What's up everybody? Did you miss me? I missed ya too!

Sadly, this is NOT a new chapter, so bear with me ok? But don't go all polar on me! (You see what I did there? "Bear" and "Polar"? Polar bear...eeeh, screw you too then. So what if I have a shitty jokes? I still try, don't I?


The reason that i'm posting this, is to inform you that new chapter won't be comin' out for a...week or two. So stop asking me when i'm gonna update the story.

And the reason for a delay? I'm an asshole, that's the reason.

No(hopefully), the real reason is that I started watching One Piece, and i'm not gonna write shit until I finish it. But don't worry, i'm already on episode 360 or something, so i'm gonna finish it soon enough.

Oh and on a side note, i'm not sure if I expressed myself correctly, and some of you thought that I meant something or that kind of stuff, so i'm gonna clear it up.

This new thing that I wrote, "Ask Naruto" is actually one of my new experiments, where you send a question my way via Review or PM, and Naruto answers them. Some of you actually sent some interesting questions(good job on that.)

And I repeat myself, you can ask anything you want. For example:

"Dear Naruto, what color is your underwear, and did you ever wear thongs?"

See? You can either ask this kind of random shit, or something regarding the story. And remember, it's not me who will be answering, it's Naruto.

And with that said, have a good day and god bless you...





You actually thought I would write shit like that? Fuck no!

Now...peace out, bitches!

P.S: Are you excited to see "Road to Ninja"? Is fucking awesome or what? It motherfucking is! Especially Menma!

P.S2: For those of you who follows Naruto manga: Whoever thought Madara would disappear is a goddamned pansy! He is the most fucking awesome character in Naruto world, bitch!

5 Kages? Just let them fuck themselves with a giant meteorite!

Fights 5 Kages at once, calls this fight unfair. Some redheaded chick tells him not to call them cowards, and says that they acknowledged his strength. Creates 25 Mokuton Bunshin, 5 for for each Kage, and tells them not to call him a coward.

Edo Tensei canceled? Well, fuck you too, now I have indestructible body, and limitless amount of chakra!

And finally the most random shit!

For girls who read this story(If any):

Please do not blame me if I can't describe clothes correctly, or in better details. I don't know how all that shit is called. For example, when I read somewhere "Girl wears spaghetti strap dress", I image a chick in a dress made from spaghetti. I'm seriously not an expert in that field, and all I know of how clothes are called are: jacket, shit, pants, sweater, coat and hoodie.

Well, that's all for today, don't forget to join us next week, when we...

Shit! Wrong show!