heart beat quickened on its own.


"I should probably get that" Chris said begrudgingly moving away from Jayne.

While Chris answered the phone Jayne let out the breath she didn't realise she was holding, even after all these years the sparkle in his eyes sent her knees week.

Chris came back a few minuets later "that was Karen" he said keeping his distance from her "she just wanted to make sure you were alright and to tell you to relax"
Jayne smiled "She really is a good friend"

"We should eat before this gets cold" Chris said changing the subject.

For the first time in a long time there was tension in the air. They dished there food and began to eat in an uncomfortable silence.

"Music" Chris said suddenly jumping up from his seat. He set his ipod to shuffle and pressed play, he refilled there wine glasses before he sat again.
As the music began to play Jayne began to smile "did you do that on purpose?"
"No" Chris said smiling back "I promise"
Jayne began to laugh as the familiar notes of Still Crazy began to fill the room "it appears your ipod knows you well"
"It knows you're here" he said smiling at her.

From them until the end of the meal they talked and laughed about so many things
"ooops" Jayne said giggling "it appears we may have drunk an entire bottle of wine"
"How did that happen?" Chris said looking into the bottle "We can't have drunk it all?"
"We've eaten everything to" Jayne said looking at the empty box on the table.

"Fancy a dance?" Chris said offering Jayne his hand as 'Bed of Roses' started playing
"Since when can you waltz?" Jayne asked, but, she accepted his hand anyway.
"And how did you know this was a waltz?"
"The same way you did" he said smiling at her.

Many years ago, when they had been competing, Betty had insisted they learn to identify each and every dance by its rhythm. That way not only could they do the choreography they could feel and understand what each dance was about.

They began to dance around the small sitting room, one two three, one two three, one two BUMP.

"Ouch" Jayne said as she tripped over edge of the sofa and stumbled back.
Chris tried to stop her falling but only managed to turn them slightly.
"Told you I'd catch you" he said laughing up at Jayne who was somehow now straddling him
"Not sure this counts" she giggled back.

There was a look in Chris eyes that Jayne had not seen in years, and it both excited and scared her. The hand that had been wrapped around her waist began to travel up her back. Chris sat up slightly, there noses almost touching, he tilted his head ready to kiss her.


"Not again" Chris said falling back on the sofa


"I should get that"
"Do you have to?"


"What if its Phil" Jayne said, Chris dropped his hand then "I'm sorry"
"No. Its me who should be sorry"
Jayne got off Chris then and grabbed her phone "hello?... Oh hi Karen...yeah sorry we had the music on loud"
"Liar" Chris mouthed at her
"Just a glass or two"
Chris waved the empty bottle "another?" he silently asked
Jayne nodded "nothing much….yeah probably head to bed soon.."
Chris raised and eyebrow at her "really?"
Jayne couldn't her but giggle that time "sorry Kaz Chris is just begin, well, Chris…yeah I know….Men Huh…Ok night"
Chris passed Jayne another glass of wine "so what did Karen want?"
"You didn't answer your phone so she got worried"
"I never heard my phone, no missed calls either" he said checking.
"I think she's jealous" Jayne said seriously
"Of us? No, she cant be? She knows I'd never…"
"Never what?" Jayne asked

But Chris couldn't answer. He would never intenionally hurt Karen but having Jayne this close and having his morality barrier weakened by alcohol was not a good thing.

Jayne took a long calming drink of wine "I think I should go to bed" she put down her glass and turn away from Chris

"Good night Jayne"
"Night Chris"
"We still friends?" He asked a little worried
"Always" she said over her shoulder.

Chris watched as Jayne retreated in to the bedroom. He hated seeing Jayne like this and he hated that it was all his fault. If he hadn't asked her to dance, if he hadn't tried to kiss her, if he hadn't, hell, if he didn't still have feeling s for her non of this would have happened.

Jayne screamed and sat up in bed, her heart rate racing, her body covered in sweat.
"Jayne!" Chris said rushing to her side "are you alright"
"Its nothing" she said trying not to cry.
Chris sat on the edge of the bed "it didn't sound like nothing"
Tears began to flow from her beautiful eyes "you missed me"
"I missed you?" Chris asked a little confused.
Jayne nodded "In my dream, you missed me"
"Oh Jayne" Chris said taking Jayne into his arms. The shock of almost being dropped had shaken Jayne more than he had realised "I did catch you, and I will always catch you, no matter what"
"I know" she said threw her tears

Chris pulled back to look at her, he placed his right hand on her cheek, his thumb wiped away her tears "I will never let you fall"

Jayne leaned into his touch "I know" she whispered. Jayne inhaled deeply; the scent of Chris was intoxicating. Her eyes locked with his, there was a spark there, there was something there they should ignore, so why couldn't they?

Chris leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, it wasn't long before she was kissing him back. A kiss that started of as sweet and pure soon turned to one of need and desire.

