"Wake up!" The shriek seemed to pierce Integra's skull, and she squeezed her eyes shut tighter.

"WAKE UP!" The howl was louder now. Integra's eyes flickered open and quickly squeezed shut again as she saw Sam standing over her.

Sam grabbed Integra by the ratty collar of her shirt, pulled her up from the floor, and shook her violently. "Bitch wake up!"

Integra's eyes flew open, her glasses slipping off her nose and onto the ground. Sam picked her glasses up with one hand and smashed them on her face, creating a streak of dust on her features. She blinked frantically, trying to get the dirt out of her eyes. Sam pushed Integra down again and she let out a small, surprised grunt as she landed on the ground.

"Are you awake now?" he asked, his voice higher than usual. Integra nodded her head slowly, her eyes wide. Any illusion of sleepiness she had vanished.

"What? It's not like you haven't seen me before! Stop staring!" Sam brought a hand down and struck Integra, leaving a red mark on her face.

Sam was something to be staring at, though. He wasn't acting unlike his usual cocky, arrogant self. Even in the way he was standing over Integra, he seemed different. Sam looked so uptight and worried; his face was blotchy and red as though he had just been crying.

"There's nothing wrong with me!" he screeched, seeing her eyes surveying him. Sam flicked out his blade and lashed out at Integra. Integra scooted backwards out of habit, and hardly cried out as Sam's blade tore through her skin again.

Integra looked at her arm with disinterest. Her skin was tender, and it still hurt like hell, but she had gotten used to the moment of hot pain flaring in the same place on her arm, in the same jagged line. Her gaze shifted back to Sam, who was looking at her with wide, haunted eyes.

"Stop it!" Sam howled, pulling Integra up from the ground, his fingers digging into her open wound. In his eyes he showed hatred, fear and slight loneliness, although Integra felt no pity.

Integra didn't have the energy to react to Sam. She was tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. Her vision was oddly coloured and blurry, but that could have been due to the fact that her glasses were filthy.

Sam saw Integra's under reaction as an insult. Her servant had just killed the only person he cared about, other than himself, and no matter how much he wanted Stanley dead, he couldn't live without his brother.

Sam didn't want things to change now, when he needed everything to stay on track. Stanley's death was a large alter in Sam's seemingly flawless plan, and he was trying to get back on track. But with Integra mocking him with her cool gaze, insulting him with only a small cry of pain, that pushed Sam even more towards the edge where he was already just a small step away from plummeting down forever.

He glared at Integra, searching her tired eyes for more mockery, and in the depths of Sam's insanity he found the ridicule deep in her eyes.

"You think I'm funny?" Sam shouted, a small amount of his saliva spraying onto her face. "You think this is a joke?"

Sam lowered his head to her gently bleeding arm, as he had always done. But Integra's eyes widened as she yelped in agony. Sam sunk his teeth into her wound, tearing it open at the edges. Warm blood was cascading off her arm and into Sam's open mouth where it fell down his face, dribbling off his chin and streaking down his cheeks like tracks of crimson tears, all the way down to his neck.

Integra stumbled backwards in surprise and pain, clutching her arm to her body.

"I'll kill you! There's nothing stopping me!" Sam spat. "There's no Stanley here anymore! Your servant took care of that!"

"You told me you wanted him dead!" Integra cried.

Sam took a step back, his mouth open as if to protest what Integra just said.

"I wanted to kill him!" Sam hissed.

"If that's all you're upset about, then you're more selfish than I thought. If your brother only mattered to you so you could brag about being his murderer, then you have no right to be agitated by his death," Integra stated matter-of-factly.

"Don't be so bold!" Sam screeched, irrationality taking over his mind as he threw his blade at her. Integra easily ducked out of the way, still holding her injured arm. She made no efforts to try and retrieve the blade for herself.

"And you know," Sam said, his voice sounding slightly out of breath from shouting, "we aren't so different. We've both wanted to kill our family. The only difference is that you got to kill your family!"

