In a little over three hours Jayne was parking in one of the guest spaces of Chris apartment building. Despite her sadness of missing her children and the complex relationship she now faced with Phil she had butterflies in her stomach. She felt like a teenager again.

Here she was, a mature woman, feeling nervous about seeing Chris. Someone she had known the majority of her life. Jayne smiled to herself 'Chris did always make you feel young'

Jayne took her small bag from her car and making sure she had locked it made her way to the elevator that would take her to up to the man she loved.

Chris had seen Jaynes car arrive. Not that he had been pacing in front of the window for the last hour, or looking for every red car that passed his window, no, not at all, he would do that. He knew Jayne had arrived because he had looked out his window at the exact moment her car drove down the street – or that's what he told himself.

Chris got two cups ready and made sure there was enough water in the kettle. If he knew Jayne, and he did, she would want a cup of tea.

As Jayne rode the elevator to the sixth floor she was certain she could have walked quicker. She was like a child at Christmas waiting to open her present, and what a present she got to open. Despite the fact she was alone in the lift and no one could hear her thoughts she blushed, she really was acting, and thinking like a teenager.

Jayne saw no one between the time she left her car and the time she kncked on Chris door. It gave her a few precious moments to think and compose herself. If things with Chris were going to work, and she prayed they would, then there needed to be ground rules, especially when they were at the studio.

As soon as she had knocked on the door it opened, anyone would think Chris had been looking through the peep hole waiting for her.

Chris immediately wrapped his arms around her and all coherent thought lefts her brain.

"I missed you" he whispered in her ear.
"Me too"

Chris took Jaynes bag for her and lead her into his flat "welcome home" he said as Jayne took in the subtle differences.
It was a good thing Chris was so close to her because Jayne almost callapsed.

"Jayne? Are you alright"

Jayne nodded "I…it… really does feel like home when I'm with you"

Chris held Jayne tight "this is your home as long as you want it to be"

"Thank you"
"How about a nice cup of tea"
Jayne smiled "I thought you'd never ask"

As Chris made the drinks Jayne began to notice just how different the living room was. Some of the pictures she had seen in the cupboard were know on the walls, a vase of her favourite flours now sat on the dinning table and there were even scented candles dotted around the room.

Chris handed Jayne her drink "we don't have to talk know if you don't want to, we could sit here and cuddle"

"I like the sound of that" Jayne said as she relaxed into Chris warm arms.


"or I could answer the phone" Chris said "hello?, yes I suppose so….Jaynes with me…we'll be there in an hour…no I we cant get there sooner…fine"
"Who was that?" Jaynes asked already suspecting the answer.
"Karen. There's a problem at the training rink and they want us there straight away."
"I guess the cuddles will have to wait" Jayne said starting to stand up."

Chris locked his arms around Jaynes small frame, "it only takes twenty minutes to get to the studio"

"I know"
"I told Karen we couldn't possibly be there any sooner than an hour"
"oh" Jayne said smiling, "so what to you propose we do in the meantime?"
"This" Chris said gently turning Jayne to face him. With love and with care Chris placed a kiss on Jaynes lips.

Almost an hour and a half later Jayne and Chris arrived at the training rink. They sat in the car for a few minutes discussing how to handle the day.

"We do what we normally do" Chris said "we probably shouldn't advertise the fact that we're living together now"

Jayne let a little giggle escape her lips

"What's that for?" Chris asked
"Nothing, sorry, it just sounds funny." Jayne took a deep breath and without laughing or giggle she managed to say "right then Mr Dean shall we get to work?"
"To work then Ms Torvill"

As they walk down the small corridor towards the training arena they could both hear raised voices. Chris gave Jaynes hand a quick squeeze and walked off ahead. He knew Jayne didn't like confrontation and with what was happening with Phil he wanted to calm things down before Jayne got there.

"Right!" Said Chris as he saw a very distressed looking Karen "what's with all the noise?"
"Thank goodness you're here" Karen said "will you tell these yoyos I know what I'm talking about"

Chris took a deep breath "Listen up everyone, you should probably listen to what Karen has to say as she is a very talent coach and choreographer"

"Thank you" Karen said glad Chris was still wiling to stand up for her.
"Anytime" Chris said smiling.
Jayne walked in then "So how is everyone today?"

