Chapter 10

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After having three dreams, Nina found the experience quite routine. This dream was set in her room, except without the Tyler Lautner poster or Ambers exquisitely large wardrobe. Funnily enough though, Ambers bed was still there. In Nina's bed was Sarah, it was pretty obvious that she was sleeping. Suddenly a rock or pebble hit her window, Sarah shook but didn't wake. It seemed like something right out of a cheesy romance movie, hopefully the bachelor wasn't Victor (Nina shuddered at this). After a potato sized rock hit the window, cracking it, Sarah woke (she looked about 15). Sarah rose and opened the window, waiting to see who was down below.

"Lizzy?" Sarah yelled, not even bothering to look in case someone was there.

"No shite. Who else would I be, Victor?" Nina heard a voice below say, Sarah blushed due to embarrassment, hopefully. Sarah then grabbed a rope from under her bed and tied it to her bed pole. Then she threw the rest of the rope out the window. Sarah waited a while then called back to Lizzy.


"Just don't drop me!" Lizzy replied. Sarah then started to pull the rope, Nina imagined Lizzy scaling the walls at the same time. Sarah's repeated efforts soon seemed to be taking an effect in her. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she gathered the energy for each pull. Sarah eventually started to take short-lived brakes.

"I can't be that heavy… can I?" Lizzy called.

"I dunno, Lizzy, maybe you put on some weight in all the fabulous hotels you're staying in."

"Tell that to the park bench I slept under last night, I'm sure it'll be thrilled with the complement." Lizzy called back, Nina could picture her now, filing her nails while Sarah pulled her up.

"That is an absolutely smashing idea, I'll try that sometime." Sarah replied through gritted teeth, Nina found this extremely amusing.

"Touchy much? Almost there!" Lizzy said as a hand grabbed onto the ledge of the window, a little red with blisters.

Eventually Sarah pulled Lizzy through window, grabbing her wrists. Nina was surprised yet again how different Lizzy looked, her short hair had grown a little, but also had been given curls. Half her bangs were tucked behind her ear, just waiting to fall onto the blue bandanna that was around her forehead. Lizzy hugged Sarah, and then untied the rope from the bed-pole.

"Nice to see you chosen-one." Lizzy said, leaning against Sarah's bedpost.

"If you took the stairs like a normal person, maybe I'd be able to return the compliment." Sarah replied, looking at Lizzy's battered and beaten clothes. "You weren't lying about the park bench were you?"

"No shite." Lizzy was gasping for breath; it didn't take a genius to realize that something was wrong. Sarah helped Lizzy to what would soon be Amber's bed.

"What's wrong?"

"They're after me, looking for you and Rufus…" Lizzy muttered half-heartedly. Sarah had untied the bandanna to find a nasty cut that almost touched her eyebrow.

"Who are they? Please Lizzy! You were fine a second ago!" Sarah shook Lizzy, Nina sighed, knowing that adrenaline had been keeping Lizzy going, but now, she was out.

"The letter in my shirt pocket explains everything, take it." Lizzy whispered, her eyes were still open but barely staying that way. Sarah laid Lizzy out on her side, so she could talk to her as long as possible. Sarah secured the letter and grabbed a butter knife from the dresser right beside her bed. She moved over to a wall and started working at one of the bricks. Slowly it came loose; Sarah pulled it out and placed the letter inside, then replaced the brick. Sarah returned her attention back to Lizzy who seemed like she would pass out soon.

"Turn me so I'm on my back will ye?" Lizzy said, but her voice seemed to be losing its confidence.

"You're demanding for a patient whose life is in my hands."

"You sure about that? Love the sarcasm by the way; it's a nice touch to the Chosen-one package."

"I'm just going to ignore that… How do you sleep on your back? I can't"

"Ha… I just like to look at the floorboards Sarah." Lizzy joked.

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