AN: Hey y'all! How are you guys tonight? I'll do this Zeke and Luther story then I'll update my A&A story. Hope you guys like it! This is gonna be mostly about Zeke, FYI.

"Luther! Stop trying to take my phone!" Zeke said, shoving Luther out of his cell phone reach.

"I just want to know who you're texting!" Luther said, whining.

"Fine! It's this new girl I met. She likes skateboarding like me. She's super nice. We're going to go to the skateboarding ranks." Zeke said, smiling while talking about her.

"Well, can I come, too?" Luther asked, smiling at his friend.

"Yea, sure. Just be calm and stuff." He said, looking at Luther. He stifled a cough into his sleeve.

"Ok. You can count on me dude!" Luther said, getting up and running to the door, but forgetting to open the door, he banged into it. Zeke groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Forgot to open the door, Luth." Zeke said, trying not to laugh.

"I'm not THAT dumb." Luther said, crossing his arms.

:Yea…. Sure." Zeke said, turning back to his computer and signing onto his skateboarding website.

"Oh gosh! Gotta go! Come on Luth!" Zeke said, jumping up and grabbing his skateboard and jacket and helmet.

After they grabbed everything, they started skateboarding down to the ramps.

"Luth. The girls name is Allison, ok? Just please don't embarrass me…" Zeke said, slowing down.

"Ok Z. Don't worry." Luther said. Right then, Allison spotted them and waved. Zeke waved back.

"Hey Allison. How are you?" Zeke asked, walking up next to her.

"Good Zeke, how are you?" She asked, eyeing Luther. 'She had brown hair and blue eyes. She had on jeans and a blue t-shirt. She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!' Luther thought.

"Good. Listen, I'd like you to meet Luther. Luther, this is Allison." Zeke said.

"Hi, you're really pretty." Luther said, blushing while shaking her hand.

"Thanks. You're not too bad yourself." She said, blushing. Luther turned around and looked at Zeke. He had a sort of hurt expression on his face.

"So, Luther, would you like to go on a date sometime?" Allison asked, smiling.

"Umm… Sure. Tonight at 8:00?" Luther asked, smiling back at her.

"Sure. Meet you there! Nice meeting you Luther! See you tonight! Bye Zeke!" She said, running back. Luther turned back around to Zeke, but Zeke was already on his way home on his skateboard.

"Z! Man! I'm sorry!" Luther called to him, getting on his skateboard. Zeke slowed down and hopped off of his skateboard.

"Luther, I'm not mad. I'm just irritated about the whole situation." Zeke said, looking down at the ground.
"Zeke, I'm really sorry…" Luther said, putting a hand on Zeke's shoulder.

"It's fine. Just, go get ready for your date. Bye." Zeke said and got back on his skateboard.

"Zeke! I'm… I'm really sorry." Luther called. Luther sighed then got on his skateboard and headed home. 'I hope he forgives me.' Luther thought.