"Virtual Devastation"

Rated T for Humor and Mild Language

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Chapter 2

The Y'All Come Again Saloon. It became the Flamego employees' drinking hole for in a rough day such as this. They would pretty much tell tales of reckless abandonment and such, even though they really didn't have any to begin with. But mainly, they just tell those dangerous tales, just to impress the ladies that come through here. Justin and Geoff had soon arrived together looking very as studly as ever in rock star form. Justin was decked in an AC/DC shirt that spelled "Back In Black" and Geoff is wearing a black cowboy hat and wearing a Judas Priest's "Screaming For Vengeance" t-shirt. His friends and fellow employees, mainly D.J., Owen, and Cody was there to greet them.

"Hey, guys? What's up?" D.J. spoke right out to them as he, the skinny fella and the fat man raised their beer bottles right to them.

"Not much. I'm glad you saved a seat for us." Justin replied to D.J. as they both scooched in as it had now became a full out party. Owen had grabbed a beer for both Justin and Geoff.

"Hey, we're family, man. Speaking of such, how's that game coming along nicely?" Cody replied as he gulped down a beer.

"Ohhhhh, very well. We almost got it done. Just a little few tweaks right around the smooth graphics and it's just good to go." Justin replied as he gulped down what seems to be a bottle of Lime-flavored Bud Light.

"Nice! I just can't wait to test it out! I mean, with all the guitars and the guns blazing and all the blood, guts, gore, and splattering! Me want it!" Owen shouted stupidly as he had urges of playing out the new material before it was even released.

"Um, Owen... I hate to tell you this but it doesn't feature gore. It does feature blood though." Geoff corrected Owen as the fatman's face turned from joy to a little bit of disappointment.

"Ahhhhh, man... sorry, but I prefer my games with a punctured colon in the middle and a severed head on the side. That's how I like my gore!" Owen exclaimed as he gave a smile to himself. He then started to snack on the salty peanuts that was already at their table.

"Yep, Owen likes his peanuts and gore..." Geoff laughed as he gulped down another beer, while watching Owen feed his face. Owen was always crazy about nuts. Whenever it was regular nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, salted nuts, peanuts, flame roasted peanuts, Owen had such interest in them.

"Speaking of nuts, tell us about the woman you met and such." Cody replied right to Justin, who decided it wasn't a good time to tell them. Justin had wanted to keep it personal between him and Heather, even though they didn't haven't gone on their first date yet. But since they were his friends alongside Geoff, Justin just decided to let it out in the open.

"Sure, my buck toothed friend. It all happened when me and Geoff were showing this stockbroker the way to our bosses' office, when all of a sudden, this beautiful woman appears out of nowhere. Now, get this... imagine if you mixed Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian and an asian combined and somehow, it was made into this beautiful perfect 10. Her name happens to be Heather Carrington and she just happens to be the daughter of the stockbroker we just met. She is just too gorgeous, I mean with the long hair that's like the ocean, a face that is just too flawless, a nice DD rack and those delicious pair of legs you can get your eyes on." Justin replied as he started to daydream a little bit of the woman that he met moments later.

"Damn... she sounds like she could be your type..." D.J. smiled at the Hawaiian as he was impressed by Justin's description of the Asian chick.

"Are you kidding me? She is everything I needed in my life. I mean, sure there we're a lot of women who we're with me to begin with and maybe every chick I met out with lasted only a week, but this is the real deal here! I mean, can you imagine that if you kiss her, you could actually feel a soft 3Musketeers bar melting right inside your mouth. It has that chocolate goodness that melts the inside of you." Justin continued on as he kept drinking right through his beer.

"Yeah, and I wanted to feel it too..." Geoff murmured so lowly, so that Justin couldn't quite exactly hear him.

As the rest of the gang kept on talking, a certain Latino had come into the bar looking quite svelte as ever. He had a reputation of a ladies man as well. He was decked out in a fabulous bull necklace, a skintight crimson T-shirt that wore inside of a white wifebeater. A black belt-buckle and such leather pants and his trademark boots. Whoever this was, he just happened to be another one of Justin and Geoff's workers. Justin and the rest of the gang didn't even pay attention to the figure, so the Latino himself had decided to take it himself to just greet his fellow co-workers with a devilish smile in his face.

"Buenas noches, mi fellow amigo's..."

With that voice, the gang finally turned their heads in such an unpopular way to see this annoying Latin figure in red.

"Oh crap, what in the hell do you even want Alejandro?" Justin said in such a sarcastic voice. None of the guys were very much surprised by Alejandro Burromuerto's appearance. He was the only kind of worker that ever slacked off on the job and just focused on giving the company new ideas for games. But to Justin's mind, he was basically his main rival from the company. No matter what Alejandro did to try to impress his boss, it wasn't enough. Chris McLean always gave Justin and Geoff the credit they both deserved, and Alejandro felt like he wasn't even appreciated for his efforts from the inside. But Alejandro just refused to let that guilt pass over him and just decided to remain carefree on the outside.

