Yay! My first fanfiction! I hope you all enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I don't own Ingo.

"His body understands we can do nothing for it.", says Seiliko. "His spirit is free to ride the waves."

One moment, I was soaring; swimming through Ingo at top speed, feeling the exhilaration pouring through me. The next moment, I was trapped in a human net, and my lifeblood was streaming out of my body. I struggled to free myself, but to no avail. The net cut into my body and held me in a choking, painful embrace. I now sang the song of a dying dolphin, whose life was being cut off second by second. I heard the answering wails of my brothers and sisters, who could not relieve my plight. Still struggling, I felt lights blinking out behind my brain. Soon there would be no pain, soon I would be free. As the sea- still, the sea; my home- flowed around me, I died, caught in a human trap. An instant later, my spirit burst from me, forever liberated, and my shadowy form was left behind.

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