Hi all, not new to fanfic just never wrote A H&A story- have read a lot of them though- but Rookie Blue is my baby. I'm obsessed with Home and Away and I was very disappointed about the way they ended Chax, I was devastated she died after all of the build-up they killed her? And brushed it under the carpet too quick for my liking. So I decided to do a fic about them- just something you should know I love to write and noticed some chapters in some stories were short- all my chapter range from 5000 to 7/8000 I can't help myself once I start that's it- less babbling and on with the story- R&R if you have the time, enjoy : )

Charlie Buckton wakes up miserable and alone missing Brax more and more- but it's for the best, she can't be with him-even if she does love him with all her heart- her heart that is breaking more and more.

She sighs and climbs out of her bed deciding to go for a run. 'Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him' her mind chants as she pulls on her running clothes.

Standing by the sink with a glass of water she is lost in thought when Leah comes in for her coffee "morning Charlie, going for a run?" She says noting her running clothes.

"Yeah, I need to get out and stop thinking."

"About Brax?" Leah asked with sympathy she knows her friend loves Brax and it kills her that she is so down. "Charlie I've said this before if you love him and he loves you that is all that matters, you should go talk to him he's as bad as you are I saw him moping around yesterday he misses you."

"It's not that simple Leah I am a police officer a sergeant at that I can't associate with a gang leader, but I do miss him- a lot." Charlie sighed "I don't know what to do I miss him so much."

"Don't worry about what other people think, you belong together I can see it and he's told you he's no longer with the river boys- he left them for you, does that not tell you anything?"

Charlie shook her head "he says he has but what if something tempts him back? Like his idiot brother gets himself into another mess? I can't do it Leah and it hurts so bad, I love him and I want to be with him but how can I if all I do is wonder if he's out doing something he shouldn't?"

"That's the thing you don't know you just need to trust him and have faith in him he, loves you too Charlie you need to give him a chance."

Ruby had being listening from the doorway she knew her mother loved him and it was hard for her, she didn't agree when she found out about them but underneath his rough exterior he was a really sweet guy- well to Charlie anyway. Ruby had read some of the messages he'd sent her and seen the things he'd buy her for no reason. Sighing she decided to help her mom out. "Charlie Buckton! You get your butt over to see him and tell him you love him and do not give a damn about what people say it is none of their business." She yelled walking in.

Charlie smiled for the first time since she had called things off three weeks ago. "You're team Brax now Rubes?"

"If he makes you happy then yes I am, now go before I drag you there myself" Ruby replied shoving her towards the door.

Leah laughed "you've been told, seriously Charlie just go talk to him and see where it goes."

Charlie smiled again "okay, okay, but I am not going like this- but I am still going for my run I need to work on what I'm going to say."

"How about I am an idiot I love you and I don't care what anyone says?" Ruby suggested.

"Sounds good to me straight to the point," Leah laughed again.

Charlie shook her head and laughed too. "I'll see you guys soon I'll be back to change."

Casey had been standing outside the door and had heard every word; he smiled when Charlie walked out "hey, is Ruby up?"

"Hey Case, yeah she's inside there go on in I'll see you later."

"Yeah later," Casey called pulling out his phone to text his brother.

Brax lay in his bed thinking about Charlie god how he missed her he had given up trying to convince her to get back with him she just wouldn't listen. He held up the shirt he had belong to her that had stayed by his pillow since she had left it there- holding it beside his face he lay down and took in the small scent that was still on it. His phone beeped beside him and he picked up, reading the message from Casey his heart nearly beat out of his chest. 'Charlie is coming to c u in a while Rubes and Leah tlkd her into going to c u. She needs to know ur out of the boys and u mean what u say- oh and she loves u so don't screw it up and play dumb when she shows up. Be honest with her Brax I know that is hard for u to do u love the girl, don't lose her over ur pride.' Brax jumped out of his bed all excited he ran to the shower and quickly washed himself. 'Today is going to be a good day' he said to himself. After his shower he had some breakfast before heading to Angelo's.

Along his drive he spotted Charlie on the beach with Bianca. Stopping his car he climbed out and watched her she was beautiful truly she was. Taking one last look at her he climbed back in and went to his parking spot outside the Surf club.

