"Virtual Devastation"

Rated T for Humor and Mild Language

Disclaimer: I don't own the rest of the Total Drama series and Total Drama never happened. Enough said. The story will mostly be Justin/Heather, but it'll feature a little bit of Geoff/Bridgette as well.

Chapter 1

The Flamego Game Company. It was a multi-million dollar game corporation that has inherited the best that the company had yet to offer. Whenever it was video games, mobile games, pinball games, even virtual reality games. This place was just a game-maker's paradise. The president, Chris McLean, was the leader of the whole organization. Everyone loved working for the boss and he was always tolerant of his workers. He had the suaveness of Donald Trump, the geekiness of Bill Gates, and the good looks of a young Richard Branson. He was even voted #1 bachelor of the year through a local Toronto magazine. Life was definitely going good for him.

He had some of the best game-makers with him by his side. Most notably, two men as a matter fact, named Justin Robinson and Geoff Taylor was one of the best out of the group. They had the best ideas when it comes to games. Not only would they pitch it to their boss, but they had a knack for building the best graphics out of every game that was put out. Whenever it was "President Evil", "Super Bario Galaxy", and the best selling "Laylo" series, they were living it up for the big bucks to come rolling in. Altogether, the two men had made an estimate $2.2 billion dollars. Chris was just so impressed by both their vision, that he had made Justin and Geoff ex-presidents of their corporation and not to mention their spokesmen.

Life had definitely went good for both of them.

One day, Justin and Geoff we're busy working on a new video game they have been planning for a long time called "Guitar God", which just happens to be their best work so far. It just came to them when Justin somehow was struck with inspiration by such popular rock bands such as AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith and such. He had visualized the player being the star and he had such an idea for a video game controller that would put the rockstar feel. His idea was a guitar-shaped game controller that can simulate playing lead, bass and rhythm across numerous rock songs. Players can match the notes that scroll on-screen to colored fret buttons on the controller, just strumming the controller in time to the music in order to score points, and keep the virtual audience excited as a jackrabbit on caffeine. The games attempt to mimic many features of playing a real guitar, including the use of fast and furious-fingering hammer-ons, pull-offs, and even the use of a whammy bar to alter the pitch of notes. Geoff was just so excited by this that they just decided to write the whole concept right away and turn it into an action game instead in which the guitars are actually disguised as guns. Chris was just impressed by the idea, knowing that he too was a fan of the entire genre of rock.

However, it was their day off so far as they we're now working on the complete graphics. Justin was busy coloring in one of the in-game characters that was scheduled to be the hero. A man by the name of "Slim Morrison". Justin had planned to make him have medium-long black hair with the style of Kurt Cobain, a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, and a Misfits T-shirt covering the jacket. He felt cooler than a grim reaper jacked up on Mountain Dew. Some say that he's the much darker cooler side of Justin unlike ever before. Geoff was checking out the drawing.

"Wow... that's kickass, man. Looks like if Danzig had a son." Geoff said as he was impressed.

"Well, it just came to me. I was just the whiz at art class, but then again I was just a whiz at anything so dark-related." Justin replied as he was now playing around with a pencil.

"No doubt there. You ever check out my drawing yet? It's another one of the characters for the game. Now get this, Slim Morrison has a partner in crime. He has spiky hair like Billy Idol, the clothing of David Lee Roth, and the attitude of a true rock and roller itself. I call him Ripper Hetfield! He has a guitar like a buzzsaw, man. Here it is." Geoff responded as he showed Justin his drawing of Ripper Hetfield. He pretty much had David Lee Roth's hair, a well-built chest and a six-pack that even girls can gawk at. Geoff's character was decked with blue glam shoulderpads, black wrestling tights and spiky wrestling boots.

"Wow...looks like a colored goth mixed in with the gay pride parade." Justin joked right at the drawing.

"Yeah, laugh now. Glam rock is gonna come alive. And he's part of the resurgence." Geoff said, looking a little bit distraught. But he knew that Justin didn't mean it by the insult as he was just joking along.

"I'll expect it when Zima bottles fly right out of Owen's ass in the morning..." Justin murmured right at Owen far away. Owen was one of the employees working for Chris McLean as well. He was overweight having weighed almost 300-plus pounds and one of Justin and Geoff's good friends. He was busy talking to another associate from another company. Both Justin and Geoff wanted to know what the fuss was clearly about.

"Yeah, speaking of Owen... what's he talking to?" Geoff replied to Justin as they still looked at Owen as he was still chatting to an unknown figure. For all, the unknown figure seemed to have grey hair, looked very 40-ish, and he happened to wear a pink polo shirt all the time.

