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It had been just over a week since Charlie and Cheryl had had the conversation in the bedroom and Brax was still suspicious he had begun watching them, he noticed a few times they would slip off alone or sat talking in the corner, he had tried to listen but it was like one or the other sensed him coming their way and changed the topic. He was walking towards the diner lost in thought, he looked up to see Charlie get out of her cruiser and walk behind the diner, following her he stopped and peaked around the side "what the hell is going on?" he asked himself when he spotted her hurry to Cheryl. Watching them closely he saw Cheryl was upset he watched Charlie hug her and start to lead her back up towards him- thinking quickly he ran back to the seats outside and dropped into one of them ordering a coffee as Marylyn passed "hey you two," he said as soon as they rounded the corner.

Both looked up with a deer caught in headlights expression "uh hey," Charlie said and looked at Cheryl "I'm on my break so I thought I'd meet your mum for a coffee since you said you were busy," she said and sat beside him.

"Busy with what- I never said I was doing anything," he asked watching them both closely.

"Did you not?" Charlie asked playing dumb "I could have sworn you said you had to go off today."

"Yeah love I heard ya say you were going to the wholesalers," Cheryl added.

"That was yesterday," he said raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry my bad well you can join us now," Charlie said moving to let Cheryl in.

Brax knew something was up with his mum she kept fidgeting with her hands or moving in her seat "everything okay mum?" He asked.

"Yeah, yeah, just up little late last night," she said smiling over at him.

Brax nodded knowing she was lying he had called her at nine last night and she hadn't answered "so you," he said nudging Charlie "what time will you be finished at later?"

"Uh not sure I've a bit of paperwork to catch up on before I finish up for the weekend so maybe seven," she replied.

Again Brax nodded "okay we'll have a late dinner then."

"Yeah sure…Cheryl you wanna join us?"

Brax looked at her unimpressed they'd barley spent any time alone together since the day all the girls went to the mall.

"You don't mind love do ya?" Cheryl asked before he had a chance to say anything.

"No guess not," he sighed and stood up "I better get off I'll see ya later," he said and took his coffee from Marylyn.

"Brax!" Charlie called after him he kept walking pretending he didn't hear her. Charlie sighed and sat back in her seat "he's getting suspicious," she said.

"I know," Cheryl said "we just need to be more careful maybe not hang out so much...are we ready to go to the station?"

"Yeah sure," Charlie nodded and stood up "have you a list of everything that was taken or damaged from the break in this morning for the insurance forms?" she asked as they walked to her cruiser.

"Yeah I have it all here just damage nothing taken," Cheryl replied as they took off for the station.

Brax sat in Angelo's thinking about Charlie he knew she was keeping something from him and her sudden interest in his mum made him more suspicious the more he thought about it the angrier he was getting. Giving up on his paperwork he flung the pen down and stood up- going behind the bar he opened and beer and took a sip, leaning against the counter he sighed what had his mum gotten herself into now and why was Charlie helping her and more importantly why was she keeping it from him? He looked up when he heard footsteps to see Heath walking quickly to him with a look on his face "whatever you've done I don't wanna know I've enough to deal with," he said before Heath could open his mouth.

"No not me I just called around to mum's for stuff she wasn't there- Brax the place is totally trashed."

"What?" He asked surprised who would be stupid enough to hit his mums' house? "Anything taken?"

"Don't think so everything is just smashed up the front door has been kicked in," he replied.

Brax shook his head he thought of Charlie and slammed his bottle down "damn it Charlie!" He yelled.

"What?" Heath asked confused.

"I saw mum and Charlie around the back of the diner this morning mum looked upset she must have called her."

"Mum wouldn't go to the cops she'd call one of us," Heath laughed.

"Oh come on Heath even you're not that stupid…geez maybe you are," Brax groaned when he just looked blankly back at him. "Have you not noticed they seem pretty close now-how much time she's spending at ours they both are- anytime I look they seem to be in some sort of conversation."

Heath scratched his head "nah mate I just thought they were both making the effort to get along."

"Nah something's up and I'm gonna find out what it is…watch this place!" he called as he walked through Angelo's.

"Where are you going?" Heath called after him.

"To see my girlfriend!" He called back and disappeared down the stairs.

