AN: So, I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was a baby. Obi-Wan has been my freakin' husband since I was like, 4 so, I decided to write an Obi-Wan/OC. There's no Siri-Wan bullshit here, so If you like Siri... gtfo.

But anyways, this chapter will be short, and in third person POV. Its getting the background how of my OC, Kittani (pronounced Kitt-annie, not Kuh-tawne) came to be a Jedi apprentice. So, I hope you enjoy, and please, wether you be a Sith or Jedi, please remember to leave a review!

19 years ago...

The Grand Master of the Jedi Order wiped the sweat off his brow as he took in his surroundings of Geonosians' remains scattered about the floor. He let out a satisfied grunt, as he turned to leave. Before he could even step two feet away from the remains, a sound rang through his ears. Anyone's least favorite sound, a sound that would upset the most heartless person's very soul.

The sound of an infant crying.

Yoda's ears twitched. He wondered why in the world there would be an infant on a planet filled with vermin like the Geonosians. They had probably killed its parents and were planning on devouring it. This was no place for a newborn.

Yoda was determined to find it.

In a small room only a few feet away was where, it, or she, for that matter, lay in a crib. Yoda climbed up onto the bars, and reached in to grab the beautiful baby girl.

"No place for you, this is." He said to her. "In my ship, I will take you, safe place, it is."

Immeadiatly as he spoke to her, her crying ceased, and she looked up at him. He witnessed with his own eyes as her once black eyes turned to a pale purple.

"A special girl, you are. The force, I sense in you." Yoda nodded to himself and closed his eyes, feeling the force radiating off of her.

He looked back down at her, and she began to smile a toothless smile at him. Yoda fell in love with the girl.

"No name, have you. Accebtable, this is not. Name you, I will, and...Kittani, I will call you."

And so Yoda brought this newborn girl, Kittani, back to where his ship was. His apprentice was shocked as he saw his small, green master hold onto her.

"Master Yoda, what is this?" Dooku asked.

"Found her in one of the rooms in Geonosis, I did. Kittani, I have named her. The force I sense in her." Yoda sat in his chair, with Kittani still resting in his arms.

"Do you plan on making her an apprentice when she grows?" The apprentice asked again.

"Mmm... When back to the Temple, we get, present her to the council, we shall. In the nursery she will stay, until grown she has. If I will be her master, I have not yet decided. More years until trained, can she be. Perhaps you will be my apprentice no longer, by then, hmm? A Knight yourself, you may be."

"That would certainly be good, my Master. You have trained me well." Dooku said, as he prepared to start up the ship.

"Good, you have done, Dooku. Proud, you have made me."

Years passed. Dooku had fallen to the dark side of the force, and Yoda had taken Kittani as his apprentice. She was well accepted. Very powerful in the ways of the force, as well. She was almost believed by most of the council to be the chosen one, but Yoda dismissed this.

"Kittani, special she is, very special," Yoda had told them. "Brought her to me, fate did. Destined to be a Jedi under my training, she was, and powerful and wise she will be. But the chosen one, she is not. Bring balance to the force, she will not. Bring balance to me, however, she will."

That's what Kittani's purpose in life was. To bring balance into her Master's life. Yoda grew weary after Dooku, whom he had cared for so much, turned to the sith order. Kittani lifted up Yoda's spirits. Yoda viewed Kittani as his daughter, and Kittani viewed him her father. A special bond was shared between the master and the apprentice, a bond which none could break. As Yoda spoke, fate brought her to him for a reason. But, Yoda had been blind as she grew. Blinded by his love for the Raven haired Jedi Apprentice, he did not forsee her growing love for another certain apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. It wasn't something that was obvious, Kittani did well at hiding it, but Yoda could always see her heart. He knew it by heart, as he knew the code. It was the only thing he knew better than the code.

As some say now, Yoda more than likely had forseen it, knew the growing affection and lust between the two. He, however, did not want to believe it. He did not want to stop it. He did not want to know it, and so he let it happen.

And it grew.