Jayne wrapped her arm around Chris' neck and pulled him down on top of her. Chris was more than willing to do what Jayne wanted; he was always willing to anything for Jayne.

His left hand trailed from her knee slowly up her thigh to the hem of her shirt and beyond. Jayne inhaled deeply as Chris moved his hand up her ribs, his thumb grazing her breast, before it came to rest on her back, pulling there bodies even closer together.

"Ouch!" Jayne said as she hit her knee on the wall.
"You alright?"
"I can't do this"
"Oh" Chris said letting go of Jayne and sitting up "I thought…"
Jayne realised how this must have sounded to him, "no Chris, not like that" she moved closer to him and sat on his knee "this beds to small and if we keep going one or both of us will end up on the floor"
"Oh" he said smiling "hold on" he said sweeping Jayne into his arms and carrying her to his bed, his nice big king-sized bed.
"Is this better?" he asked gently putting her down
"It will be when you kiss me" Jayne smiled up at him
"Your wish is my command" he smiled as he once again captured her lips with his. This time there was no hesitation there was just the over whelming desire to be near each other, to touch each other, to shut out the outside world and just be two people making love.

Waking up in the arms of the person you love most in the world is a wonderful feeling. Jayne smiled as the memories of the night before came flooding back to her, never had she been touched like that, never had she felt like that and most importantly never had she felt more safe that she did at that moment.

"Morning beautiful" Chris said as he kissed her head.
"Morning" Jayne replied "we've not done it like that before" she said giggling.
Chris manoeuvred so he was looking at her "do I need to remind you of a certain night or two in Sarajevo?"
"Oh no" she smiled "I remember them well" Jayne slid her arms around his neck "but we were younger then, clumsier, last night was just…well…"
"Amazing" Chris said finishing her sentence for her. He leant down and began to kiss her again and immediately there bodies began to respond to each others touches.

It wasn't long before they were once again locked in a lovers embrace with hands freely roaming each other bodies causing moans of ecstasy to echo through the small flat.

Thankfully they did not have an early start but time was already running out.

"Jayne sweetheart we really do need to get dressed"
"Cant we stay like this forever?" Jayne said as she pressed closer into Chris side.
"I wish we could, but we have training in" Chris checked the time "just under 2 hours"
"Two hours?" Jayne said sitting up "I need to shower and get dressed and then there is breakfast"
Chris smiled and rubber her back "relax we have plenty of time"

There was a knock at the door then "I'll get it" Chris said pulling on a pair of pyjama pants "you stay here"

Jayne watched Chris' retreating form. He was so muscular and toned and even in baggy trousers she could help but look at that very cute bum of his.

He looked through the peep hole to see Karen standing there holding a tray of coffee and shopping bags. He took a deep breath before opening the door "Good morning, and what have I done to warrant a morning visit"
Karen smiled at him, placed a kiss on his cheek and walked straight into the living area of the flat "I'm not here for you?"
"Oh" he said a little surprised
"I'm here for Jayne"
"How did you know she was still here?" he asked trying to hide the guild that he know felt
"I phoned Phil this morning and he said Jayne has stayed over, I figured she would probably appreciate a change of clothes so here I am"

Chris knocked on the his bedroom door gently "Jayne are you awake?" he asked "Karens here to see you"

Jayne felt guilt then. How could she have slept with her best friend boyfriend? It not like they had planned it, but it still wasn't right. Even though her feelings for Chris hadn't changed in the last 30 plus years they had known each other. Chris would always be her first love, the first man she slept with and the man that was foremost in her thoughts. It wasn't as if she didn't love Phil, she did he was a wonderful man, a very understanding man, but, but, he wasn't Chris.

Jayne made sure the t-shirt was pulled down as far as it would go before opening the bedroom door "morning Karen" she said trying to sound half asleep "is that coffee I smell?"
"Yep. Thought I'd pay a visit to Starbucks before popping over. Phil told me you were her and I figured you could do with these" she said waving a clothes bag at Jayne.
"You are a life saver, thank you"
"What are friends for" Karen said smiling, oblivious to what happened between her two friends.
"I should shower" Jayne said grabbing the bag and heading for the bathroom.
"You two have a good time last night?" Karen asked looking at the take out containers on the table"
"Yeah" Chris said trying not to smile to brightly "it was good just to sit and chat over a glass of wine or two"

Karen helped Chris tidy up while Jayne got ready.

"That was nice of you" Karen suddenly said
"What was?"
"Giving up your bed for Jayne"
"Oh that. Yeah." Chris said not looking at Karen "spare rooms too small"

Jayne joined them then "don't suppose you have a hair dryer?" she asked
"actually yes I do" Chris said a little embarrassed "in my wardrobe, left hand side, middle self. Help yourself"
"thanks" Jayne turned to leave as Chris realised what else Jayne would find there.