Charlie walked back to her house after a coffee with Bianca dying for a shower, she had overdone herself and was sticky and sweaty. Arriving at the house she seen Ruby and Casey watching TV "hey, you guys nothing planned for today?"

"Nope lazy day, haven't you got somewhere to be?" Ruby asked.

"Can I shower first mother?" Charlie teased.

"Don't take too long young lady," Ruby teased back as Charlie made her way to the bathroom.

After her shower she felt so much better, pulling on a summer dress she dried her hair quickly and put on some make up. "I'm heading out guys," she called walking out the door.

Along her walk she smiled at the thought of them being together out in the open, on her run she decided she didn't care what other people thought it was her life and it was her that would be with him.

As she approached Angelo's she saw his car there along with Heath's truck "great," she muttered and went inside making her way to the stairs.

She was just on the first step when John pulled her back. "I wouldn't go up there if I was you; they've been at it for half an hour now. I can hear things being broken and yelling I'm staying out of it and I think you should too."

"I'll be fine thanks John," she replied making her way up the stairs. Before she could turn into Angelo's she heard Brax yelling.

"Because I love her! And I promised her I'm done, I'm sticking to it!"

"You're a Braxton you belong in the river boys, you need to get that pig off your mind," Heath spat.

"Don't call her that!" Brax snarled.

"She's a cop man you've gone soft."

"She's more than a cop to me."

"Still she's no good for you!" Heath yelled.

"She means more to me than any of that stuff! I am out- get that through your thick skull! I'm trying to get her back whether you like it or not!" Brax yelled louder he was close to losing it again.

Heath laughed "go for it man, see how long it takes before you come crawling back."

Charlie heard him come her way and ducked into the bathrooms- spotting him wipe blood off from his nose as he passed by. She smiled to herself and waited a minute before going inside.

She found him behind the bar he stopped what he was doing when he saw her. Her heart was beating out of her chest as he watched her walk towards him. Walking behind the bar she made her way over to him still froze to the spot, pushing him back until he hit the bar she ran her hands up his chest to his neck and leaned in to kiss him.

Brax was shocked he expected a lot of talking before this happened- not that he was complaining. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer and deepened the kiss.

Pulling back Charlie spoke "I'm an idiot I love you and I don't care what anyone has to say- I miss you so much," she said as tears ran down her face.

Brax wiped them away "I miss you too, Charlie I meant what I said I'm done with the boys you're all that matters I wanna be with you and only you," he pulled her into a hug.

"So we'll start again a fresh start," she mumbled against his chest

"Whatever you want babe." He said holding her tight against him god how he missed her.

Leah stood in the doorway watching with a smile on her face 'finally' she said to herself. Brax spotted her and smiled back, seeing his was about to let Charlie go she waved him off and turned on her heels leaving them alone- VJ's pizza could wait.

"How about I take you out tonight?" he asked.

Charlie smiled up at him "sounds great but I'm working until eight."

"So we'll have a late dinner I'll pick you up at nine."

"Nine," Charlie repeated "I better go get ready for work," she leaned up on her toes and kissed him before heading for the stairs.

"I love you!" He called after her.

"Love you too!" She called back going down the stairs.

Meeting an open mouthed John at the bottom she stopped in front of him "did I hear right?"

"Yes you did John I'm in love with Daryl Braxton and I don't care who knows it," she said with a smile as she passed him.

John narrowed his eyes and Charlie was ready for the yelling she was completely knocked for six when he smiled at her "he's a good bloke Charlie; I hope he's treating you right I'm happy for you."

Charlie beamed that wasn't so hard "thanks John, I better go I need to be at work soon," she said waving and heading off.

"Hey how'd it go?" Ruby asked as soon as Charlie walked through the door.

Charlie smiled "great Rubes, we're going out tonight- starting over."

"Charlie I'm so happy for you," Ruby squealed and jumped at her "what did you say to him?"

"I went with I'm an idiot," she laughed.

"See, not just a pretty face me," Ruby laughed going back to making her snack.

Charlie laughed again and went to her room to get ready.

Brax found himself outside her door he couldn't stay away "hey Rubes is your mom still here?" He asked from the doorway.

Ruby turned to him "you better not be here to cancel she's finally happy again." She said looking at him suspiciously.

"I'm not," he replied.

"Charlie!" Ruby yelled.