Charlie sat at her desk looking through the report on Cheryl's place she was actually surprised she had called her in the first place, she was trying to see if Andrew had taken anything Cheryl had belong to him or if anything else was missing or something only he knew she liked so far nothing was coming up. She sighed and sat back looking up she jumped when Brax looked back at her from the doorway "creeping up on me?"

"You could say that," Brax said and walked into her office shutting the door.

"Something wrong?" She asked watching him.

"You tell me Charlie," he said turning to face her.

"What?" she asked confused.

"You and mum what's going on?" he asked louder.

"Nothing…I don't know what you mean," she said and stood up.

"Do I look stupid?" He yelled.

"Brax!" she hissed "keep your voice down nothing is going on we're being friends isn't that what you wanted?"

"Nah I know mum and I know you! You two are keeping something from me so I'll ask again and you better not lie to me," he said leaning over her desk "what are you and mum up to?"

"Nothing!" Charlie yelled "and don't you dare talk to me like that!"

"Oh come on Charlie you hate her she hates you and you expect me to believe you're best friends now?"

"We're getting along Brax why can't you just accept it would you rather we tore strips off each other then?"

Brax laughed "at least I'd know you weren't up to something," he snapped.

Charlie sighed "I'm only gonna say this once more Brax so listen- there is nothing what so ever going on between me and your mum only we've put our differences aside."

"So how come you never told me her place was broken into this morning?"

"It's an on-going investigation," Charlie replied quickly.

Brax scoffed "nothing is off limits to me you tell me everything- you always did and you know I keep it to myself."

"It happened this morning Brax I haven't seen you."

"You saw me at the diner with mum is that when it happened?"

Charlie nodded "she called me just as I got here so we went out to the house then I met her when we were done with the house to let her know I was getting the door replaced."

"What happened?"

"Brax I can't say I'm still trying to figure it out."

"Tell me now Charlie or I'll-"

"You'll what!" she yelled "Brax this is my job I am a cop a cop!" She yelled "I'm investigating a breaking and entering it doesn't matter that it's your mother or I'm your girlfriend I'm not telling you anything I am doing everything I can that's all you need to know now get out!" she spat angrily and turned away from him.

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on," he said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Oh for fuck sakes Brax just get lost!" She yelled and shoved him towards her door "how dare you come in her and talk to me like that! Do you think threatening me will get you anywhere except the cells and don't think I won't."

Brax laughed "I wasn't threatening you."

"Yes you were!" She spat and walked closer to him "tell me or else…sounds like a threat to me-is this how you treat someone you love when you don't get what you want?" She asked "actually I don't wanna know just go," she snapped and grabbed her report and walked to the door. Opening it she walked to the desk "can you put that away for me," she sniffed and handed it to Watson.

"You alright?" She asked taking it from her.

"Yeah I'm fine think I'm getting a cold," she lied and walked to the bathrooms.

Brax stood in her office and threw his head back 'maybe that was a little over the top' he said to himself. Shaking his head he knew it was best to leave her to calm down walking out the door he stopped when Watson glared at him "what?" He snapped.

"Walls are not sound proof you idiot- you should be grateful she's looking out for your mum," she said and went back to her work.

Brax sighed and walked out of the station 'yeah defiantly too far' now he just had to come up with a way to get her to forgive him.

Later that day Charlie was still at work she was in a bad mood and hadn't moved since Brax had left, she looked up when she heard her name from the front desk. Walking out she saw a guy handing a massive bunch of flowers to Watson "bin them," she said and walked back into her office she was in no mood for his excuses.

Watson shrugged at the delivery guy and signed for them before taking the card off and throwing them into the bin. "That's eighty bucks down the drain," the delivery guy chuckled.

"Yeah well he shoulda thought of that before he pissed her off- have a nice day," she smiled and sat back down.

Charlie finally finished up and headed home- when she got there Ruby was alone watching tv "Brax has called loads of times looking for you."

"Yeah," Charlie replied "my phone went flat," she said and sat beside her.

"You not gonna call him back?" Ruby asked looking over to her.

"Nah I'm gonna get a shower first," she said and stood up again.

"Everything okay mum?" she asked sitting up normally Charlie would call him back right away.

"Yeah fine just tired- getting back into the swing of things is all," she smiled and went to her room.