"Ohhhh, come on, mi amigo. I'm just here to have a little fun with you guys. You know, having a talk, sharing a little cerveza with you guys." Alejandro responded as he was laughing with the rest of the gang, who felt really annoyed by him.

"Are you saying you wanna service us? What are ya, gay?" Geoff shot back to Alejandro as Justin and the three other guys laughed at their expense.

"No, my hat-wearing amigo, cerveza is a kind of tequila. I'll buy all of you guys a round." Alejandro said as he tried to lent out his wallet.

"You know, we are in the middle of something. And besides, we like our beer Canadian, not that crappy pee liquid you spaniards drink." Justin shot back at him as the the rest of the guys, except Alejandro, all made an "OHH!" at the Hawaiian, therefore high-fiving him and sharing a drink. Alejandro felt a little scorned and irritated on the outside. But on the outside, he just decided to take it.

"Ahh, you and your humor. Hmmmmmm, I can wonder why you are the co-vice president. Just making jokes at your expense. I respect that." The handsome spaniard replied to Justin as he took the basket of peanuts from Owen without any reason whatsoever.

"What in the heck are you even up to anyway?" Cody asked him as Alejandro got up from his chair and approached Justin.

"I told you, it's nothing of your concern. Like I said, maybe I just want to hang out." Alejandro muffled as he was just munching on the peanuts like any ordinary person. "You know... these peanuts taste kind of funny. Maybe they're no good. I would find a good trashbin somewhere, but I think I found something else."

And with a sickest smile even a video game villain would make, Alejandro took the basket of peanuts and poured it all over Justin. Justin was a little bit frustrated by this as Alejandro ended up looking down on Justin like he was garbage.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm sorry, mi amigo. I didn't know the peanuts landed on you. I guess maybe I mistook you for garbage..." Alejandro joked right at the Hawaiian as the peanuts drooped all the way down to his shirt as Justin was now covered in peanut dust. The rest of the guys didn't laugh at that situation. But Justin had decided to remove the peanut basket from his head and saw this as a little bit of a joke, despite the fact he didn't find it hilarious on the inside.

"Hmmmm... I have to admit... you really got me there..." Justin smiled right to Alejandro as he took a huge swig of his Lime-flavored Bud Light and just swishing around very well.

"Really...? Then how come you're like that?" Alejandro questioned him as if he saw Justin trying to hold his breath. But as if the Hawaiian was about to say anything to come out of his mouth...

...Justin had responded by spitting a huge stream of Lime-flavored beer right to Alejandro's face, much to himself and the gang's appreciation. Alejandro felt appalled as the beer had soaked all over his face and part of his clothes. Justin doing that to him was pure payback, just like Scorpion burning an opponent alive in Mortal Kombat.

"Sound familiar, Alejandro?" Justin shot back at him as the rest of his friends all high-five him. Alejandro's anger now started to grow intensely out of this. he can't believe he was humiliated back.

"I promise you, Justin... this isn't the last time we're gonna meet again. Just you wait, I'll find something that I can get my hands on you once and for all. Screw the rest of you!" Alejandro exclaimed angrily as he was about to leave with his fists raging.

"We don't have $100 bucks..." Geoff joked right at Alejandro as he finally left the door, feeling like he was about to hit something.

Alejandro had pounded his feet angrily right on the sidewalk as he got inside his car, just fuming intensely.

"And I promise you, this will be the last time you screw with Alejandro Burromuerto, mi amigo..." He thought right out to Justin and Geoff as he took off. No one knows when revenge shall be his.

Meanwhile Justin got back to his seat just wiping off the rest of the peanut dust than nearly got on his hair. He just wiped the entire dust off with a swipe of a comb as his hair now still remained beautiful as ever. He was still half the narcissist he was though. But he was pretty much proud of it. Justin felt a little mad that Alejandro would something so brutal like that.

"Dude, just forget him. He's nothing but pure Spaniard trash." D.J. replied right to Justin as he grabbed another beer, just to shake off the memory of that almost-humiliating peanut incident.

"I will. I mean, what in the hell did he have any business of doing that to me. I should've had beaten the shit out of him if I had the chance!" Justin exlcaimed just trying to get over his anger.

"Well, he does that. I don't have any idea how girls can love an idiot like him for doing such nonsense. You imagine that if a girl like Heather were to have her hands all around Alejandro, how would you feel?" Cody questioned him, even though Justin had cringed a bit from the image.

"I would still beat the holy hell out of him. Plain simple fact. For instance, let's pretend that I was a character in the Mortal Kombat. Would you ever imagine Heather as Kitana just about to have her soul taken away from Alejandro, who is dressed as Shang Tsung, and me having to come to her rescue dressed up as Liu Kang?" Justin questioned the rest of the guys as he took another swig at his beer.

