SonAmy: Sonic vs Amy

Sonic and Amy were in a gym room practicing their fight with each other. Amy was wearing her Sonic Riders outfit. Amy was punching and kicking Sonic but he dodged them with speed. Sonic chuckles.

"Come on Ames! Come to Sonikku!" Sonic smirks as he motions his finger to come here. Amy grinned as she sweep kicks Sonic, making him fall on his back. Amy got on top of him and pinned his arms down.

"Give up Sonikku?" Amy said seductively, this made Sonic blush. But he grinned seductively as he flips her over and was now on top of her, he pinned her arms down.

"Hmm….I don't think so, babe" Sonic teases her. This made Amy blush, she then had an idea. She kissed him; this made Sonic loosen his hands that were on Amy's wrists. Amy pushed him out of the way and did a backhand spring.

"Not cool girl!" Sonic blushed hard that he tasted her lipgloss on his lips. This lipgloss tasted like cherries. Amy giggles at his reaction.

"Oh come on. You know you liked it" Amy said with a sexy voice.

"Hmph! Come to daddy, baby!" Sonic flirted.

Amy motions her finger to come here. Sonic speeds up to her but Amy held out her hand and Sonic hits himself from Amy's stopping hand.


"Who's your daddy now?" Amy said seductively as she kissed him on the cheek. This made Sonic jump up.

"Nuh-uh! That's so cheating!" Sonic complained.

"Haha! I guess I win! You lose! You don't know how to kiss!" Amy sticks out her tongue. Sonic smirks seductively and had an idea.

"Oh, really? Do you like this?" Sonic speeds up behind her and kisses her neck which tickled Amy; she jumped up and squealed loudly.


Sonic chuckles, as he saw her blush hard. This made Amy grumpy but not very mad.

"You know you liked it" Sonic flirted.

"Not funny! You just kissed my neck!" Amy complained.

"You seem to love it" Sonic winked.

Amy runs up to him and tries to punch him but he caught her arm and pulled her close as her back touched his chest.

"Mmmhmm….too slow, my rose" Sonic whispered in her ear. Amy blushed again.

"Hmm…too slow to move" Amy pushed him to the wall and pinned his arms on the wall. Sonic struggles to get free but Amy was too strong.

"Give up?"

"Nope, but I love kissing you again, Amy Rose" Sonic said seductively.

Amy rolled her eyes but then smirks at him.

"Really? Come here flirty boy" Amy hooked his chin and pulls him close to kiss. Sonic kissed back and wraps his arms around her waist. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed roughly. Minutes later, they broke the kiss.

"You know….I love fighting with you. You're too cute when you fight with me" Amy said flirty.

"Uh-huh, and I love how sexy you are when you're mad at losing, my sweet rose" Sonic said seductively as he leans in and kissed Amy again. Amy kissed back too.

The End