Welcome, welcome. Another chapter. One thing I'd like to mention before you begin reading, I did not have Obi-Wan call Boss Nass, Boss Nass. He is reffered to by Boss, The Head Boss, etc. This is because Boss Nass does not introduce himself, and so Obi does not know his name. Same with any of the other characters you know by name that Obi doesn't. Just wanted to let you know so I don't get yelled at. Thank you, and enjoy Chapter 3 :)

Chapter 3: In Which Kittani is NOT fond of fish

Obi-Wan's POV:

The strange sounds of the animals on Naboo were making Kittani nervous. I could sense it. My senses were well attuned with Kittani's. We'd been friends for so long, I could always read through her. Her behavior was most unusual on this planet. Her eyes looked alert and darted about. It wasn't because of the droids, of course. They did not phase my dear Kittani one bit. This was a foriegn planet to her, however, so she was unsure what animals could be a danger to us.

I couldn't help but smirk just a little as her face fell when she realized to get to this Gungan City, we would have to swim underwater. If it was one thing I knew Kittani hated, it was definitely water.

"Fish! Obi! Its fish! I HATE fish! Look at them all! I'm NOT getting in that water," I can still remember her 15 year old self turn green. Kittani hated fish with every fiber of her being. She gave me a sideways look. She could sense that I was internally making fun of her.

I laughed, and my Master looked amused as well. All three of us took out the breathing masks we carried for just such occasions, Kit hesitating slightly, and we waded out after Jar-Jar. I smiled when I saw Kit cringe before we submerged ourselves in the water.

As we made our way through the murky depths, a city became more distinct. It was made out of large, glowing bubbles. I looked to Kit, who seemed quite impressed. Jar-Jar led us to an entryway, where we simply pushed through the bubble, and it wiggled back into form as we left the water. I looked over to Kittani, her violet eyes wide in amazement. That was one thing I could never get over loving about her. She was completely incapable of hiding her emotions.

The civilians were shocked to see us, and what I presumed to be a guard rode a two-legged creature to us, and pointed a lethal looking pole at Jar-Jar.

"Heyo-dalee, Cap'n Tarpals, Mesa back!" Jar-Jar said happily, but nervously.

"Noah gain, Jar-Jar. Yousa goen to da bosses. Yousa in big du-du dis time." Captain Tarpals said sharply.

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted him." I whispered quietly to Kittani.

She looked up at me, and just smiled.

"You don't think Qui-Gon will be able to get us out? Have a little faith Obi." She whispered back.

I smiled a little, feeling nothing but happiness pulsate from Kit. As the guard led us to the bosses, I found myself thinking of things that I never should have thought. Thinking that if I wasn't a Jedi, if Kittani wasn't either, we could be together. I knew, of course, I couldn't have been the only jedi to fall in love. I simply had to keep my thoughts straight, and continue to be friends with her. It was getting harder and harder, it seemed though. Being sent almost everywhere with her, talking with her, and confiding in her.

Qui-Gon knew of this all though. I was unsure if Master Yoda did or not, but with as tied together with Kittani as he was, it was a distinct possibility. Qui-Gon had talked to me numerous times about it. He understood, for it had happened to him before. He even had a child with the woman that he'd fallen in love with, so he did understand. But, he didn't want me to make that same mistake, especially since the one he loved was not a Jedi, and Kittani was.

But again, looking at her, and feeling her emotions, and being connected with her on such an intimate level made it very hard for me.

We entered the Bosses room, finally! As I'm sure Kittani would have put it had she been able to complain. A large, bulbous Gungan who appeared to be the head of the bosses spoke first.

"Yousa cannot bees hair. Dis army of mackineeks up dare tis new weesong!" He said in a deep, throaty voice that echoed through the room.

"That droid army is about to attack the Naboo. We must warn them." Qui-Gon replied.

"Wesa no like da Naboo!" He made an odd noise with his lips. "Un dey no like uss-ens. Da Naboo tink day so smarty den us-ens. Day tink day brains so big."

"Once those droids take control of the surface, they will come and take control of you." Kittani spoke up.

The head Gungan smiled. "No, mesa no tink so, tiny one. Mesa scant talkie witda Naboo, and no nutten talkie it outlaunders. Dos mackineeks no comen here! Dey not know of uss-en."

I smiled to myself as well. Not even these Gungans were a match for Kittani's innocent, childlike manner.

"You and the Naboo form a symbiont circle. What happens to one of you will affect the other. Surely you must know this." Kittani urged.

"Wesa wish no nutten in yousa tings, child, and wesa no carrrrrre-nn about da Naboo." He replied, refusing to be broken, not even by Kittani.

"Then speed us on our way." Qui-Gon waved his hand.

Kittani was right, I should have had more faith in my master. She distracted me so much, that I'd forgotten how talented he was with mind-tricks.

"Wesa gonna speed yousaway." Head Gungan replied.