"Be quiet!" Integra yelled, trying to stop the bleeding in her arm. "Shut up! You don't know anything about my family!"

"I know more than you might think! You can't just expect me to get the urge one day to steal you from your organization! This was years and years of careful fucking planning! I know so much about you that I could write your life down in a detailed book without leaving anything out!"

Integra stared at him, taking in air in large gasps.

"But you know how else we're the same?" Sam asked, his voice lowering. "We both deserve to dieā€¦" And with that, Sam left Integra to bleed on the floor. And as Integra watched Sam leave, a small but terrifying thought crossed her mind.

Oh God, he's right.

Alucard sat in his chair, his emotions brewing inside of him, his thoughts feeding that disturbed mixture of feelings that was concocted in his mind.

He sat, staring at the wall which he had permanently damaged with his bullets, with empty wine bottles, and even his fists.

Alucard grasped a new bottle of wine, pondering whether or not to open it. He'd been deciding against it for hours, but the alcohol allowed his emotions to run more freely, and perhaps it would let the toxic mixture of his feelings out.

Nobody dared approach Alucard, not even Walter. Alucard hadn't seen Seras in weeks, and that was alright. Her voice would probably annoy him.

Alucard had stopped pitying himself over losing his master. He forced himself to realize that moping would get him nowhere. Alucard was still worried horribly about his master, but he decided that he needed to start taking more action because nobody else would do so.

And that pissed him off.

At first everyone was trying to find Integra, but now it seemed like everyone had given up on her. Even Walter.

Alucard was having frequent arguments with Walter, some of which had ended quite gruesomely. Alucard squeezed his eyes shut.

I'm doing my best, Alucard!

Alucard knew he shouldn't lash out at the butler, especially since Alucard wasn't doing much himself, but Alucard felt like nobody would listen to him otherwise. Whoever said persuasion was better than force was a fool.

You aren't doing shit, Walter!

And Alucard sat below the world in his large throne-like chair, clenching his fists together, his eyes shut just as tightly. His stomach felt tight with cramps, probably from drinking wine instead of blood.

Alucard got up slowly, stretching once he was standing on two feet. Alucard walked out of his room with a slight uneasiness about his own step.

Once he was out of his room he felt slightly better- the air down where he had been for the past few days had a strange stench to it- and Alucard drew in a deep breath to clear his thoughts.

Alucard calmly walked through the halls, trying to think of where that bastard would take his master.

Alucard hardly took any notice of Walter, who was heading in the opposite direction. He nearly let Walter go by without a passing glance, but wanted to get a few words in with the old man.


Walter shrunk back as Alucard spoke his name slowly. "Yes Alucard?"

Alucard turned to face Walter, his eyes fiery with rage. It pissed him off to see Walter walking down these halls so casually as if he had not a single care in the world. He should have been on the phone or meeting with someone that could help find Integra. And the fact that he wasn't really pissed Alucard off.

"Shouldn't you be doing something?" Alucard asked, growling quietly.

Walter narrowed his eyes as he stared at Alucard in annoyance.

"I've been doing quite a bit, Alucard," Walter said with a hint of irritation.

"Really? I haven't noticed," Alucard replied, trying not to lose his temper just yet.

"What do you want me to do? I've already told you that I'm doing the best I can! I might ask you what you're doing for Sir Integra, other than sitting and drinking wine all day and night!" Walter shouted. He was just as tired of Alucard's insufficiency as Alucard was with him.

"I've been thinking!" Alucard roared, although he knew his argument was weak.

A few minutes of pointless bickering passed between the two of them, Walter's face growing red with rage, Alucard's hands clenched tightly into fists again.

"Damn it, Walter," Alucard breathed, running his fingers through his hair. "This is so pointless."

Walter nodded in agreement. "Go do your job, Alucard," Walter said, although his voice was quiet. "Neither of us are helping Sir Integra by arguing. I've had enough. Go do your job."

Alucard threw Walter an angry glance, ready to break out in another argument if needed. But instead Alucard nodded and walked away from Walter.