Chris turned just his head and winked at Jayne, who blushed just slightly.

"Don't worry, all sorted here" Chris said reassuring Jayne. Chris turned to Karen and the skaters on the ice. "Keep practicing and we'll be there shortly" with that Chris lead Jayne away to his dressing room.

"I don't think we need to stay long" Chris said as he laced up his left skate.
"What was the problem"
"Apparently Karen was having authority issues"
"Serious?! When has Karen ever not made herself understood" It was hard to believe that they had come to the rink just because Karen wasn't making herself understood "do you think it's a ploy?"
"I'm not following"
"So we won't be left alone. Do you think it's a ploy from Phil so that we wont get any time together. They both know that once your at the rink its hard to get rid of you"
"oh thanks" Chris said in a mock hurt voice, he reached for Jaynes hand "nothing will stop me spending time alone with you. I missed you last night and know that we are finally here, I'm not letting you go"
"I missed you to"
"Right then" Chris said standing up "two hours and that it"
"Ok maybe three but then I am taking you home"
"I like that plan"

Jayne and Chris stepped out to the ice hand in hand, as far as everyone was concerned that was nothing new. They often held hand on the ice.

For the next three hours they mainly went over Matts 'Singing In The Rain' routine. Matt was very good but if he wanted to win, and he did, there was all the minor things he needed to get right.

Chris really had missed Jayne last night and he was in such a god mood know that she was back he wanted to have some fun. Every time they demonstrated a lift, he held Jayne just a little longer than necessary. Every time he thought no one was looking he gently pinched her very cute bottom. Every time she smiled at him all he wanted to do was kiss her.

Jayne excused herself for a few moments and went to the ladies room. After splashing cold water on her face she looked in the mirror "right them Mr Dean, if you want to play dirty so can I". Jayne removed her bra and tucked it away in her large handbag.

When she skated back onto the ice there was an extra bounce to her step that only Chris noticed.

"Lets try that table top lift again, Matt I think the I think you can put Nina down much more gently"
"Right boss" Matt replied. They joked about it but in the end Chris was the boss and the best at what he did.
"Jayne can I borrow you please"
"Always" Jayne said accepting Chris out stretched hand
"Try it like this" Chris said as he demonstrated again what he meant and how gently he placed Jayne back on the ice.

As his hand travelled down Jayne's back something was different, something was missing. Keeping his composure he placed Jayne back on the ice. "Your turn" Chris instructed.

Now was the time, as Matt practiced with Nina Karen witness Jayne whispered something in Chris' ear before skating of at great speed. Chris attempted to follow but got caught in a rut in the ice and fell. And Christopher Dean never falls. But he did and he just sat there looking at Jayne as Jayne laughed, he tried to look stern and angry but when Jayne laughed everyone laughed. "You just wait Ms Torvill, you just wait"

"Are you alright boss" Matt said skating over to see what was wrong
"I'm fine, but I think its lunch time don't you"
"Sounds great, I'm starving" Matt said
"After lunch listen to what Karen has to say, she is one of the best."
"Aren't you coming back?"
"Nope" he said unable to hide the smile on his face. "I have other business to take care off"
"But what if there are any more problems" Karen ask
"Then I am sure you can sort it out" Chris lowered his voice "what is this about Karen? What's gotten in to you?"
"Nothing. If you want to be with Jayne I can't stop you, but you better not mess the show up Dancing On Ice means a lot to me"
"Don't you think it means a lot to us as well?" Chris had to force himself to calm down "Sunday is he finale, so lets just get through that and see what happens"

Karen agreed and Chris left the ice with Jayne, once again hand in hand.

As the pair removed there skates Chris turned to Jayne "that was rather juvinilee don't you think?"
"What me? You're the one that started it"
"Started what" Chris said trying to sound all innocent
"The sly touches, the bum pinching"
"Oh that"
"Yes that" Jaynes voice went serious "I'm sorry you fell, perhaps we need those ground rules after all"
"It's not like I've not fallen on the ice before, its just, no one but you have ever seen it"
"I promise to make it up to you at home"