Not liking her daughter's tone she hurried out half-dressed "something wrong?" she asked alarmed. Ruby nodded towards the door. "Oh hey," her face dropped "you're here to cancel aren't you?"

"I'll just… yeah," Ruby grabbed her plate and was about to leave them when Brax spoke.

"No I'm not why does everyone think I am?" He asked frustrated. "I forgot to give you something."

Charlie relaxed and walked to him "wha-" she was cut off by his lips crashing onto hers.

After pulling back he smiled "have a great day babe, Ruby," he said nodding to her as she stood with a smirk watching Charlie's dazed look.

"Later," she called as he passed by the window. "Uh Charlie, work," she said after a minute when Charlie didn't move.

"Uh work, yeah, right," she said dashing to her room with a big smile in place.

Ten minutes later she was pulling into the station. Walking inside she was called before she made it to her office she sighed and walked to her co-worker and friend Georgina Watson. "Hey, what's up?" She asked.

Watson pulled a big bunch of flowers from the floor "these came for you," she handed them over to a surprised Charlie "how long has this being going on huh?" She asked with a smirk.

Charlie read the card and smiled 'be careful out there, can't wait to see you xx' "aww," she said "he's so sweet sometimes," remembering where she was she cleared her throat and walked to her office.

"Hey!" Watson called and followed her "you're not going to tell me who the mystery man is?" She knew Charlie had been down since Brax- she was the only one on the force that knew they had been together. Hoping she'd moved on she asked again "so who is he?"

Charlie got up and closed her door "okay it's Brax we've sorted things out and we're starting again."

Georgina was happy for her friend she knew they belonged together but also knew she'd be in trouble if Joyce found out. "Are you sure about this Charlie? I know you guys have a thing for each other but what about this place? You know Joyce won't be happy."

"There's a lot of people that won't be happy but what can I do? I love him and it's my life am I meant to do what makes other people happy?"

Georgina shook her head "as long as you're happy no-one else matters, but I think you might want to tell inspector Joyce he's gunning for the Braxton's- any of them."

"I know I've set up a meeting with him later."

"And what will happen if he doesn't agree?"

"Agree to what? Brax is my boyfriend whether he likes it or not. He'll have to fire me if he wants me to leave, he can't ask me to stop seeing him."

"Guess you're right, I'm rooting for you, I'm glad you guys worked things out- I was beginning to wonder where my friend Charlie went, some mopey cranky woman took over here for a while," Georgina teased before returning to the front desk.

Charlie got on with her work counting down the hours until she would see Brax- not aware that something was about to ruin her plans.

Half an hour into catching up on her paper work Watson barged into her office "Sergeant! A body has been found on the beach," she said frantically.

"A local?" Charlie said jumping up from her seat, her stomach turning thinking about one of her friends lying there.

"Body hasn't been identified yet, Mrs Palmer found them- it was a young boy about Ruby's age."

"I'll drive," Charlie said as they hurried out of the station.

Speeding to the scene Charlie prayed it was no one close to her- bodies we uncommon for summer bay. They hardly ever had calls for murder- maybe twice since Charlie made sergeant three years ago.

Arriving at the scene they both jumped out of the car "you take Mrs Palmer's statement and then get someone to take her home, I'll take the body," Charlie instructed as they made their way under the crime scene tape.

Watson made her way to Gina while Charlie joined the other officers at the body. Kneeling down she pulled back the tarp and gasped it was one of the river boys Stu she thought his name was, he was in Ruby's year at school.

"Everything okay serge?" One of the officers asked.

"I know this kid, round up the river boys- all except Daryl Braxton," she added as she read the time of death from the on scene coroner.

"Why?" The officer asked "isn't he the leader?"

"No he's not and he has an alibi for the time of death."

"Alibi? who?"

Charlie rolled her eyes "I am now if you're done with the questions go get the rest of the boys."

"Yes Sergeant," the officer said hurrying away with a puzzled look on his face.

Charlie read the report again and was so glad she'd been with Brax when it happened or she would have doubted herself and him again. "Watson!" She called seeing she was finished with Gina. "We need to notify next of kin can you find an address?" She said handing her an id found on the boy. Watson nodded and walked to the car to get dispatch to run the name.

Pulling her phone out, she sighed and sent Brax a message. There was no way she'd be home in time for their date.