"We will need a transport." Qui-Gon waved his hand once again.

"Wesa give yousa una bongo. Da speedest way tooda Naboo tis goen through da planet core." He said with an evil smile on his face. "Now go." He ordered.

Kittani felt nervous again, and I felt uneasy as well.

"Thank you for your help. We go in peace." Qui-Gon said.

As we turned to leave, I looked to Qui-Gon. "Master, what's a bongo?"

"A transport, I hope." He replied.

As we passed to head up the stairs, we noticed Jar-Jar in chains to one side, waiting to hear his verdict. Qui-Gon stopped as he saw the forelorn look the gungan was giving us.

"Daza setten yousa up. Goen through da planet core is bad bombin!" Jar-Jar told us.

"Thank you, my friend." Qui-Gon replied.

"Ahhh..." Jar-Jar's face twisted. "Any hep hair would be hot."

He grinned sheepishly.

"We are short of time, Master." I said, feeling bad, of course.

"We'll need a navigator to get us through the planet's core. Jar-Jar could help." Kittani suggested hopefully, obviously worried for her new friend.

Qui-Gon agreed, and walked back the the Boss.

"What is to become of Jar Jar Binks here?" He asked.

"Binkss brokeen the nocombackie law. Hisen to be pune-ished." The head gungan grinned the same evil grin.

"He has been a great help to us. I hope the punishment will not be too severe." Qui-Gon said hopefully.

"Pounded unto death." Boss said with his head tilted high.

Kittani squealed a little and covered her mouth. Jar-Jar grimmaced.

"We need a navigator to get us through the planet's core. I have saved Jar Jar Binks' life. He owes me what you call a "life debt." Qui-Gon thought quickly.

The Boss was shocked Qui-Gon knew of this.

"Binkssssssss?" Boss hissed. "Yousa havena liveplay with thisen hisen?"

Jar-Jar nodded with a smile.

"Your gods demand that his life belongs to me now." Qui-Gon added.

Boss made a gargling sound as he shook his head, and his cheeks flapped as well. "Begone wit him!"

"Count mesa outta dis one! Better dead here, den deader in da core...Yee gads, whata mesa sayin?" Jar-Jar scolded himself as he followed us out of the city.

Much to my relief, the Bongo was a transport. Foriegn to me, but I was sure I'd be able to work it.

Jar-Jar sat in the co-pilot's seat, and Qui-Gon and Kittani sat behind us.

"Dis is nutsen!" Jar-Jar told me as the Bongo swam easily through the water. "Ooh, gooberfish!"

"Why were you banished Jar-Jar?" I asked with a smile on my face, thinking it must have been because he was so annoying.

"Oh, it be a long-o tale-o, buta small part o' it would be, mesa, uh... clumsy?" He said.

"You were banished because you are clumsy?" I asked.

I saw Kittani's reflection in the window, grimicing at all the fish, completely ignoring Jar-Jar's tale of how he smashed something important of the bosses, and then was banished. An unknown force jerked the Bongo back, snapping Kittani into reality. Jar-Jar looked back and yelped.

"Yu-oh! Big Gooberfish! Huge-O teeth!" He yelled.

We were now trapped between said-teeth, and Kittani was trying her best not to freak out.

"This is exactly why I hate the water, Obi." She told me.

Before I could even smile at her, a strange moaning sound echoed through the water, and the large fish that had us between it's teeth released its grip. Kittani lost it as she saw a large, eel like creature, ten times the size of the other fish ripped it apart with strong arms.

"There's always a bigger fish." Qui-Gon sighed, barely audible over Kittani's sharp breaths.

"That fish- has- has- arms!" She said, hyperventilating.

Kittani was an amazing Jedi, and was good at staying calm in sticky situations, but when it came to fish...

"Mesa tink we be goen back now." Jar-Jar said.

I rolled my eyes at the mass hysteria and drove the Bongo away from the large fish calmly, and into a cave that would lead us through the core.

Qui-Gon calmed Kittani down, and she relaxed. She felt it best if she just kept her eyes closed.

"Where wesa goen?" Jar-Jar asked as we made our way through the cave.

"Don't worry, the force will guide us." Qui-Gon said.

Jar-Jar scoffed. "Oh, maxibig da force. Well, dat smells stinkawif."

A soft siren sounded and a red light began to blink. "We're loosing power." I said.

"Oh no." Jar-Jar wailed.

I could sense Kittani tense her muscles, but kept her eyes shut.

Good girl. I thought.

I focused on fixing the Bongo and tuned out Jar-Jar's hysteria.

I snapped a wire and it connected. The lights went back on. "Powers back."

"Ah! Monsters back!" Jar-Jar screamed as another eel like creature appeared. It un-coiled, and I turned to leave the cave.

The eel followed us and Jar-Jar began to ramble incoherent things and move around a lot. Kittani's eyes shut tighter, and Qui-Gon pinched a nerve in Jar-Jar's neck that knocked him out.

