"Naruto" - speech

'Naruto' – thoughts

"Naruto" - demon/black zetsu

"Naruto" - Jutsu.

True heir of Slytherin

Chapter 1 - Heir revealed! =

= Konohagakure no Sato, October 10th =

Konohagakure no Sato or just Konoha, is beautiful village, that inhabits thousands of people, shinobi and civilian alike. Konoha is known to be peaceful village, but at the same time it is also famous for it's strength, will, and is also known as the strongest of five major villages. Konoha earned that kind of fame by producing many strong shinobis, and winning last two 'Shinobi Wars'. Since the second shinobi war ended, Konoha has seen mostly peaceful days. But alas, today is far from peaceful in Konoha...

= Not far from the walls of Konoha =


"Shiki Fujin! Have a little faith in him! He is our son after all, Kushina-chan."

As forth Hokage finished hand-seal sequence, he was unaware that not far from the barrier, that was holding the Kyuubi, stood his enemy, who was observing everything that was going on, with his sharingan, spinning wildly, taking in every detail.

But when said enemy saw what was about to happen, something in his mind suddenly clicked, and his one visible eye widened, as if in recognition

'So that is what prophecy was about! I must have this child, but first, I should double-check it.' thought masked stranger, and disappeared with a swirl.

And just as barrier, that was holding the Kyuubi, fell, Hiruzen Sarutobi rushed to the spot where two dead bodies and an infant were lying. Former Hokage could clearly hear cries of newborn, and it broke his heart to watch the scene before him. 'Just several hours into new world, and already had to witness his two most precious people die.'

But before he could even get near to blond baby, masked man appeared out of nowhere, took blue eyed infant, and disappeared just as fast as he came, not even leaving a trace that he was there.

It took about a minute for third Hokage to recover from shock, and when he did recover, he fell on his knees, helplessly wondering if he would ever get the chance to see blond boy again.

= Many miles away from Konoha =

Same masked man appeared with a baby in his arms, in a dark room, with only source of light being few candles. Said baby was still crying his little eyes out, but not moving much.

Before masked individual could do anything at all, something popped out from the floor. Masked man merely titled his head to the side, to see what it was. He was greeted with very interesting sigh, or maybe it would be interesting for somebody who haven't seen it before, but for this man, this was just a daily routine.

From the floor emerged a man, or some kind of mixture of a man and a plant. His upper body and head was enveloped by two large venus fly-trap like extensions, and it was in fact open, showing the man inside. He has short green hair, yellow eyes, and his body had two different colored halves. His left side was completely white, while his right side was black with small white dots along his body.

"Tobi, why did you bring this child here?" asked the while half.

Masked man, now identified as Tobi, just turned his head back to newborn, and after a long pause answered.

"Zetsu, do you remember that prophecy, which I found not so long ago?"

There was a slight, but finally, black half of the man-plant creature known as Zetsu, answered. "I remember it perfectly well, word to word."

"I believe that the one, who prophecy was talking about, is currently in my arms. And I was just about to check it."

Now this got Zetsu's attention. He moved closer to Tobi, to have a good look at a blond haired child.

Masked sharingan user then put his arm on infant's head, and looked straight in his eyes. For several seconds nothing happened, the only difference was that blue eyed child stopped crying, and was now curiously watching spinning sharingan eye. But after another minute, he squirmed in man's arms, as if in pain, and started crying even louder, closing his eyes in the process, letting tears flow freely down his round face. And when he opened his eyes again, Tobi and Zetsu gasped at the same time.

Where before there were two blue orbs, now were black orbs with red, six-edged star in the middle of them, spinning as fast as Tobi's sharingan. And moments later, his eyes changed to full matured sharingan, and then back to his original blue orbs. Mere seconds after that, child was fast asleep, leaving two men with nothing but silence.

"H-How is that possible that this child has Mangekyou sharingan? What did you do to him?" asked shocked white half of Zetsu, while his black half just stared at the child with awe, shock and fear.

"I did not do anything to this child, though I suspect that it were my actions that caused him gain mangekyou. As to how he has sharingan in the first place – it is quite simple."

"How so?"

"You see, Yondaime Hokage had Senju and Uchiha blood flowing in his veins, that he wasn't even aware of."

"But if he was part Uchiha, surely he would awaken sharingan sooner or later."

"Actually he couldn't. As you know, I always make a background check on my enemies, and while digging information about Namikaze Minato, I discovered a few interesting facts."


