Chapter 20 - Epilogue

It was many years latter, and Jade and Draco were bringing their 3 children to Platform 9 3/4 to meet Blaise and Violet's twins before sending them off to Hogwarts. It was going to be Jade and Draco's oldest's, a green eyed girl with platinum blonde hair named Cressida, 5th year and she had been chosen to be the female Ravenclaw Prefect. Their middle child, a mischievous boy who looked like a carbon copy of his father but had gotten his mother's personality named Thierry, was going to his 3rd year and had been sorted into Slytherin. Finally, their youngest a sweet, girl who looked exactly like her mother with green eyes and blonde hair that was slightly darker than her father's who was named Penelope. Her parents thought her sweet nature would get her sorted into Hufflepuff. Finally, they spotted Blaise and Violet with their identical 14 year old boys with their father's dark hair and their mother's green eyes, Danny was a Gryffindor, while his twin, Richard, was in Ravenclaw. The cousins ran to greet each other, while Violet went to hug her twin, before Violet hugged Draco and Jadde hugged Blaise.

Jade sighe before giving a small smile, "All of the kids are going to be at School this year, the house will be so empty."

Blaise grinned, "But you two will finally get the alone time you've craved for so long."

Draco grinned back at his friend, "This is very true, Blaise. Very, very true."

Violet rolled her eyes, "We can talk later, why don't we send our kids off first?"

The three smiled sheepishly at Violet before turning towards the train, which looked as if it was about to pull away and waved goodbye to their children, who they would not see till Christmas.

The children would be missed, and the four knew with the five of their children would probably a havoc at Hogwarts like it had never known before.

Howie and Sabrina had been married for several years now, and were taking their only daughter, with her mother's blue eyes and her father's brown hair to Platform 9/4 for her 1st year at Hogwarts and was looking very nervous.

Sabrina squatted to get to the 11 year old's eye level, "Now Lola", Sabrina began, "If you have any problems you can owl us or go talk to Uncle Neville, ok? He would be glad to help you."

Lola nodded, but still looked nervous, "What about the sorting, Mum?"

Sabrina's heart melted for her little girl and smiled at her, "Lola, any house would be lucky to have a girl as sweet as you in it, and don't believe any of the cruel things about all the houses, Gryffindors are brave, but not foolhardy generally, Hufflepuffs aren't useless, or overly mushy, Slytheirns all aren't evil, and Ravenclaws aren't all arrogant."

Lola nodded her understanding and Howie smiled at his little girl, "Come on now, little one, time to get on the train. Don't forget to owl us with your Gaia. We love you!"

Lola nodded her pigtailed head and ran off to the train to find her best friend, Luna and Neville's youngest, their son Hoku, who was starting his 1st year like Lola.

The two smiled and waved as the train began to move and disappear out of sight, happy that fate had placed them together as soulmates and blessed them with their little girl.

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