Sebastian rolled over once more, making Kurt heave yet another aggravated sigh.

"You know, Kurt, the only thing I want to change about you is your last name."

"Seb that's not cute, stop it." he laughed under his seemingly stern voice as Sebastian mustered a low chuckle.

After another few minutes of silence, Sebastian began to sing.

"I don't know how to love him, what to do, how to move him." Kurt realised he was most definitely not getting to sleep this rate so he turned over on his side and looked at his boyfriend who still hadn't stopped moving around.

"I knew taking you to see Jesus Christ Superstar was a bad idea." he sighed, ruffling Sebastian's hair teasingly.

"I liked it!" he protested with a childish pout. I shouldn't find that so adorable, thought Kurt.

"Yes I can tell." he spoke with a roll of his eyes.

"I have the soundtrack in my car." said Sebastian matter-of-factly, like a child reciting a simple maths problem.

"I know, we got here in your car."

"Oh shit Kurt did I lock my car?" Kurt couldn't help but laugh as he watched Sebastian's face hold a worried expression.

"Yes you locked your car, sweetie" he moved his arm and lay down flat next to Sebastian again before wrapping his arm around his waist, pulling him in closer.



"Don't go breaking my heart," he singsonged. Realising he may as well play along, Kurt joined in.

"I couldn't if I tried,"

"Darling if I get restless,"

"Baby you're not that kind." Sebastian pulled Kurt's arm further around his body and stroked up and down his forearm. The movement soon soothed Kurt into a little nap, just as Sebastian began to talk again.

"I was once told I'd fall in love and I didn't think I would. Now I've met you I really think I could." he spoke into the crook of Kurt's elbow, giving him kisses up and down his arm.

"You could fall in love with me? Well the past five years have been lies haven't they?"

"Kurt I love you."

"I love you too Bas."

"You know what would make you even more fantastic than you already are?" he turned so he was facing Kurt.

The other boy recognised the excitement in Sebastian's smile so he asked, "What's that Seb?"

"A ring around your finger and my second name where yours is now." he smiled and placed a chaste kiss on Kurt's ring finger before moving on to his mouth.

"Seb come on."

"I'm serious!" he protested, feeling slightly hurt that Kurt would think he was joking.

"You're drunk." he reasoned before placing a kiss on his lips.

He seemed to accept the statement as he continued, "Kurt you have a lot of bones in your body but would you like one more?" his face stayed straight, never even faltering for a slight chuckle. Kurt snorted before re-applying his well practised 'serious face'.





"Stop it." Kurt warned, sticking his finger in front of Sebastian's face, he tapped him on nose lightly.

"OK," he agreed, taking Kurt's hand he began playing lightly with his fingers. "Kurt?"


"We're in a bed."

He chuckled, "Yes we are."

"Well, we could have sex here. I mean, if you wanted."

"Because it's a bed or because we're both here?" he winked and caused a blush to rise in the taller boy's face.

"Well you've never complained about our more extravagant adventures before." Kurt nodded and couldn't seem to move the grin from his lips.

"We can't here." he concluded, feeling a little more sad about the fact than the let on to Sebastian.

"But w-why?" Sebastian's voice sounded like that of a child who had his favourite toy taken away from him. Kurt began to laugh again as he continued.

"One, we're at Rachel's and two, you're drunk."

"Never stopped you before."



"I have never taken advantage of you when you've been drunk!"

"Oh no, I was talking about being at Rachel's." Kurt shook his hand and his mind trailed back to three years earlier. It was because of that time that he was saying no now. "Rachel's Dad's are gay." he suddenly said, no humour evident in his voice.

"Yes they are."

"And so are we."

"Last time I checked."

"I'm sure they'd approve." Sebastian shrugged and his face looked like he was trying to work out their chances.

"I don't they so and anyway, Seb, they aren't even here."

Sebastian sat up suddenly and looked around before saying, "What? Yes they are! I saw them!"

"No they're back in Lima silly."

Sebastian still didn't look convinced but he lay back down with Kurt and he sighed, "Well hell."


Just when Kurt thought he might get some peace, Sebastian had closed his eyes and appeared to be falling asleep in Kurt's arms, he was proved wrong.

After about five minutes, Sebastian began talking again. He'd never had children around but Kurt guessed this was what it was like trying to get one to go to bed when all they want is one more story.

"Are they married?" he asked.

"Are who married?" Kurt sighed, his patience was wearing thin, he really was tired.

"Rachel's dads." he opened his eyes to see Sebastian looking to him for an answer and he smiled at him even though he didn't really want to. He wanted to sleep.

"I don't know. They've been together a long time and they both go by Mr Berry but I don't know if they're actually married." Sebastian nodded and shut his eyes again. Kurt decided to leave his open this time; there was no way Sebastian was actually finished talking.

"Do you want to get married?" Kurt's body shot into action, they'd never really spoken about marriage before. Even though they'd been together five years.

"To you?"

"Yeah." he smiled at the innocence of Sebastian's question and the expression held on his face as he asked it.

"Are you proposing, Bas?" he teased and laughed nervously.

"No! Well, no, I don't know." he began to laugh, "I'm drunk and I'm saying things."

"Yes you are," Kurt kissed his nose again, "but you're adorable so I forgive you."

"But do you want to?" he really wasn't willing to drop this conversation as easily as he had the others, "You know, if I were to be asking you right now." he looked to Kurt with puppy dog eyes, full of wonder.

"Sure, yeah, of course I do." he smiled at him.

"Really?" Sebastian seemed surprised.

"Well sure. Don't you?"

"I didn't until I met you."

"You sweetie." Kurt laughed, linking their fingers together once more.

"I'll marry you Kurt, one day."

"I'll marry you too Sebastian."