It was just another day, the sun was beating down as summer set in and everyone was out and about. Tony DiNozzo was down at the beach in his green swim shorts and he was walking across the beach with a smile plastered on his face.

He could feel the warm golden sand between his toes as he walked barefoot across the beach, with his shades in his hand, to where he had left his things. As he reached his place where he had been, he smiled at the older grey haired man who was lying down on a towel under the sun.

Gibbs was just in his black swim shorts and his muscled torso turned Tony on as he looked at it. The older man had his arms behind his head with his black shades on his eyes and then he removed them.

"You coming for a swim Jethro?" Tony asked.

"Maybe later. I'm just gonna lay here for a while," Gibbs replied.

"Well in that case, I'll join you," Tony smiled.

Tony slid his shades on and then he bent down then lay down on the warm soft sand beside his boss who was also his lover. Gibbs turned to look at him and Tony captured the older man's lips with his own in a passionate kiss.

Gibbs grinned as he kissed his younger partner back and then he put an arm around him as he pulled him closer. Gibbs put his head back on his towel and then he sighed contently as Tony put his head on his chest.

"This is nice," Tony smiled.

"I agree," Gibbs added.

"I could stay like this forever,"

"Same here Tony," Gibbs smiled.

"You know it's our anniversary in a week," Tony told him.

"Really?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah it's gonna be 11 years since I met you," Tony grinned.

Gibbs smiled at his agent and then he kissed the top of his head as he knew that he wanted to be no where else at that moment. Tony hugged his boss then he smiled at him as he looked up and kissed him gently.

"I'll be back in a few," Tony said.

"Okay, I'll be right here when you get back," Gibbs smirked.

Tony got up to his feet and looked at his boss once more before he walked down the busy beach towards the blue calm water that glistened under the sun. He watched the waves shimmer as they rolled gently on to the shore, sending bubbling sheets of sparkling water dancing over his feet as he reached the water.

He ran in to the water just like the children were and then he started swimming around in the cool liquid. The coldness of the water was just perfect as the weather was scorching hot and he needed to cool off.

Tony was swimming around happily and then as he took a breath he swam under the water. He swam under smiling slightly as he enjoyed the feel of the water on his skin and as he needed air again he swam back up to the surface.

As soon as he broke the surface he took a breath and smiled as he wiped his eyes with his hands. Then before he could do anything a huge wave was coming towards him and just as he noticed it, it went over his head, sending him under the water.

His breath was instantly knocked out of him and his eyes were wide as he looked around and tried to get to the surface, but he couldn't tell up from down, from left to right. He was panicking slightly as his heart pounded against his chest at an abnormally high speed.

He could feel himself needing air and he looked around at his surroundings wondering where the surface was. At that moment he began kicking his legs forcing himself upwards and just as he broke the surface, he took a breath only to breathe in water as another wave crashed over his head sending him back under.

Tony felt the panic inside him increasing as he tried to cough up the water only to breathe in more of the liquid in a final choking rush. The cold liquid went in to his lungs and he felt his throat burning as the liquid filled his scarred lungs. He always thought drowning would be peaceful but it wasn't it was painful and then the blackness was coming for him.

A ringing noise took over his hearing as he saw little grey dots dancing in front of his eyes. His vision was narrowing like a long tunnel, as the sides of his vision went grey and he was trying not to succumb to the blackness that was trying to take over him. Then as he felt the world cease to exist he lost consciousness and then a strong arm wrapped around his waist.

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