Brax sat at the bar in Angelo's drowning his sorrows he had messed up big time and he knew that he'd taken it a step too far he didn't blame her for ignoring him. Sighing he stood up and grabbed his phone calling the landline again "hey Rubes," he said when she answered "is she home yet?"

"Yeah," Ruby replied "she's in the shower…did you guys fight she's not in a good mood."

"No, we're fine," he lied.

"Oh come on dad she's not answering you, she told me her phone was dead and it just rang there she moping and hiding out in her room."

"Okay, okay, fine, we did can you put her on?"

"I'll try," Ruby said and walked to the bathroom "mum!" She called and knocked on the door "phone!"

"Who is it?" She called back.

"Uh Bianca," she lied.

Charlie appeared in a towel and took the phone "B," she greeted.

"It's me," he sighed "listen babe don't hang up can I come over and talk?"

"No," Charlie said and hung up she handed the phone back to Ruby and glared at her "that wasn't funny," she snapped.

"I know you guys are fighting and that you wouldn't take it if I said it was him," Ruby said innocently.

"Stay out of it Ruby I'll talk to him when I want to!" She snapped and shut the door. Ruby shook her head and went back to the living room.

Brax slammed his phone down and sat back down it was really getting to him what a fool he'd been. Thinking for a minute he stood up and grabbed his keys "I'm off!" he called and headed out the door.

Ten minutes later he was at Charlie's door he stepped back when Charlie rushed out in her uniform "I don't have time for you!" she snapped and hurried by him.

"Where are you going?" he called after her.

"Work," she snapped and jumped into her car.

Ruby appeared at the doorway "someone called in a panic you wanna come in and wait?" She asked.

"Nah," Brax sighed "I'll see ya tomorrow," he said and dropped a kiss on her forehead "night!" he called as he walked back to his car.

"Night dad!" she called after him, she felt sorry for him Charlie had called Bianca after her shower and she had heard everything Charlie had said which weren't good things "why can't life be simple," she sighed and closed the door.

Cheryl had been the one to call Charlie in a state Andrew had turned up drunk and refused to leave. Screeching to a halt outside Charlie jumped out "Mr Braxton please leave the premises," she asked politely.

"Ah my new daughter in law," he slurred and stumbled over to her "perhaps you could tell me where our Daryl is?"

"Not gonna happen so I can take you in for breach of the peace and breach of a restraining order or I can call you a cab what's it gonna be?"

Andrew laughed "I am not leaving here until that bitch or you tell me where my sons are!" He yelled and stepped closer to her.

"Back it up mate," Charlie said slowly drawing her gun she wasn't taking any chances Cheryl had told her a few stories and they weren't nice.

Andrew laughed again "you're not gonna shoot me," he said taking another step to her "I'm doing nothing wrong."

"I will if you take one more step life endangerment all that," she said smartly.

"Charlie! Don't let him fool you!" Cheryl yelled from the window "this is the other side to him!"

"Just go back inside away from the window Cheryl!" Charlie yelled.

"Yeah shut it you and stay out of it!" Andrew yelled "you had your chance to tell me where my boys are!"

"They won't wanna see you and if they do Daryl and Heath will kill you!" Cheryl yelled back.

"Mr Braxton I'm not going to ask you again leave now or I'm taking you in," she said pulling her cuffs from her belt.

Andrew laughed and held his wrists together "go on love that's the only way I'm moving."

Charlie stepped forward again "you leave me no choice, Andrew Braxton you're under arrest for breach of an official document breach of the peace and intimidating," she said and slipped on one the cuffs "you do not have to say anything if yo-" she was cut off by a slap to the face sending her tumbling to the ground.

"You should have stayed out of this!" he hissed and pulled his own gun "tell me where they are!" He yelled pointing it at her.

Charlie sat up all dizzy but not dizzy enough to miss the gun pointed at her, she slipped her hand into her pocket and dialled Watson "just calm down Mr Braxton," she said and held her hands up "you don't need to do this just put the gun down," she said standing up slowly trying to remain calm.

"Yes I do all I want is to see my boys!" he yelled "why is that so hard to understand!"

"Charlie are you okay?" Cheryl asked.

"Just stay inside I'm fine!" Charlie yelled back. "Look Mr Braxton this has nothing to do with Cheryl they are all grown up now they've moved on they don't live here."

Watson had picked up on what Charlie was doing and traced her phone at first she thought it was Brax until she heard him talking speeding to scene she flashed her lights and sirens calling for back up.