Brax sat in Angelo's going through his books when he received the message 'sry babe can't make 2nite :(- found a body on the beach I'll b here 4 the rest of the day.'

Brax sighed and sent a reply 'it's okay I'll see you when you're done, anyone we know?'

Charlie shot back a quick message before going to examine the scene.

Brax was shocked when he read her reply- his phone rang in his hand and Heath's name flashing on the screen "what is it now Heath?" He asked.

"Brax," Casey's voice filled the line "the cops just took Heath and the boys down the station."

"In cuffs?" Brax asked standing from his seat.

"No, they just said they needed to talk to them about something."

Brax sat back down "then he's fine Case, don't be worrying he'll be let go soon he's not even under arrest."

"He asked me to call you."

"Well I'm not going down unless he's arrested so just go to school and don't worry."

"It's Saturday Brax," Casey replied.

"Well go see Ruby or something then I'm busy here."

"Alright later," Casey said hanging up.

Down the station Charlie had just walked out of her meeting with inspector Joyce- going a lot better than she'd imagined. He had said as long as it doesn't get in the way of doing her job she could sleep with all the river boys for all he cared.

Walking into an interview room with a file she groaned when she saw who was sitting behind the table. "Well well well, Sergeant Buckton, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Heath said smartly.

Charlie sighed and sat down clicking on the recorder "interview beginning at fifteen twenty-one. Mr Heath Braxton, Sergeant Buckton and Constable Baker present." Charlie pulled out a photo of Stu Henderson "what is your relationship with this boy here?"

Heath looked at the photo "he's my cousin," he said before sitting back.

Charlie was shocked he was related to them but held her poker face Brax had never said- damn she'd told him over a text who it was. "And when was the last time you saw him?"

"Yesterday after a surf with the boys."

"Did you see him get into an altercation of any sort with anyone? Talk to anyone he wouldn't normally talk to? Or has anyone being threating him or bothering him at school?"

"Nope, he went right home and I assume he's at school now, and nobody would bother him his old man is a nut job, why, what do you think he did?" Heath asked with a smile.

Charlie leaned over and whispered in the constable's ear making sure the parents had been notified before she told anyone else. Nodding she pulled back "Mr Braxton I'm sorry to tell you that Stu was found dead this morning," Charlie said sadly. When Heath sat the staring at her without a word Charlie swore she saw his eyes fill with tears for a minute "interview suspended at fifteen forty-six, you can go," she said gathering up her files. Heath just nodded and went.

Charlie flew into her office and grabbed the keys to her squad car "hey Georgina, I'm heading off be back in half an hour," Watson nodded from her desk and went back to work.

Just outside the station she saw Heath walking on the side of the road pulling in she rolled down the window "you need a ride?" She asked.

"No thanks," Heath said in a daze- his cousin was only seventeen.

"It's a long walk back," Charlie tried again. Heath looked at her, sighed and climbed in beside her. "Belt," Charlie said before they took off.

"Home or somewhere else?" she asked after a minute.

"Actually can you drop me to Stu's house? His mom is my aunt I want to see how she's doing."

Charlie had a smart remark about to leave her mouth but held it back "I am sorry you know," she said softly.

"Yeah me too," Heath said "he was a great kid he got the brains while I- well you know what I'm like."

"If you put your mind to something you could do it" Charlie said.

Heath muttered something that she couldn't make out instead of pushing she left him. Pulling in where he told her to she watched him climb out "hey if you need a ride back call me, I'm going to see Brax so I'll be there!" She called as he walked to the house. He just waved his hand in the air and went inside.

"Well that was interesting," Charlie said as she started up the car and headed for Angelo's.

She found Brax at the bar with a drink deep in thought. She slipped her hands around his neck and kissed him on the cheek "hey, what are you doing here?" He asked grabbing one of her hands with his own.

"I came to see how you were, I'm sorry I didn't know he was related I shouldn't have sent that text."

"It's fine babe no harm done, so did Heath behave himself down the station?"

"Well he was his charming smart self but he kept in line, even talked to me when I gave him a ride over to your aunt's house."

Brax snorted "he was nice to you?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yeah I think he's kinda upset, he was fond of Stu so go easy on him."

"Hey, I'm saying nothing," Brax said holding up his hands.

"I better get back; we still have about four boys to interview."