Jayne found the hair dryer exactly were Chris said it would be, along with some things that surprised her. The shelf was filled with small framed pictures. There was one of his two boys, there was one of him and Karen but most of them were of them. Some old ones, some new ones, but she could remember everyone single one being taken. There was ones from a caravan park were Chris lifted her above his head, one of them playing in the snow, one from the first ever Dancing On Ice show. Tears began to fill here eyes; Chris hadn't stopped loving her either.

She grabbed the hair dryer and did the best she could before once again joining Karen and Chris.

"Hey" she said approaching Chris "I found it"
"I can see that" he said looking at her watery eyes "are you alright"
Jayne nodded not trusting her voice
"Jayne honey what's wrong" Karen asked

Jaynes quick thinking solved the problem "I found a picture of us with Betty. I miss her"
Chris took this opportunity to hug her "me to" he said enough for Karen to hear and then whispered into Jaynes ear "perhaps we need to talk"
Jayne nodded
"Ok, Chris you should get dressed so we can go. We've got like thirty minuets to get to the studio"
Chris begrudgingly let go of Jayne "not a problem" he said rushing off to take a shower and change.

Jayne grabbed her now luke warm tea "thanks for these Karen, I appreciate it"
"I take it he took good care of you?" she asked
Jayne chocked on her tea she tried to answer but was too busy coughing.
"What's gotten in to you" Chris said reappearing from the bathroom
Karen looked across a Chris in his towel, he really was a fine specimen of a man "All I did was ask if you took good care of her"

Jayne turned to face him, the coughing fit under control "Yes, he took perfect care of me"
This time Chris could not hide the smile that crept across his face "you weren't so bad either" he said winking before disappearing into his room.

"What was that meant to mean?" Karen asked
"Oh nothing" Jayne said "Chris just got a little drunk last night, that's all"
"Oh dear, did he do anything embarrassing?"
"Apart from attempting to waltz, not"
"Chris can waltz?" Karen said in amazement "why did I not know about this"
"Oh I have many hidden talents" Chris said rejoining the two ladies in his living room.
"On that note I'll just grab my bag" Jayne said dashing off to the spare room were she had started the night.

Karen was a little puzzled as to why Jaynes bag was in the spare room when she had spent the night in Chris room. Was there something her two friends weren't telling her? Did she need to be worried? These were questions for another day, they had a rehearsal to get.

Rehearsals Tuesday were good. The celebrities were picking up their new routines quicker now so training was fun as well as hard work. Today was no exception.

The song they had chosen for Chico was the Happy Days theme tune, which fitted his fun side nicely. The problem was it wasn't helping Jaynes concentration. For some reason she was imagine Chris dressed as The Fonz and riding a bike.

"Jayne. Earth to Jayne" Chris said skating over to her.
Karen elbowed her in the ribs quickly "Sorry Chris, what was that?"
"Aww was Jaynie in her own little world again?" Chris teased.
Jayne blushed "maybe"
"Anywhere nice?" Karen asked.
Jayne raised her eyes to meet Chris' but didn't trust her voice to speak, she couldnt exactly tell her best friend she was day dreaking about her boyfriend. Chris knew that look and smiled at her.

Chico and Jodeyne came over then wanting clarification on a move, the conversation and the look betwe Jayne and Chris was forgotten about for the rest of the day. Well it was forgotten about to everyone but Karen. She could not forget the look that Jayne gave Chris.

She knew they had been friends for a very long time and they had shared more in one lifetime than her and Chris every would. But sometimes, they gave each other a look or a touch that lasted longer than it needed to and Karen began to think. What if?

During a break Karen skated over to Chris "so tomorrows our day off"
"I know" Chris said.
"You want to have that date tonight? I can stay over?" Karen asked seductively.
"Um… we could do" Chris was still thinking about last night.
"Don't sound so enthusiastic"
"Sorry, I think I'm still recovering from last night"
"You and Jayne have that much fun?"
Chris tired really hard not to smile "Yes, it was good"
Karen was a little worried at the way he said 'good' "what did you two get up to?" she asked tentatively.
"Oh the usual" he said, smirking.
That's what I'm worried about she thought.
Jayne came over then "So you two going out tonight?" she asked.
"That depends" Karen said "are we Chris?"

Chris wasn't sure what to say or who to look at. After last night he knew where his heart really was and stringing Karen along was not fair on either of them. But Jayne was married and even if he wanted to spend tonight with her she would be going home to her family. Karen was a wonderful lady who made him laugh and who he really did care for but she wasn't Jayne.

"I'll make it easy for you" Karen said skating away.
"You should go after her" Jayne said.
"Because she's your girlfriend Chris, and she's upset"
Chris signed "What if I don't want that anymore? What if I want something else, someone else?"
"I get it, I do. You're happy with Phil"
"It's not as simple as that" Jayne said "just go after Karen and apologise, okay?"
Chris nodded and went after Karen.