Andrew looked up when he heard the sirens and saw the lights "how do they know I'm here- you!" he yelled storming to the window "you called them didn't you?" he yelled banging on it.

Charlie took this as her opportunity and tackled him to the ground as she did she hit Brax's number while the both fell to the ground. "Stay down!" She yelled and wrestled the gun from him.

"Get off me!" Andrew yelled and struggled under her. "Get the hell off me I just wanna see my boys!"

"Stay down I'm warning you!" Charlie hissed digging her knee into his back.

Brax sat at his table listening he knew that voice he just couldn't place it he heard Charlie scream and was up out of his seat and out the door.

Andrew had managed to roll Charlie under him and put all his weight on her since he was cuffed and couldn't do anything "get these off me now!" he yelled.

"No," Charlie panted and tried to get her hands free she was beginning to find it hard to breath she was getting a pain in her stomach from the pressure "do the right thing and get off me- come quietly," she panted.

"Get off her! Get off her!" Cheryl yelled slapping him anywhere she could get.

Watson arrived and jumped out "on the ground!" she yelled aiming her gun at him "now!" she yelled when he didn't move.

Andrew rolled off her and lay beside her "this isn't finished I'll be out by morning and I'll be coming for you," he laughed as he was pulled to his feet and led towards a cruiser.

"You alright Serge?" Watson asked as she helped Charlie up.

"Yeah," she panted "just gimme a sec," she said resting her hands on her knees her chest was sore and she felt sick.

Brax sped towards his mum's house he knew it was her voice the second he hear it "what the hell is going on!" he yelled as he turned onto the street and saw the flashing lights and cruisers.

"Get him outta here!" Charlie yelled when she spotted his car speeding towards her "now!" she hissed as he got closer.

Brax jumped out of his car and ran to her she still stood bent over trying to catch her breath "Charlie!" He yelled "are you okay?" he asked once he got to her.

"Fine," she panted and stood up "what are you doing here?"

"You called me and I heard you scream…what happened here?" He asked looking at the cruiser halfway down the street.

"Someone tried to break in again," Cheryl said quickly "I panicked and called Charlie."

"Cheryl I'll need you to come down the station with me to make an official statement," Charlie said ignoring Brax.

"What are you kidding you're going home nowhere else," he said walking closer to her.

Charlie rolled her eyes "I'll be in the car when you're ready," she said to Cheryl and started to walk.

"Oi," Brax said and grabbed her back just as she got to the door "you're going home you could have been hurt look at your face," he said pointing to the mark Andrew had left.

"I'm a cop Brax it's my job pregnant or not I still have to do it," she said and pulled her door open.

"Look Charlie I know you're still upset over earlier you gotta le-"

Charlie laughed cutting him off "you think-just go home Brax," she said and climbed into her car.

"When are we gonna sort this?" he asked before she closed the door.

"Who says I wanna sort it?" she said and slammed her door shut locking it so he couldn't open it she felt bad at the look on his face she didn't mean it she wanted nothing more than to be cuddled up with him on the sofa she was just angry she needed a bit of time without him constantly calling her.

Brax stood there stunned 'did she really just break up with me?' he asked himself "Charlie," he said and banged on the window "what does that mean?" Charlie looked back at him but didn't reply "a-are you breaking up with me?" he asked shakily.

Charlie's heart broke he looked so confused and lost she rolled down her window a little "no," she sighed "look just go home Brax I have to get to work I can't deal with this now."

"When can we talk?" He asked.

"When I feel like it- kinda got something else to take care of," she said nodding to Cheryl walking towards the car.

"Mum do you want me to come down with you?" he asked when she got close enough.

"No you go on home I won't be long I'll call you to pick me up when I'm done," she smiled and climbed in beside Charlie.

A few hours later Charlie yawned and looked at the clock it was now two am Cheryl had been long gone home after given her statement, she was just finishing up her report before she was heading home to crawl into bed and sleep off her crappy day.

"Why don't you go home Charlie you can do that Monday," Watson said from the doorway "you must be wrecked it's been a long day."

"Yeah I'm going now and you should too sorry I had to call you I know you were about to finish, you were the only number I knew off the top of my head."

