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Secrets to the Grave

June 15 1980 - Unknown

Pansy Anne Parkinson

1. I was groomed by my mother to become the perfect Slytherin who was the lineage for greatness. This greatness would allow me to rule as royalty within Slytherin. Especially when I became the leader among my roommates.

2. My mother was beaming with pride when one of the most sought after males in Slytherin named Draco Malfoy asked me to accompany him to the Yule Ball. I even got send one of my family's priceless heirlooms to wear that evening (a stunning diamond necklace).

3. Entering into my fifth year with the perfect badge proudly on my robes and with Draco by my side as my boyfriend. Everything was perfect for a year before Draco broke up with me when he became a Death Eater during the summer between our fifth and sixth year.

4. I loved the power that I had held during my seventh year with having Death Eaters in charge of Hogwarts. Because the Death Eaters and the other Professors always favoured Slytherin students due to their beliefs of pure-blood rule.

5. During the Final Battle, I would have happily handed over Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived to the Dark Lord. The reason behind that reasoning is because I would protect myself over everyone else.

6. My father was went to Azkaban for being a Death Eater. To escape the shame in England my mother and I travelled to our family estate in Spain with our family fortune. We stayed in Spain for almost two years until I received a wedding invitation for Daphne Greengress who is one of my best friends and Theodore Nott.

7. When I return for Daphne's wedding, I quickly found out that the love of my life Draco Malfoy was engaged to Daphne's younger sister Astoria. At that moment I mourn the lost of Draco but found true happiness with Blaise Zabini a fellow Slytherin in my year.

~Secrets to the Grave~

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