"Yes, you see, there was once a woman in Uchiha clan, who had an affair with a man from Senju clan. But that man died on a mission, leaving Uchiha woman pregnant. That woman, for whatever reason, decided to keep the child, but after some time became scared that her clansmen would find about her having a child from Senju. She then somehow got hold of very old seal, that was known only by Uchiha clan head or elders. That particular seal was designed to seal off individual's sharingan, forever. It was mainly used on traitors. So after giving birth to a child, she immediately sealed off his sharingan, and left him in an orphanage, with different name. And that child grew up to be the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. But there was one more little detail, that only few Uchiha had known of. That woman was descendant of Madara Uchiha."

"I see, but that still does not explain why he has mangekyou."

"My guess is that it was caused by the sealing, and from seeing both of his parents die. After all, feeling of loss and hopelessness is known by all, even as young as him."

"What will you do with him?"

"I will keep him, and raise him as the true Uchiha, after all, if what prophecy said is true, than this child has potential to surpass Rikudō Sennin." said Tobi, his one visible eye shining with excitement and anticipation.

"How will you name him, hmm?"

"He already has a name. It was given to him by his biological parents. His name is Naruto...Uchiha Naruto."

"Never thought of you as an honorable person."

"I am not, I'm just too lazy to think of the new one." said Masked man, with a slight chuckle.

"I certainly look forward to see how this will turn out." said the black half, while the white half let out a humorous laugh.

= 6 years later – Unknown location =

Blond child, roughly 6 years old, was training in a clearing that had many craters, and chunks of earth were laying around, that were made by the said child, from the looks of it.

"Naruto-kun!" called Zetsu as he appeared from the ground, behind the six year old.

Naruto, hearing his name being called, turned around, and gave a small wave as greeting. "What is it Zetsu?"

"Your father wants to see you, so hurry up, and finish your training." said Black Zetsu, disappearing back into the ground.

'Dad wants to see me? I wonder why...Could he actually remember? Sigh, only one way to find out I guess.' though blue eyed boy while cleaning himself from all the dirt that was on him.

He then quickly walked toward the building, and toward the room where his father was waiting for him.

As he walked inside, he could see Tobi sitting behind the desk, waiting for him, with little box in his hands.

"Dad, Zetsu told me that you wanted to see me."

"Indeed, Naruto-kun. Do you know what day is today?" asked masked man, his sharingan eye shining with some sort of excitement.

"October 10th, why?" asked blond Uchiha, watching his father with curious expression. 'Is it what I think it is?'

"Yes, and today is also your birthday. And I got your present right here." he said patting the box that he was holding.

As soon as those words left his mouth, Naruto's eyes widened, looking at Tobi in shock.

"What? Did you really think that I would forget about my only son's birthday?" asked elder sharingan wielder, showing his amusement.

"I-It's just I never thought that you'd be one for birthdays and such." Naruto managed stutter out.

"Believe it or not, I really do care about you a great deal. And I actually gave you something special every time on your birthday before. I'm sorry if it looked like I didn't."

"N-No, don't say that. It should be me who must apologize for not noticing it sooner. You probably think that I'm ungrateful, selfish and spoiled and - "

"Stop it! You are none of those things! You are merely too young, and therefore you could easily have missed it, considering you training regime and all. I am immensely proud of you, and as you know, it is very hard to earn my respect."

Hearing his beloved father say those thing to him, made him shine with happiness, and he felt like nothing could stop him.

"Thank you so much, Dad. I promise you, I won't ever disappoint you, I will be the greatest shinobi in the world!" declared Naruto, as his eyes shone with determination, likes of which Tobi have never seen before.

Tobi smiled proudly behind his mask. 'Never thought that I would get so attached to him, in such little time. And to think that he would go such a length just to make me proud of him...it really makes me happy that i'm his father. Heh...if somebody told me 10 years ago that I would have a son, and I would love him like a real parent should, and that he would love me back even more, I would probably laugh at them...and then kill them...oh well, can't say that I'm not happy with how thing turned out to be'

"I believe in you, Naruto-kun. Now let's stop with sentiments, I'm not as young you, and there is just so much sentimental stuff that my poor heart can withstand in such a short amount of time." said masked man, letting out a small chuckle.

Hearing his father say this, sent Naruto in fits of uncontrollable giggles.

