Raina lay on her white couch, watching the world below from her lofty perch. She watched as human and elf fought against the Alliance of Fury, the ground continually being soaked in blood from both sides. She was tired of it. Tired of the screams, the hatred so sorrow and blood. After centuries of watching, of giving her blessing to heroes she just wanted it to end; to have peace once more.

"Watching them again, are we?" Etaine asked, strolling in languidly, her midnight black hair softly swaying in time with her hips as she walked.

"You do as well." Raina replied, glancing up and looking at her dark twin, Etaine's grey eyes the same as her own.

"War for this long gets boring." Etaine sighed, kneeling right by my ankles. "Would you like to end it?"

"To end it one side would have to win. Or for us both to be destroyed. And besides, the only ones who can decide are the being below, not us." I replied placidly, while wondering; what is her game?

"Then I propose a wager, if you will, to end it all." she finally revealed. She put her face by mine, looking straight into my eyes. "We each select a small group of warriors, mark them, and let Fate bring them together. And when they clash, the outcome of their struggle will be how it ends. Does that seem fair?"

"And what of interference?" I asked coolly, not flinching at her closeness, her face inches from mine. "It would not be fair now would it? No loopholes." I finished firmly.

"Fine. Do we have a deal?" I clasped her hand, our identical eyes never veering from one another.