Ok, I've decided to start Writing this story "Threads of fate" again, meaning that eventually the second chapter will actually come out. (But no promises) also it will be a different style of writing.

So I thought I need a few characters to be part of a group of some sort that will come into the story for a bit. This group will consist of regular and experiment Pokémon, (Ones who have been tested on and cannot evolve, they hold everstones) who are trying to survive from feral Pokémon (Evolved experiment Pokémon) and rescue other Pokémon and keep them safe. I need a few just to accompany the leader (My character) in a small section of chapter two.

So if you want a small character cameo in my next chapter please fill out this character profile and submit it into the comments :D


Nickname (optional):


Regular/ experimental:

Which area were they tested in (experiments only. E.G. speed, attack, spec defence etc):

Personality (how they would react to a feral Pokémon/ team rocket member would be great to mention):

Appearance (do they have any accessories, scars, hold any items etc):

Location of everstone (experiments only,):

Back story (optional, probably won't get mentioned but gives me more of a feel of the character I guess :D )

Extra info:

Pokémon must be Gen 5

If experimental Pokémon, must be either 1st of 2nd evolution stage. If the poke only has 2 stages it must be the first. Otherwise please choose to be regular Pokémon.

Pokémon to avoid (for story purposes):






When writing the profile you can delete all the words in brackets they are just guidelines J

P.S if you have any questions about this and have fun creating Woo!