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Voldemort sits at the tiny table with his head in his hands. He's attempting to process all of the information he's finished reading. As he attempts to categorize it all in his mind, he recalls something the Potter brat said to him.

"You didn't go to college, Tom, so that will hurt you, but I'm sure you'll be able to survive."

Voldemort thinks back to his childhood. He doesn't remember college being necessary. Not one of the older children at the orphanage had any plans to go to college. Clearly Potter is just trying to confuse him.

Then again, he does have£ 200. Does he really even need to work? £200 should get him through several months. He can remember buying a burger and fries for £1 when he was a child. He remembers seeing a statement relating to this little hovel he must now call home when he lost his composure earlier. Perhaps it will list the cost of this ridiculous place, and he can judge how long his money will last him.

It takes him nearly an hour, but he finally locates the statement behind the dresser. He reads it with growing dread. His utilities alone are £30. His monthly "rent" is £600. He only has £200! The money won't even last him one month!

As he processes this thought, his stomach rumbles in hunger. This is new for him. He hasn't needed to eat in years. By instinct, he calls for a house elf.

"Mipsy!" Nothing happens. "Mipsy! MIPSY!"

Voldemort stares at the small kitchen. Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard to ever walk the earth, is going to have to cook for himself.