"Will I see you later?" Brax asked turning in his seat

A mischievous smile crossed her face "well if not by the time you go to bed leave your window open and I might surprise you," she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply.

"Sergeant Buckton!" Screeched a voice from behind her.

She turned around to see none other than the town gossip Colleen Smart "can I help you Mrs Smart?"

"You can tell me why you are near that hooligan?" she shrieked "did you bump your head or something?"

"No Mrs Smart this is my boyfriend," she said smiling at an amused Brax who wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Oh heaven save us! You do know who he is?"

"Yes, like I said he's my boyfriend."

"You should be ashamed of yourself- wearing that uniform and fraternising with a known criminal you should know better, Oh lord," she cried and hurried out of Angelo's.

Both of them laughed and Charlie stepped out of his hold laughing again when he groaned "I'll see you later, oh and thanks for the flowers" she said kissing him quickly.

Just as she was at the door her phone beeped with a text, sighing she walked back to Brax "miss me already?" he teased.

"You wish" she showed him the message "you better come with me," she said putting her phone back in her pocket.

"I'm gonna kill him," Brax snapped "I'll meet you there," he kissed her quickly and made his way out to the car.

Charlie quickly followed "hey you can come with me," she called.

Brax turned around "I'm sure your boss would love that," he called.

"I told him," Charlie blurted out.

"What?" Brax said "what did you just say?" He asked walking to her.

"I told inspector Joyce we're together."

"Why did you do that? Last time I asked you nearly bit my head off saying you'd sooner die."

"You're not happy about it?" She asked confused "I thought that's what you wanted," she giggled when he lifted her off the ground and spun her around.

Putting her back on her feet he kissed her hard "you've just made my day," he smiled and headed to the passenger side of her car.

Unknowing to either of them they were being watched by someone who had overheard an old lady telling another old lady what she'd seen at Angelo's and was over joyed that he had found something Daryl Braxton loved- yes revenge would be sweet he thought as he followed the pair.

Pulling up at the station they both headed inside to find heath with a bruised cheek and a bloodied nose "what did you do now you idiot?" Brax asked.

"Stu's old man lost it, said I got Stu into the bad life and jumped on me." Heath answered.

"Watson? Does Mr Braxton need to hang around?" Charlie asked.

"Only if he is pressing charges against Mr Henderson," Watson replied.

"No!" Brax answered as he signed Heath out "we'll just leave it here Mr Henderson's just lost his son. You out," he said shoving Heath towards the exit.

"Here take my car," Charlie said handing him the keys to her own car "you can pick me up when I'm done."

"Alright see you later," Brax hesitated leaning into her.

Charlie smirked and pulled him to her by the shirt kissing him softly "I'll see you later," she said before going to her office ignoring the smirk from Watson and the stunned looks of her co-workers.

After a long day of looking over statements and interviews Charlie flung the files down and groaned her eyes and head were killing her, it was now past eleven pm.

"I think you should call it a night we've had a long day. Do you want me to run you over to Brax's?" Georgina asked from the doorway with her coat on.

"Do you mind? I was about to call him to come get me- I can make it a surprise now."

"Keep your sordid details to yourself thank you," Georgina laughed.

Charlie grabbed her bag "let's go then."

Along the drive Charlie couldn't help but notice a car had been tailing them "is it just me or is that guy following us?"

Georgina looked through her mirror "we'll find out now," she said taking a turn leading them away from where they were going.

Sure enough the car followed- even after they did a loop back out onto the road they had just come off. "You got your badge on you?" Georgina asked.

"Yeah," Charlie said beginning to feel uneasy.

"Alright then, let's find out what his problem is," Georgina said flashing her lights- all Officers had them fitted to their personal cars in case of an emergency.

The car pulled in behind them, they both got out and headed to the car "is there a problem sir?" Charlie asked flashing her badge.

"Not at all officers," the guy replied smiling.

Charlie leaned into the window "so why have you being following us?"

"Following? No no I'm lost I'm haven't been here in a long time and I saw you with an old friend of mine back in the station, figured you could lead me to the bay."

"Licences and registration please," she said holding out her hand not buying it. The guy handed her his licence "Jake Perovich huh? Any relation to Harmon Perovich?"

Jake nodded "he's my brother; I hope he's being behaving himself while I've been gone?"

Charlie began to feel uneasy again "I'm sure you can find your own way- you take a left at the next junction it will lead you right to your brother's street, off you go."