"You over did it." I smiled.

As we reached the cave entrance the huge eel with arms re-appeared and I swerved just in time, and it's teeth crunched on the smaller eel.

Jar-Jar regained consciousness as Qui-Gon pointed to the place where we should head next.

We traveled through the core without any other obstacles, and we finally reached Naboo's water port, with several other transports like ours. I put the top back, and the sunlight peered through Kittani's still squeezed shut eyelids and she opened them, squinting from the change.

"Did you enjoy the ride?" I asked the shaken girl.

She just glared at me and jumped onto the dock. I smiled and shook my head and joined her. Qui-Gon and Jar-Jar followed as well, and we observed our surroundings. In the center of the view was a large palace surrounded by perfect greenery and statues with flags on them. From here we could even see the droids occupying it.

This could only be the queen's palace.

And we were too late. Nute Gunray had already aprehended the queen.

"No matter," Kittani mimicked my voice, for she could sense my doubt. "We should be able to get her out no problem. They are only battle droids."

I blinked in surprise. She was making fun of me. Normally I was the one who made jokes about her, like her height and childishness. But she actually made fun of me this time. And I was impressed.

"Kittani is right. This should be no problem. However, the real challenge is getting past the blockade." Qui-Gon told us.

As we made our way through the city, we spotted the Queen, her handmaidens and a few other of the queen's council being led away from the palace by some droids. Kittani was right, this would be a snap. We lept off the safety of our balcony and easily destroyed all of the flimsy droids.

"We should leave the streets, your highness." Qui-Gon said.

A man lead the queen and her maidens hastily away from the open.

"Get their weapons." A captain ordered his pilots. They picked up the guns from the droids scattered remains, and we followed the direction the queen left in,.

As soon as we were sure we were safe, Qui-Gon introduced us. "We're ambassadors for the supreme chancellor."

"Your negotiations seem to have failed." The old man said.

"The negotiations never took place." Qui-Gon stated. "Its urgent that we make contact with the republic."

"They've knocked out all of our communications." The Captain told my master.

"Do you have transports?"

"In the main hangar, this way." The Captain nodded and lead us in the right direction.

Kittani's behavior was unorthodox for her. Her breathing was uneasy and her forehead was clammy.

"Kittani, are you okay?" I asked her.

"I'm just nervous is all." She replied, her eyes darting about.

"Why are you so nervous? You know we aren't in any danger." I looked down at her.

"Its what we both sensed when we were waiting to negotiate with the viceroy. The elusive feeling... I feel it getting closer, and I don't know what it is. And I'm terrified of it." Kittani's voice was at a very low whisper now.

As we reached the hangar, Qui-Gon convinced the Queen to accompany us to Coruscant and plead her case to the senate.

Our party made its way out, and the Captain pointed to a group of imprisoned pilots.

"We'll need to free those pilots." He told us.

"We'll take care of that," I said.

Kittani knew I was talking about her and we both separated ourselves from the group. It didn't take long after that to completely incinerate the droids. I loved them, they were so easy to kill.

"Go!" I ordered Kittani and the pilots, and she led them to the ship. I boarded shortly after, and Qui-Gon did as well.

The ship quickly started up and sped off.

I grabbed Kittani and spun her around to face me.

"Are you alright?" I asked her feverishly.

"I'm fine, Obi." She said calmly.

Her calmness calmed me down, and I let myself relax, and I checked to see if everyone else was okay.

Jar-Jar was surprisingly calm, but I led him into the elevator and showed him to a room that was connected where the astro-droids were.

"Now, stay here. And keep out of trouble." I told him before the elevator doors closed.

It was amusing to me. Normally that was what I would say to Kittani, but she was really proving herself to Qui-Gon and myself. I entered the cockpit as we approached the blockade. Our sheild generator was hit, and the droids were deployed. One by one each of the little droids were blown off, but one managed to fix it, and we made it past. Unfortunately, we did not have enough power to make it back to Coruscant. I searched the computer for nearby planets that weren't under the control of the trade federation.

"There, master." I got Qui-Gon's attention.

I pointed to the screen which showed the only planet I could find. "Tattooine. It's small, out of the way. The trade federation have no control there."

"How can you be sure?" The captain asked us.

"Its controlled by the Hutts." Qui-Gon replied.

"You can't take her royal highness there!" He was appalled. "The Hutts are gangsters, if they were to discover her-"

"It would be no different than if we landed on a system controlled by the federation." Qui-Gon cut him off. "But the Hutts aren't looking for her, which gives us the advantage."

Well, we're getting into it, and to answer a question asked in the reviews, yes, Obi-Wan is very much in love with Kittani. I know the thing about Qui-Gon being in love too and having a kid is NOT real, but it's a fanfiction, and it's crucial to my story. So deal with it :)