Ruby Claims The Sapphire

By Celestialfae

Summary: Naruto is an average peasant who sells fabrics for a living. One day his life gets turned upside down when Prince Sasuke demands his hands in marriage but Naruto wants nothing to do with him. A mysterious secret sure doesn't help. Renaissance fic. for Amber Dawn-chan. Adopted with kind permission from hopesterocks.


Naruto Uzumaki: Dashing young peasant who sells fabrics for living and unwilling bride of Prince Sasuke. He is also haunted by a past he would rather not relive.

Sasuke Uchiha: Arrogant prince of Konoha and head of the Uchiha Castle since his brother's defection. Smitten with peasant Naruto for reasons only he knows. Although he can be manipulative at times, he shows a tender side only to a few select people.

Kakashi Hatake: Head guard of Uchiha castle. Slightly perverted but has a mean right/left hook when provoked. In relationship with Iruka. Does not like Mizuki.

Iruka Umino: second in command/ guard of the Uchiha castle. He was sold into servitude by family as a child but rose to the ranks of guard. In close relationship with Kakashi. He acts as a father figure to Naruto.

Sora: handsome monk who helps Naruto escape momentarily and is particularly good at martial arts. Carries a gold metal claw that he uses for combat.

Mizuki: One of the head guards. He holds Naruto in contempt due to his peasant stature and holds a tiny flame for Iruka even though it is unrequited. Due to past deeds, he is not surprisingly trusted by many others.

Sakura Haruno: Princess of CherryBlossom Castle. Hates Sasuke because of trick he played on her as a kid. Former friend of Ino's but no longer due to a falling out with the other.

Ino Yamanaka: Duchess of Yamanaka Manor. Former friend of Sakura and now rival because of a disagreement between them.

Neji Hyuuga: Lord of Hyuuga Castle. Though he is the oldest he is second in line to his cousin Hinata. Rivals with Sasuke for Naruto's affection and land rights.

Hinata Hyuuga: Sweet tempered cousin of Neji. Is often treated coldly by her family for being so weak willed. However with help learns to overcome that. Is also fiance to Kiba Inuzaka.

Kiba Inuzuka: Duke of a small portion of Konoha and younger brother of Hana. Fiancé of Hinata. He is dealing with some anger issues due to his parents divorce and jealous over Hinata's friendship with Naruto.

Gaara Sabaku: Prince and youngest of the Three Sand Triplets. His family is fearful of him. Also carries affections for Naruto but is more forceful about it. He has a past almost as dark as Naruto's. quite possibly Bi.

Kankuro: Cocky older brother of Gaara and plays as his counselor. Slightly fearful of his brother. Hates children. Favorite hobbie is working on his puppets he uses in battles.

Temari: Oldest sister of Gaara. Strong-willed and sharp tongued she is not afraid of speaking her mind which makes her slightly unpopular with her peers for the fact she is not the "typical female".Often the one in charge of placating him. She is also known to carry a fan around. May hold small flame for Shikamaru.

Shikamaru Nara: Deer Farm owner. Meets Naruto by accident when he finds him hiding in the deer food storage shed. Though a good friend, he has a rather bad habit of saying "mendosuke".

Sai Kuro: Pale yet handsome cousin of Sasuke. Has habit of hiding behind fake smiles. He is easily manipulated by his uncle Danzo. More on Danzo later.

I will upload more info on the characters later on. But until expect more and have faith that it will be a good fiction. Now sit and back and enjoy the show .