"Night Officers," he waved and did a u turn his smirk going wider- he had met her talked to her pity she was about to die, he smiled again as he drove thinking of a plan.

Arriving at Brax's Charlie was still uneasy "thanks for the ride, will you call me when you get home? That guy is a creep" She said to Georgina before she got out.

"I'll text you, go have some fun," she winked and laughed as Charlie blushed. "I'll see you in the morning," she called pulling out of the drive.

Charlie looked at her watch it was now just after midnight he should be home from Angelo's. Seeing the TV was on she slipped by the window and went around to Brax's bedroom window smirking when it was open. Climbing in she padded to the bed to find it empty, groaning she opened his door and peaked down the hall she didn't know who was in and didn't fancy running into Heath or Casey. Tiptoeing to the living room she smiled as she saw him fast asleep on the sofa 'he was waiting up to come get me aww' she said to herself as he was still fully dressed.

Walking around to the front of the sofa she sat beside him and leaned over him "hey," she whispered, when she got nothing she kissed his cheek then his head then his neck. She giggled as arms wrapped around her and she was pulled on top of him. "Hey sleepy head," she said smiling down at him.

"Hey, I thought I was coming to get you?" He replied sleepily.

Charlie decided to play with him "well if you had of answered your damn phone I wouldn't have had to get a taxi," she said faking annoyance.

Brax's eyes widened and he sat up "I'm sorry baby I dropped off, I didn't hear it."

Charlie giggled "I'm just kidding Georgina gave me a ride since I was planning on climbing through your window - which I did like an idiot and found an empty bed."

Brax laughed as she pouted "I'm sorry I was trying to stay awake to pick you up and bed wasn't the place for it, what time did you leave at?"

"Just after eleven, do you mind if I make coffee? I'm dying for a cup."

"I'll make it you stay there," he said getting up and heading to the kitchen "it's after twelve, did you guys stop off somewhere?"

"Ugh no, some guy was following us so we took a different route to see if he really was before we pulled him in."

"Following you?" Brax asked feeling anger well inside him.

"Yeah, he said he was lost and hoped we'd guide him to the bay."

"That's odd, how would he even know if you were heading the bay at all?"

"He said he saw me with an old friend of his and assumed I lived here."

"Oh yeah? Do you know him?" Brax said getting a feeling something was up.

"Well I know his brother hammer – his licence said Jake Perovich."

Brax stopped and froze at the mention of Jake "uh, what did he say to you?" he said after he found his voice again.

"Nothing, he said he was here to see his brother and asked had he been behaving himself."

Brax handed her coffee and sat beside her "he hasn't been seen here in years I heard he was locked up."

"I'll check it out tomorrow I'm not sure about him he's up to something- mmmh," she moaned as she took a sip of her coffee "I've missed the way you make me coffee."

"Is that all you've missed?" He asked with a smirk.

"Nope, I've missed your bed and my favourite black shirt," she said smiling.

"Oh I see how this is, you're using me, fine, go sleep in my bed and steal my clothes I'll be fine right here."

Charlie giggled and put her cup on the table, pushing him back on the sofa she straddled him "and I've missed you and waking up beside you."

"Is that all?" He asked sliding his hands around her waist.

"And your arms around me and you kissing me." She whispered as she slowly leaned in to kiss him.

Brax pulled her closer by the waist and deepened the kiss; he lifted her and walked to his room with her on his hips, not once breaking the kiss.

Afterwards they lay tangled in the sheets. "I've missed this," Brax said after a while of silence.

"Me too," Charlie said sleepily as he ran his fingers along her arm.

"You tired babe?"

"Yeah but I wanna stay awake and lie here with you I love cuddling into you."

"I'll still be here in the morning, you get some sleep," he dropped a kiss on her forehead and pulled her close.

Charlie leaned up and kissed him "it's clear what I want Brax I know I made things difficult when we were together last time but I want you and I want to be with you I love you and can't imagine being with anyone else."

Brax stroked her cheek before pulling her by the chin and placing a chaste kiss on her lips "I'm not going anywhere babe I'll always be here you're amazing and I love you so much I can't see myself ever being with anyone else."

Charlie kissed him again this time deepening it and climbing on top of him-spending a couple of hours showing each other just how much they missed and loved one another.