"It's fine that's what were for on standby at all times," she smiled. "I'm finished with that guy he was totally wasted reeks on bourbon didn't even know his own name- said he didn't even know how he got to Mrs Braxton's or where he got the gun from so he's in lock up until the morning before being sent to his bail hearing first thing."

Charlie nodded and read Watsons file "for weapons possession, breach of an official documents, failing to comply an officers command, breach of the peace, intimidating a civilian and assault of an officer-lets' see him walk away from that," she said and stood up "I'm off now do you need a ride home?"

"Nah I drove here this morning-well yesterday morning," she giggled as she noted the time "I'll see you Monday," she called and walked out to her car.

Charlie gathered up her stuff and put them away before walking out of her office and shutting the door behind her. Rubbing her neck she blew a breath out as she walked out to the car park she really needed to sleep "need a ride?" She looked up to see Brax sitting on his car.

"How long have you been out here?" She asked sitting beside him.

Brax shrugged "whenever I dropped mum off at home… so?" He said and stood up.

"I have my own car you know," she said and stood up.

"Come on Charlie- let me bring you home I promise I'll bring you to get it in the morning."

"And what makes you think you'll be staying with me tonight?" she asked walking closer to him.

"Never said I was," he stepped closer to her "I know I upset you today and I'm sorry I was pissed and I shouldn't have spoken to you like that- and babe I never threatened you I'd never ever do that I love ya, so again I'm so so sorry it'll never happen again."

Charlie sighed and looked up at him "you ever speak to me like that again not only will I kill you I'll be gone so fast you won't know what hit you this is you last and final chance go it?"

Brax nodded "I got it and it won't happen again I promise," he said smiling down at her.

"So take me home then," she said and walked around him.

"Don't I get a 'you're forgiven' kiss or something?" he asked turning around to her

Charlie walked back to him she smiled up at him before she slapped him lightly on the face "you're lucky I've calmed down or that would have been ten times harder and much much more painful," she giggled and leaned up on her toes to kiss him. "I guess you're forgiven," she said and walked to her side of the car.

Brax chuckled and got in beside her he leaned over and kissed her again starting up his car he turned to her "what have you had to eat today?"

"Aw Brax no I'm so tired I wanna sleep I have eaten I'm fine," she groaned.

"I'm just asking," he said and pulled out of the lot.

They pulled up outside Charlie's and she climbed out he followed her and walked her to her door, in the light he saw the bruise forming on her cheek "that looks sore," he said running his finger lightly over it.

"I forgot it was there it stung a bit that was it…you coming in?" she asked as she opened the door.

"Nah I'll let you get some sleep," he said and dropped a kiss on her forehead "I'll call you tomorrow I love ya," he said and stepped back.

"Is that all I get?" she pouted.

Brax chuckled and pulled her over to him kissing her deeply he pulled back "night babe," he said and pecked her quickly.

"Night," she said and went inside "you sure you don't wanna stay?" she asked flinging her uniform shirt out to the ground.

Brax shook his head and picked it up "if you wanted me to stay all you had to do was ask," he said as he followed her to her bedroom.

Charlie smiled as she put her pjs on "stay with me?" she asked and smiled sweetly.

Brax chuckled and closed the door "I guess if you really want me to," he said pulling her back to him.

Charlie giggled and looked up at him she stopped at the look on his face "is something bothering you?" she asked when he started off into space.

"Nah not really," he said walking away from her and lying on the bed.

"What is it?" she asked climbing on the bed beside him.

"That guy that Watson took away I didn't see him but when you called me I knew I knew the voice it's just bugging me," he sighed "anyway into bed," he said pulling the covers from under them.

"Well if it helps I've never seen him before," she said climbing into her bed.

"What's him name?" Brax asked rolling to face her.

"Brax no this is a case involving your mum I can't tell you that," she said quickly.

"Just a name I promise you I won't do anything at all I just know I know the voice."

"Scott Turner," she said quickly darting her eyes away from him she hated lying.

"And you're sure?" Brax asked.

Charlie nodded "that's what he told us- he's not from around here… less talk more sleep," she said and kissed him hoping he'd drop it.

Brax pulled her closer and deepened the kiss after a minute he pulled back "nah don't know that name must have been hearing things… night babe," he said and pulled her onto his chest.

"Night," she mumbled already half asleep she felt really bad about the whole thing, she'd need to talk to Cheryl again this has gone far enough, snuggling deeper into him she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.