Author's Note: This is my first fan-fic published so please remember this. Italics symbolize flashbacks, two quotes like this " ", represent what people are saying, and single quotes like this ' ', represent a person's thoughts. Please enjoy my meager little fic inspired by my love of Gakupo.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this fanfiction except for my OC Bluefire. If I did own anything else then anime and manga would be very different.

Gakupo looked into the shadow's redish-brown eyes and smiled as the figure walked towards him. In front of him stood a tall man with pale skin, black locks that had bangs Gakupo desperately wanted to run his elegant digits through, and had crimson eyes with a delecate touch of brown mixed in that pulled a person in. "S-Sebastian-san! What are you doing here? I thought you were in England visiting Kanda-san," Gakupo questioned as Sebastian sat down next to Gakupo. "Jiro asked me to come check up on you, he was very worried about you when he heard you were alone today," Sebastian explained as he held the purplelette close to him. Gakupo closed his eyes and thought of Jiro and how worried he gets about any of his siblings.

It was a cold, rainy day, inside the school building a six year old Gakupo laid on the floor gasping for air as the other children around him panicked and frequently asked the teacher if he was going to die. Fear rushed through Gakupo's veins along side his blood, as the room spun around him. He closed his eyes for a moment, ad when he opened them he saw a seven year old Jiro crying over him in a position that told Gakupo his head was resting in Jiro's lap. "Gakupo, its okay, the ambulence will be here soon. You'll be better soon I promise. Just please, stay awake, and don't worry I'll be here with you the entire time," Jiro said through his heavy sobs. "Don't cry Jiro-san, I don't like seeing you when you're sad. Please be happy for me Jiro-san," Gakupo said weakly as he placed a shaky hand on Jiro's tear stained cheek.

Gakupo smiled as he looked up to Sebastian and blushed when he realised how close he was being held. Sebastian placed a gloved finger to Gakupo's lips, and pulled the man one year his juniorcloser to him. Sebastian removed his finger and replaced it with his soft, silky lips. Gakupo closed his eyes and allowed the kiss deepen. He felt absolute bliss run through his system as he felt glad he recieved his first kiss, but was slightly disappointed, for he wanted it to be Jiro he was kissing, but as the saying goes beggars can't be choosers and in this case Gakupo was the beggar. His bliss was something that could be likened to how a woman feels on her wedding day.