The Potter Children

A/N: Sorry to my Heads' Collide and Love and Teaching Teens Don't Mix readers, the story about the children will occour on a later date, but I've had the idea for this since halfway through Love and Teaching Teens Don't Mix, so I need to do it. I hope you enjoy it anyway, even without Dramione!

Chapter 1 - Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter had turned 16 that July, making him a 6th year, and he had been given the Perfects badge. He was on Platform 9 3/4 with his parents, James and Lily, his twin sisters Jade and Violet, and younger brother, Howie. Jade and Violet were both 15, 5th years, a year younger than Harry, Howie was 13, so starting his third year. All 4 of the Potter children were in Gryffindor house, naturally, just like their parents. Harry was dating his best friend, Ron Weasley's little sister, Ginny. They'd been dating a year now and that was the longest Harry had ever dated anyone in his short life, and he intended to stick with Ginny for a long, long time. He was a kind boy, hardly ever fought with his siblings, knowing the difficulties between his mother and aunt, and his father's sad status as an only child. He made the most of life, but with all his understanding, he still hated Snape, much like his father had, but because Snape was distinctly horrible to anyone with the name, or associated with the last name, "Potter", probably mostly because of his father's meanness towards Snape at Hogwarts as a teen. He also had a dislike for Slytherins, mostly Draco Malfoy and his gang, though, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, and Draco's best friend, Blaise Zabini. His eyes fell on Hermione, his other best friend, standing with Ron and Ginny, with a grin he said bye to his parents and ran over to them, walking on to the train.

Jade and Violet Potter, however, were much different from their older brother, and not just with their blond hair and green eyes, unlike Harry's black hair and green eyes. While they kept peace with Harry, they constantly teamed up on poor Howie. They shared Harry's dislike for Snape though, it was pretty much a Potter thing. But, unlike Harry, they didn't hate all Slytherins, they had even secretly dated a few of them. Though the dislike of Malfoy and his friends, they did share with their brother. The girls had their mother brain's and looked exactly like her, except the blond hair that came from who knows where, no one in the family had the blondness, besides them. Due to this similarity with their mother, Snape was slightly nicer to them than to their brothers, but was still mean to them. The girls shared everything under the blue moon, from clothes to secrets. Each was the first to know of any crush the other girl had, and were partners every class, any chance they got to partner up. They were good friends with Ginny and Luna, being in their year, they had even introduced Luna and Neville, a friend of Harry's. They were the other's best friend, confident, and stylish. They were as close to Hermione as Harry was to her, all three sharing a love of books, learning, and above all the library. Everything the twins did, they did with each other. They were more inseparable than the Weasley twins, Fred and George. They stood on the platform and automatically searched to see what guys had gotten cute over the summer, and any new couples that may have gotten together over the summer, or broken up. Their eyes fell on Draco's group of friends and they blinked, thinking two particular guys in it were quite handsome now and eye catching to both their horror and curiosity. They said a goodbye to their parents and climbed on the train, finding their normal seats with Luna, seeing as Ginny left them to sit with Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

Howie Potter was more shy than his siblings, and not quite as bright as his sisters, or as good at Quidditch as his brother. He was, although, the favorite of his parents. He didn't hate Snape all that much, due to the Ravenclaw best friend he had, Snape's daughter Sabrina Snape. His family all disapproved of his friendship at first, but his mother had been Sabrina's father's best friend for many a year, and so had been the first to approve of it, all the others soon followed after. Howie had the green eyes all the Potter kids had gotten from their mother, and his hair was brown, also his own mother's, but the messy style was identical to his father's. He liked to sit in trees and stare out of at the lake with Sabrina in his free time, he felt relaxed in nature, something his Seeker brother and book-loving sisters had never understood. Sabrina, though, she understood. Both shared the boredom of being inside, the outdoors both called to them as they sat stuck in the old castle of Hogwarts dusty, dark classrooms. Also, while his sisters were pale, and his brother appearing pale under his messy black hair, Howie was tanned due to spend more time outside in inside. His comfortableness with the outdoors and it's animals led him to Hagrid's hut many a time, he couldn't wait for Magical Creatures class to start this year. He did share his brother's intense hatred of Slytherins, exspecially Malfoy's group. He caught Sabrina's eye and grinned, saying a rushed goodbye to his parents while running to meet her, a grin spreading on his face as he felt a rush of an unknown emotion surge through him at the sight of her, which was something different, he'd never felt it before when he saw her. He pushed it aside of seeing her after the long summer and they went to find seats together on the train.