The REAL Star of the Show

Eleven-year-old PRIMA!! dashed through the Routes of Johto, hoping she'd make it in time. She paused, remembering her Bicycle and getting on it, then paused again to get Buena's Password from the radio. She glanced at her Poké Gear, cursed as she saw the time, then called out her Pidgeotto, FLYA!!!!!!, to use Fly.
"Fly your fastest, Flya, we're almost out of time!"
"Pidgoooooo!!!" it cooed, taking off with the girl on its back.

Once in Goldenrod City, PRIMA!! biked her way up to the Radio Tower, ran up to the second floor, and slid in the seat next to Buena almost out of breath. "YesI'verememberedyourpassword!!!" she gasped, catching her breath. Buena raised an eyebrow. "Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile?"
"Correct, you've earned one point. Congradu-"
"Thanks! Bye!" and with that, PRIMA!! was racing out the door. Buena sighed. "That girl's really gotta learn to slow down."

More biking followed. PRIMA!! bolted to the North East Gate of the National Park. "HiI'dliketo-"
The Guard smirked. "I'm sorry, PRIMA!!, we've just started."
PRIMA!! let out her breath and collapsed in stupidity.