"Not sure. For instance, he looks like a guy who can easily join an openly gay country club." Justin joked at the mysterious figure far away so that he couldn't hear him. The figure looked a little bit like Anderson Cooper though.

After the talk ended between Owen and the pink-shirted figure, he began walking right to Geoff and Justin's side, therefore minding his own business. But not for long.

"So, what's up with you and Bottles way over there?" Justin replied.

"Oh, him." Owen said as he was still looking at the polo-shirted individual. "He just happens to be a good friend of mine. I was just showing him around the entire game company. He wants to share his idea to our boss, but he gets a little nervous. So I was wondering if you can introduce him to Mr. McLean."

"Sounds very good. Me and Geoff will do just that. Right?" Justin responded as he now turned to Geoff.

"Ah, what the hell. I don't reach happy hour until 7. I think we can kill time." Geoff said as he put away his pencil as he and Justin got out of their station. Owen had stopped them once again.

"Oh, hey guys. You wanna join me for a beer after we sign off? It's on me." Owen declared to them. They didn't answer, but they nodded yes right back to him.

Both Justin and Geoff had went right to the break room where they saw the pink polo-shirted man with glasses just enjoying himself with a Pepsi. They had decided to act like polite gentleman to the man.

"How are you enjoying that Pepsi of yours?" Justin said to him.

"It's actually really good. Thank you for asking. Are you working with the company?" the man said right to him.

"We are. We're game designers/co-presidents. I'm Justin Robinson and this is Geoff Taylor." Justin said as introduced the man to himself and his good friend. Man, they had pretty nice grips when it came to handshaking. The polo-shirted man felt like his hand was sweaty.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Jack Carrington and I'm a professional shareholder for the New York Stock Exchange. I was gonna come right to your boss and get him to have part of his company to invest in it's stock." he said as it was the only reason he was here.

"Well, Jack. We have never thought of moving right into the stock market once before. But hearing what the news is at least these days, it's the right thing to do. Considering we are almost 2.2 billion dollars richer than Trump, Gates, Branson and that Zuckerberg combined." Geoff said as he and Justin began walking alongside the stockbroker himself.

"I know, but with this fusing of your company and the rest of the 50% stock, we could takes this worldwide. And I know you've got these best selling games of yours that sell insanely well in places like the US, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Australia and Japan... but we could really take it worldwide where everyone will mention the greatness of your company in places like China, Spain, South Africa, India, Israel, Italy, Russia, Amsterdam every country known to man. You can even make more money than all four of them you mentioned. You can be the richest company in the entire world. What do you say?" Mr. Carrington said to the the rest of them as they had almost made it to Mr. McLean's main office.

"Hmmmm...you drive a hard bargain... what will it persuade us anyway?" Justin said to Jack as he raised an eyebrow.

As Jack was about to say something that was about to come from his mouth, an attractive female voice had spooked up a little between Justin and Geoff.

"Hey, daddy... the fatass in the break room keeps hitting on me. You want me to get out the pepper-" the female voice was cut off when she got a look at Justin. And Justin definitely got a look at her.

Justin's enchanting blue eyes just caught on, seeing those vivacious black eyes of hers. The way when she opened and closed her eyes with those long-lasting eyelashes made Justin's heart melt like the butter going through hot steaming bread. Not to mention that long relaxing, black-raven hair that flowed like the ocean that went down to her fine ass. And such delicious lips that she had. So plump and juicy like an apple and if you kissed them, you would just die of happiness. She really smelled so pretty like rosemary and vanilla. It was an interesting combination of seduction wrapped right inside her.

"Ohhh... hello." she continued as she let out a sweet, innocent blush.

"Justin Robinson, Geoff Taylor, allow me to introduce my daughter, Heather Carrington." Jack smiled at the boys as Justin and Geoff lent out their hand so that Heather could shake their hand.

"Ooooooooooh, you really got a warm grip. I like that in a man..." Heather cooed lightly as she was complimenting Justin's handshake. Justin ended up blushing at this situation. He really lit up like a red light in Amsterdam.

"Well, thanks. You're really soft yourself..." Justin nervously and bravely said right to Jack's attractive daughter. Heather was basically at both Justin and Geoff's age, which was 22. Heather and Justin's sweet tender handshaking moment was soon cut off by Geoff.

"Hi, Geoff Taylor at your service. I want you to know that I really respect the feminine woman. Plus I enjoy long walks on the beach, enjoy smooth jazz and I'm a skilled cook all around Japan." Geoff smiled right at Heather in which it made Justin a little jealous. He didn't like the way his best friend was hitting on the one woman in which Justin had laid his blue eyes on. Geoff was such a little bit of a showoff though.

