Integra was furious. She was ignoring everyone; Walter, Seras, and even Alucard.

She had just come from a very frustrating conference with the Round Table.

Perhaps you should find a man to run your organization for a while, they 'suggested', you have been running it for a fairly long time. Obviously, they weren't feminists. Just give it some thought. Integra comprehended that it required no thought at all. She would not abdicate her organization to anyone.

Integra sat slumped in the chair in her office, apperceiving that she was forlorn for the evening.

Integra had no idea what she had done wrong according to the Round Table, but apparently they decided to deviate.

She looked around her large office and expected to see a red-clad figure standing in the corner or coming through the ceiling, but there was nobody.

Integra took out a red box labelled 'Hendi Winzermans Fine Cigars,' removed a small brown cigar from the box and lit it. There was nothing more calming than this. Absolutely nothing.

The Hellsing Organization was quiet. There were no fictitious vampires, no Catholic regenerators, nothing. Just an irritable leader of Hellsing and two bored vampires. There was no activity that anyone was aware of, and in a sense that was good news.

But there was always someone who ruined the silence. Nobody could anticipate the happenings of this evening. It was as if the Round Table had started a chain reaction of distress and grief.

Alucard was walking down the corridor near Integra's office while palavering with Walter.

There was a short silence between them after everything was said, but the silence was quickly annihilated by a vociferous crash emitting from Integra's office. The pair scrambled into the office.

Broken glass from the many windows in Integra's office littered the floor, and instead of the panes of glass there was a dark, black smoke quickly fading away into the darkness of the night.

But the windows weren't the only things missing in the large room. Integra was no longer there.

Walter meandered towards one of the many broken windows and descried a partially used cigar on the ground.

Seras was now standing in the doorway, mouth open and eyes wide.

"W-what happened?" she asked in her high voice. Nobody answered her, and that was expected. There was now silence, but this one other-worldly.

Who or whatever did this left no calling cards, no signs other than the smoke that had now completely vanished.

All eyes were on Alucard. He had known Integra longest (other than Walter) and nobody discerned his reaction.

Alucard tacitly turned and walked away in eerie calm fasion. After he assumed that he was out of ear shot, Alucard let out a rampant scream that was followed by a metallic banging noise as he threw some random object as hard as he could at the wall.

A cleaning crew filed into Integra's office and started sweeping up the glass all over the floor to avert injury.

People were starting to realize the depth of the situation; Sir Integra Hellsing was just kidnapped. Her kidnapper left no traces; she could be anywhere by now from the speed at which she was taken. Nobody knew what Integra's kidnapper wanted; it could have been anything from ransom to pleasure.

"The nerve of some peopleā€¦" Walter whispered to himself, but Seras nodded in agreement.

It began to dawn on Walter that Integra Hellsing had just been kidnapped. That was a line crossed. But there were no traces left behind, and so the Hellsing Organization was left in the dark. Walter feared for Integra, and hoped that she could be found straight away.