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Chapter 2 - Party Games

"What did you do? Invite the whole bloody square round?" Syed shouted over the nursery rhymes playing on speakers, children screeching as they chased each other and the murmurs of adults gossiping over the many recent events of Albert Square.

"Maybe..." Syed managed to hear. Before he could argue any further his mother stepped in front of him looking slightly disturbed by the hectic surroundings.

"So when are the party games?"

Syed and Christian both glared at her with utter confusion.

"Party games?" Christian said. "Who said anything about party games?"

"Honestly you two. You can't expect to have a children's party without party games."

"Zainab, most of the kids here are either too young, i.e. Yasmin and Kamil. Or too old; Lucy and Abi"

"Well, what about Shenice and Tiffany?" Zainab stated strongly watching the two girls chase each other past them.

"Tiff, Shenice!" Christian called as they obediently made their way over. "Do you want to play Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey?" He said blandly.

"No way! That's for babies." Tiffany whined with a disgusted look on her face as if someone had just spat at her. Their response was all the evidence he needed.

"I was only trying to help," Syed's mother insisted and she battled her way back over to Masood and Kamil.

"Nicely handled," his husband said sarcastically. Christian looked insulted at this comment.

"As if you wanted to spend an hour trying to get a bunch of kids to cooperate and be involved in a stupid game that would only end in one very sore winner and ten sore losers. If that's the sort of thing you want to do then go ahead, but I have a better idea."

Just before Syed could ask any more about this idea a pair of little hands wrapped around his legs. He looked down only to find his daughter completely drenched.

"Look at you! I take it you've been playing in the paddling pool."

"Pool. Pool!"

Syed cautiously scooped Yasmin up and held her away at arms length and started making his way into the kitchen; her dark blue denim dungarees had absorbed about half of the paddling pool. Christian had chosen the dungarees...well, technically, Yasmin did.

They'd been walking through the shopping centre buying banners and balloons when she'd reached out at the window, whining and moaning at her failed attempts to grasp the item of clothing. Both dads slowly made their way towards the window and saw the casual denim dungarees hugging a white manikin. Nothing about it was girly. No sparkles, no sequins, no flowers, no hearts. Just some plain dungarees. It's easy to imagine the pure delight in Christian and Syed's hearts to witness their daughter go against any fully feminine fashion that her mother had chosen, despite being only two.

Before Syed could remove her sopping clothes Christian stepped in with two buckets of water.

"Don't bother getting her changed, might as well keep her like that."

"Christian, she can hardly walk." Syed replied watching his daughter make vicious attempts at undoing the straps.

"Trust me."

Christian raced off into the garden with the buckets, leaving a trail clumsy spillages. Syed watched Christian dart in and out of the kitchen carrying several bags that Syed had struggled to see the contents of. When his husband failed to come back into the kitchen Syed followed him back out into the garden praying that Christian wasn't going to do anything stupid.

"Can I have everyone's attention?" Christian announced, turning down the music. All eyes turned to him including Tiffany and Shenice who were hoping it was time for cake.

"Sorry to interrupt the fun but I was just asked by Zainab about party games."

Extremely unsubtle groans came from the majority of children (and adults).

"Now, now," Christian hushed. "I'm not suggesting we sit around and play a game of Pass-The –Parcel. So instead I came up with another game."

Christian's suspense had led all the kids forward as they wanted to discover more about this mysterious game.


Screams and cries of all the children burst towards them as they all scurried to grab a sponge, bucket, water gun, whatever they could find and ran towards Zainab. Syed couldn't help but be in hysterics as he watched his helpless mother scream in protest as it rained down on her. Even Yasmin had grabbed a sponge and stumbled over to her grandmother. The music had been blasted back on and practically every member of the Square had grabbed a gun and were now at war with one another. Syed picked up his own gun, filled it with ammo and walked over to his husband.


Christian stupidly turned to him and was blasted in the face before he could even see who it was. He rubbed the water away from his eyes and squinted at Syed.

"Oh that's it!"

Syed made a girlish scream and darted away from Christian as he picked up the bucket opposite. Just before Christian could be revenged on his husband the atmosphere was broken by a screech coming from the corner of the garden.

"STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!" Everyone turned to see young children parting away from a woman who had been soaked over every inch of her body.

Zainab made eye contact with Christian and slowly dragged herself and her drenched clothes over to him. Something told him she didn't really like this game. She was now standing so close Christian could feel her annoyed breath on his face. The eye contact still wasn't broken as Zainab reached for the red bucket in Christian's left hand. Levels of anticipation were nearly too much to handle as she slowly raised the bucket above his head. Undoubtedly, she turned her hands and litres of cold water rushed down his head and neck. Her expression was still unreadable until a small smirk spread across her face, and then slowly turning into a giggle, then a chuckle, then a laugh. She carried on until she could no longer contain herself from laughing at the petrified look on Christian's face. The air was filled with intense sighs of relief as everyone joined her in fits of laughter.

The party was quickly back together as Zainab reached over for another bucket and ran over to Masood. Children ran amuck in their garden, some even spreading out to the Square itself. Forts had been built and teams were made (boys against girls). All of their guests had flooded out into the Square creating one of the biggest events in Walford, leaving behind Christian, Syed and Yasmin.

Syed enthusiastically picked Yasmin up and clutched her in his arms and leant himself against Christian.

"You are a genius."

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