"Now let's wait for Zetsu. I believe, he also has present for you. I will give you mine last" This statement obviously filled blond child with excitement.

And indeed, several minutes later, Zetsu emerged from the floor, carrying 3 large scrolls, and medium sized one.

"Whoa! Is that all for me?" asked Naruto, with look of pure awe.

Seeing his look made even Black Zetsu laugh, but after several seconds, he was able to get it under control.

"Yes, all four scrolls are for you."

"What are they about?"

"Let's see..." said White Zetsu, as he put all four scrolls in front of him. All four of them were different, and looked pretty fancy, with only medium one being plain white color. "...the one with swirle on it, has everything that I could recover from Uzumaki clan, and believe me, it was not easy finding anything decent in the ruins. Brown one has everything from Senju library, that I recovered from Senju mansions across the elemental."

"T-T-This is just AMAZING! This is - "

"Don't mention it, you would get them eventually anyway, but what you can thank me for are the last two scrolls, those are special gift from me."

Naruto just looked at him questionably, waiting for him to continue.

"You see, while I was in Konoha, I decided to grab the scroll with all the kinjutsu that was ever recorded in Konoha, in it. And the smaller one has two signature techniques of your...uhm...biological father."

Hearing Zetsu mention one of his biological parents made him stiffen. He knew that he wasn't blood related to Tobi, if only slightly. He was told all about his real parents about a year ago, when he asked his Dad about it.

= Flashback =

"Dad, I wanted to ask you something." said blond child, as he looked up from his book, toward his father who was sitting behind his desk, as usual.

"Hmmm? What is it?" asked Tobi, looking up from whatever he was doing.

"I read in many books, and seen other kids with their parents, but I only have a father. And I was wondering what happened to my mother. Did she die? Did she left me...us? Or was it something else? Please, Dad, tell me."

Masked individual silently stared at his adoptive son for several minutes, and then let out a heavy sigh.

"I was hoping that we wouldn't have this discussion for several more years, not because I wanted to keep it from you, I was just afraid that you would not understand it fully. But you turned out to be exceptionally smart, and I believe that you are ready to hear it all about it."

He then motioned Naruto to come closer, and to get comfortable.

"You see, son, I am not your biological father, I adopted you after your biological parents died."
Shock was evident on little blond's face as he looked at his father. But Tobi paid him no mind, and instead continued.

"Now let me tell you a story of how you came to be my son."

And tell him, he did. He told him everything that has transpired that night, without leaving any little detail. And when he was done, he asked one simple question, which caused Naruto's mind to work in overdrive. "So what do you think about it, son?"

'Indeed, what do I think about it?' Blue eyed Uchiha was silent for about 10 minutes, thinking over everything that he was told about. Finally he decided to voice his thoughts. "I am confused." was his only answer, though completely truthful.

"What are confused about?"

"About the actions of the Yondaime Hokage."


"Yes, why did he not teleport his wife to the hospital instead? From what you told me, she would have survived the extraction of the Kyuubi, with some medical attention. And there even may have been the chance of her surviving without any medicine at all. Also, if his main focus was on saving the village, then he had much more available option to use instead of that sealing, which killed him in the process. Can you explain that me, father?"

Tobi smirked widely behind his mask. "See, that's why I said that you were ready to hear all about it. Most children of your age would accuse me of killing their real parents, or even outright hate me. Of course those children would be too naïve to understand everything, but not you, no, you are very smart, and you see everything for what it really is."

Hearing his father praise him, made Naruto immensely proud of himself, but he maintained neutral expression, or at least he tried to.

"Now let me help you out with figuring it all out. You see, as you said, Hokage's main priority was saving the village, and doing everything in it's best interests. And as I said, Jinchūriki are weapons for the villages who have them, and Yondaime knew that without Jinchūriki, Konoha would be seen as weak, and would be attacked by other villages. So he decided to create a weapon. There is one simple answer to all your question – Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, was ready to sacrifice lives of his wife and son, for his village, meaning – he valued village over his own family."

"B-But what about my mother? Why didn't she stop him? Or did she have the same ideals as the Yondaime?"

"No, but sadly, her love for Yondaime, blinded her too much to see what he doing."

"I see..."he looked down sadly, but suddenly looked up."But wait, why did you took me with you, and what reason did you have to do so?"

"I will tell you...in time, when I deem you ready to hear it. But know this – I never regretted it, and it was definitely for your best. If I left you in Konoha, they would most likely turn you into their weapon, or treat you like trash, and then demand that you protect them."