"Well... it's certainly nice to meet you, Mr. Taylor. But I'm interested more in your handsome friend right here..." Heather responded to Geoff as she was referring to Justin. Justin inside felt like such a happy dog just wagging his tail in joy. Now Geoff was the one who was becoming jealous over his best friend.

"You sure are one hell of a firecracker." Justin replied to Heather with a charming smile. Not to mention, the statement made Heather blush again a little bit. Her father Jack had to step in a little bit.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the moment, but it seems like my daughter is really starting to take a liking to you." Mr. Carrington said right to Justin as he continued with his statement. "I think I'm over my nervousness now. I have a good idea however... since my daughter is really attached to you, I was wondering if you could take her out for a night on the town tonight. It's on me."

Justin felt a little disappointed on the first part.

"Ohhhhh, I wish I could but Owen's treating us to drinks tonight. Maybe tomorrow may be best, if that's okay with you. I'm not doing anything important tomorrow anyway." Justin said. Heather felt a little upset, but she decided to just become care-free with Justin's statement.

"I like that. Tomorrow's good. I need you to pick me up right at 6:00 p.m." Heather said, still smiling at him.

"It's a date then..." Justin said right back to her as Geoff stepped in his happy moment.

"But what about me? I saw you first..." Geoff said right to Heather, who felt sad inside like a sad little bird with his wing broken.

"Oh, don't worry, you can come too. I'll bring a friend with me, and maybe she'll like you." she replied to Geoff in which it made him feel a little love tonight.

"That's right! Finally, there's some love for the party boy!" Geoff exclaimed to himself as he was acting like a buffoon right between Mr. Carrington, his best friend Justin, and Heather herself. He had now realized what he was really doing and just decided to let it pass. He then turned his focus right on Heather. "Sorry for that little showboating that I did..."

"Well... thanks around for showing me to your boss's office. Heather, say goodbye to these men and come to me." Mr. Carrington said right to her daughter as Heather walked right past Justin and Geoff as she was now being accompanied by her father on the way to Mr. McLean's office.

"Bye." Heather said right to Geoff and as she turned to Justin, she gave out a seductive "Bye...", followed by a sexy air kiss to the model-like human being. Justin really enjoyed that air kiss as it smelled so much like a strawberry flavor. After all, it was pretty much Justin's favorite fruit.

"Dude, what the hell was that?" Geoff complained right to Justin. He was a little upset that Geoff was the only one to take a look at Heather first when she basically had her delicious beautiful black eyes on Justin.

"What are you talking about, man? She had her eyes on me first before she had them on you! And besides, girls can't get enough of my Ridge Forrester-like looks, if he was still in the late 80's, early 90's!" Justin corrected himself and right to his cowboy hat-wearing friend.

"Yeah, right. You had to snatch your hinky-dinky Hawaiian hands from me. I'm the rodeo playboy here! I always snatch girls like a cowdude does bulls, just getting them right on the rope." Geoff complained once again as he was following Justin right out the building.

"Oh, so you're calling Heather a bull, huh? Why do you have to be so upset about? At least she's bringing a friend with her. Just like Heather said, you might like her." Justin said as he took the keys out of his pocket that opens his silver Aston Martin.

"Yeah, that's what every random girl says the next time we meet them. You get the hot girl and I end up getting the average girl, whether that she wasn't hot, but not ugly as well." Geoff said right back to Justin as he got inside his friend's car.

"That happened once. Look, Geoff, I promise you... this time, her friend will be hot and this time she'll actually be nice." the Hawaiian said to the party boy as he started the car. There had seemed to be silence for a little while, only to just forget the brief fight between them just now.

"Okay, if you say so... let's hope the drinks I consume this night make her a lot hotter..." Geoff replied as he got a Slim Jim out of Justin's glovebox compartment and snapped one right on his mouth.

"Believe me, Geoff... she will be hotter..." Justin said to him briefly as he too snapped into a Slim Jim as his Aston Martin screeched out of the Flamego company parking lot and took off just like a runaway freight train.

Interesting first chapter...

I hope everyone didn't get the little game parodies I mentioned right up there. "President Evil" is a parody of Resident Evil, "Super Bario Galaxy" is a parody of "Super Mario Galaxy", "Laylo" is a parody of Halo, and "Guitar God" is a parody of "Guitar Hero".

And still, if anyone doesn't know who Ridge Forrester is again, he is a character on "The Bold And The Beautiful". So what? I like soap operas, mostly cause I only watch B&B and nothing else. Go ask your mothers who are a fan of CBS soaps.

The action won't come later in the story, though. I promise that you'll see characters like Owen, D.J. and Cody pop onto the story and even... *cringes hatefully* Alejandro.

Second chapter comes next until you read and review! Woo woo woo, you know it!