"Hmmmmm..." Geoff replied as he visualized his best friend as Earthrealm's Greatest Champion. "...Well, you do fit the bill very much. I mean, you rocking a red headband and that amazing six-pack you would possess. I don't see why you should be him."

"Yeah, just think about it..." Justin replied as his mind started to go through a dream sequence.

It was Mortal Kombat, and Heather, who is dressed up as Kitana, was being chained together for some unknown reason. The chains was being strapped to all four limbs of her body, which meant her arms and legs. She was just trapped in the middle of nowhere. She was doomed to have her soul taken by an unknown figure, who had just appeared in front of her. He was dressed in some-kind of chinese garb and his hands now made right into a mystical green force.

"Hmmmmmm...your soul is just so beautiful to take. Too bad, I'll have to take it off your precious body..." the figure said as it turned out to be Alejandro, who was dressed up as Shang Tsung. With a sick smile in his face, Alejandro had clenched his hand making an open palm.

"You worthless spine of a creature. I'll never let you and Quan Chi rule Earthrealm for as long as I live!" Heather, or Kitana, replied as she was trying to break free from the chains and trying to reach her deadly fans from a mile away.

"Really? Well... I guess you won't have much to live..." Alejandro, or Shang Tsung spoke right at her as the green force was finally forming around his hand and aimed it right at Heather's heart. He let out a very devilish laugh as he had such an urge to take the soul away from her.

But as he was just about to accomplish his goal of taking Heather's soul away, a voice had crept up Alejandro Tsung.

"Get your dirty hands off of Princess Kitana!"

Hearing that, Alejandro had finally turned around as Heather, or Kitana had turned into a sweet revenge-seeking satisfying smile. Alejandro wasn't too satisfied of who was standing before him.

"Well, well, well... look who showed up just in time... Liu Kang..."

The figure was now standing before Alejandro happened to be Justin, who was dressed up as the Greatest Champion of all in Earthrealm, Liu Kang. With his mighty red sash, red headband and spiked wrist pads in order, Justin was looking for pure retribution. His eyes full of a dragon breathing fire through his victim.

"You don't deserve to take her soul. This is why this fight is now between you and me..." Justin, (or Justin Kang as I shall call him), replied to him as his fists clenched in such pure anger and hatred for that man. He was ready for a fight so bad. That's why Justin wanted it. Alejandro, knowing that Justin wouldn't refuse to leave from a beatdown, finally took his focus off of Heather and looked right at Justin with such anger and annoyance.

"Very well, that means after this is over, I'll have two souls that I'll take to make me stronger!" Alejandro exclaimed as Justin motioned his entire hand to bring it on. Alejandro gritted his teeth in such rage, and so did Justin. Justin Kang would never let Alejandro Tsung rule with such an iron fist over Earthrealm for as long as Justin was still gonna be standing.

Both have ran against each other, with Justin's fist forming a dragon's flame and Alejandro's fist forming a soul-like power. They were urging to make the first hit, it was an aggressive rush towards each other, that proved to be Alejandro's mistake. Justin knew that he wanted to go for a quick kill, which would prove to be quite the advantage for him.

Both fists had struck...

...only to have Justin's fist go straight through Alejandro's ribs, therefore impaling him on impact. It just happened in an instant. Justin's entire arm was still stuck to Alejandro's bleeding torso. He finally managed to get it out after a few tries. It was basically clear of what finally had happened.

Alejandro Tsung, had died as his entire blood was poured all around his body. Justin then approached Heather, or Princess Kitana, and finally let her go off of those terrifiying chains. Heather had hugged her sexy Hawaiian hero.

"Liu Kang... you managed to save me from that evil Shang Tsung. The people of Edenia thank you for your chivalry. How can I do to thank you?" Heather replied with such comfortable happiness even a woman can take.

Justin didn't have to answer. It was very certain what he wanted to do from here. So he grabbed Heather by dipping her by feeling her long luxurious hair, caressing his hand all over Heather's face, and just went in for the kill by giving her a real steamy passionate kiss. That kiss had made Heather, or Princess Kitana swoon with just warm intensity. All of her insides just melted as she titled her head back, making the kiss more deeper and hotter. Damn, who knew that a handsome fighter with such intensity as Justin Kang would be such a great kisser? The kiss had went on and on for as Earthrealm should stand alive and strong.

Justin's mind soon got back to the bar as the rest of his guys was standing looking a bit oddballed at what Justin was now thinking.

"Dude, I don't know what kind of idiot drugs you've been taking, but whatever it is that you're on, I'll have what you're having!" Owen smiled right at Justin as he got back to reality. They continued their free time right through the entire night. The result was...

A drunken Owen, check.

A beer-splattered Alejandro, check.

A blood-splattered Alejandro in Justin's mind, check.

Heather dressed as Kitana in Justin's mind, check.

Justin imagining himself dressing as Liu Kang, check.

And the hot kiss that Justin and Heather shared in his mind, check.

Something tells both himself and Geoff that tomorrow would be nothing short of extraordinary.

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