For several minutes there was just silence.

"I will wait patiently for you to tell me, I know that if you say that I am not ready, that means that I am indeed not. And for what it's worth...thank you for being a good father to me." said Naruto with a warm smile, which he only showed to his father.

Again, everything was silent for couple of minutes, but this time it was broken by the masked man. He stood up, made his way over to Naruto, and did something unexpected, he pulled him in warm embrace.

"It should be me, thanking you for being such a good son." he whispered quietly.

= Flashback – end =

Naruto looked up from the scrolls to his father, and stared at him for several second, as if having some sort of silent conversation. Finally after about 3 minutes of their silent argument, his father spoke.

"Take it Naruto, take it, learn everything, and improve them, make them better, show us that you are much more greater than the Yondaime, it's the least you could do to show Zetsu, how much you appreciate his gift."

Naruto turned back to Zetsu.

"Thank you Zetsu, for your time and effort, I really appreciate it." said blond Uchiha, bowing to man-plant mixture, that stood in front of him.

"You are very welcome Naruto-kun, your father and I expect great things from you in the future."

Naruto merely smirked at this, as if completely sure that he will do just that.

"Now Naruto-kun, put those scrolls away, and come here, it's time for me to give you my gift." said adoptive father of blue eyed Uchiha.

Six year old's eyes lit up immediately after hearing this, barely containing his glee. He quickly made his way over to his father's desk, almost jumping with excitement.

Finally his father opened little, wooden box that he held in his hands. There, inside the box, on a silky material, lay a tube, filled with some sort of liquid. But what grabbed Naruto's attention was what floated inside the tube. There were pair of eyes. But by no definition were they any ordinary eyes, oh no, they were eyes of Uchiha Madara.

Naruto gasped in recognition. He couldn't not recognize those eyes. After all of the stories that his father told him, after all the pictures that he showed him, it was practically impossible not to recognize those eyes, that held so much power.

"Dad, why are you giving them to me? Wouldn't it be better if you wielded them instead?"

Masked man just chuckled.

"I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but those eyes rejected me."

"What do you mean 'rejected me'?"

"Exactly what I said. You see, before his death, Madara applied some sort of seal on his eyes, so only the person worthy of those eyes would be able to use them. I was afraid of damaging those eyes, and thus did not dare to do anything to those seals. And when I tried to wield them, they did not acknowledge me as worthy of them." admitted Tobi.

"What happened?" asked intrigued Naruto.

"First I heard some hissing in my head, and after several minutes, I felt pain like no other. The only thing I heard before passing out, were this words: You are not worthy of legacy of Madara Uchiha."

"And you believe that I will be able to wield those eyes?"

"I do not believe so, I know so!"

Knowing that his father had such a faith in him, made his fears disappear in an instant.

"I accept your gift, father. When can we start the implanting operation?" asked, now overly-excited Naruto.

"Whenever you wish." was his only answer.

"Then let's do it now!" proclaimed blond Uchiha.

Tobi smirked behind his mask, at his sons enthusiasm. "If you wish so, then so be it. Zetsu, prepare operation room."

Plant-like man just smirked, and gave a nod. "At once, Tobi."

= 45 minutes later – operation room =

Transplantation operation was finished merely 5 minutes ago, and Naruto now lay on the operation table, waiting for anything. Already 5 minutes have passed, but nothing happened, he was starting to get impatient, along with Zetsu and Tobi, who were by his side. But then he heart it, soft voice in his head.

"If you really are worthhhhy of my power, then repeat after me: I accccccccept the legacccccy of Uchiha Madara."

Naruto opened his mouth, and repeated everything word for word, but what surprised him, was that instead of his usual voice, he heard himself actually hissing those words.

But before he could ponder anymore on that strange hissing he made, he heard the soft voice talk to him again.

"Hello stranger, my name is Uchiha Madara, and if hear this, you are descendant of great Salazar Slytherin, and my new heir, that will carry my legacy. And if haven't guessed yet, this is merely a recording. But enough about this. The real reason I made this recording, is because I sealed all of my memories in my eyes. Prepare yourself, you will now view my whole life for 7 days straight. And one last thing before this recording stops – Use my eyes and skills well, be it for evil or good."

"I will be fine" Naruto managed to say, before he lost consciousness, not to be awaken for next seven days.

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