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They'd been friends for nearly a decade, so it was naturally a shock when his friend spoke the one word he hadn't been expecting from, of all people, him.

"I want to introduce you to my girlfriend."

Uchiha Sasuke immediately ceased his eating, turning his head just a bit to stare at his long-time friend with a slightly open mouth. He was usually known for being calm and collected, but the sudden bit of news had caught even him, off guard. "Girlfriend?" he raised an eyebrow. "Since when?"

The blonde, known as Uzumaki Naruto, laughed with embarrassment. "About six months I think?"

It was hard to keep the surprise off of his face. "Well, I definitely wasn't expecting that at all," he said before taking another bite of his curry bread. He swallowed before continuing. "What class is she in?"

Naruto seemed to wilt at that, his eyes slightly downcast in disappointment. "Actually, she goes to an all-girls school in the next town."

Sasuke nearly did a spit-take at this. "Wait, you're…in a long-distance relationship?" It was surprises one after another.

"Yup, in fact, we have a date set up for this weekend. We're going to meet up at the train station in between our towns and go from there." And as the blonde spoke, Sasuke couldn't help but notice how content and blissful his friend looked. The last girlfriend he'd had was during middle school, and she had been anything but pleasant. This girl must've been something to make the idiot like this, because the last time Sasuke had seen a love-struck Naruto, he had been in a state of depression.

He didn't want to see his friend like that ever again.

Sasuke took a sip of his bottled green tea before continuing. "So, when do I meet her?"

That embarrassed look appeared on his face once again as he scratched the back of his head while grinning. "This weekend during our date," he answered.

"What? Doesn't that seem a little…?" He wasn't exactly thrilled about being the third wheel.

"Nah, its fine," he smiled. "She's nice, and she's been wanting to meet you too anyways."

Sasuke wasn't too sure about this, but he decided to go along with it for the blonde's sake. "Alright, if she doesn't mind, then…I guess its fine."

"Yup, so anyways, I want to make sure we're on the same track here."

"As far as what?" the Uchiha scoffed.

The tone in his voice suddenly became serious. It wasn't hard to miss it. He seemed hesitant to continue on, but clearly forced himself to do so. "I…need a promise from you, Sasuke."

The other boy's train of thought was sometimes hard to follow, but Sasuke listened. "And what would that be?"

Naruto smiled, but Sasuke caught a glimpse of it just then in that instant-a sadness that he hadn't seen before in his friend's blue eyes. He placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder, his grip slightly shaky, yet firm.

"You know that you're more than just a friend to me, right?" he asked. "And there's no one else on this earth that I trust more than you. In fact," he laughed. If you were a girl, I'd probably be all over you by-"

"Just tell me what it is that you want," the Uchiha snapped, cutting his friend off.

The sad look returned, and that alone was capable of paining Sasuke. It wasn't that he didn't like girls; he just simply had no interest in them, especially after the experience Naruto had gone through with one. But whoever this girl was, for her to be the cause of such an expression on the blond's face certainly told him a lot. It was easy to see that she had already captured his friend's heart, but unlike the other girls, had shown no signs of emotionally hurting him.

Naruto's voice fell low, almost to a whisper as he looked Sasuke straight in the eye, his gaze unwavering. There was a strong wind that afternoon as it blew past them, whipping the blond's spiky locks from behind.

"Promise me you won't fall in love with her."

"How long till we get there?" Sasuke sighed, glancing down at his wristwatch as he ignored the heated stares from the female passengers. "It's been about an hour already."

"An hour left," Naruto grinned. "Why, you nervous?"

"Not in particular," the Uchiha shrugged, staring out the window at the passing scenery before him. The one image that had happened to linger within his thoughts had been the sight of an endless sea, with its clear waters and white sand. To think that his friend specifically traveled all this way for one girl alone was somewhat mystifying.

He glanced at the blonde, whose face was flushed with excitement as he continuously replied to the person text messaging him, his eyes sparkling like that of a child's. It was, without a doubt, the idiot's girlfriend.

This only served to further irritate him as he wondered what it was that she could possibly look like. From the blonde's previous experiences with girls, the Uchiha could only come up with negative thoughts. Was she the seemingly-sweet, yet scheming type? The bitchy and controlling type? Or worse, the seductive, yet loose type.

Sasuke shook his head, hoping that this girl was neither of them. And if she was, then he would be ready to pull his friend far away from her before his heart was broken, yet again.

His thoughts were interrupted when Naruto suddenly laughed out loud, causing a few of the other passengers to glare his way and mutter under their breaths about how he had no manners. The Uchiha sighed, feeling somewhat embarrassed that the blonde had had the nerve to draw attention their way, yet remain completely oblivious about it.

Annoyed, the Uchiha asked, "What are you laughing about now?"

Swiping a tear away, the other boy smiled and held out his cell phone for Sasuke to see. "My girlfriend," he answered. "She's seriously too cute."

Sasuke had to squint his eyes in order to read the message that had taken up most of the screen.

Oh, Naruto-kun! Guess what, guess what? Yesterday, I saw a cooking program on how to make ramen the traditional way and tried doing it myself! Nii-san and Hanabi helped me of course, but for some reason, none of our dough was sticking right, kneading it was even worse, and my hands are sore too. Thankfully, the ramen came out right in the end, so I'm proud to say that I can now make your favorite dish whenever you feel like eating it. Well? Aren't you proud of me?

The Uchiha raised a brow at his friend, who still had a smile plastered on his face. Judging from the message, she certainly seemed talkative, but what he failed to understand was whatever it was that Naruto had found to be so funny. "I don't get it. She learned how to make ramen for you. What's so funny about that? Actually, isn't that something to be happy about it?"

Naruto's smile softened. "But I am happy, don't you get it?" He leaned back into his seat and stared out the window with a somewhat distant and dream-like look. "Did you know? She doesn't even really like ramen, and yet, she went out of her way to learn how to make it even though she has exams coming up." His usually tan face took on an uncharacteristically red shade as he covered his eyes with one hand, as though he were embarrassed to be seen by the Uchiha. "You might not understand it, but even something as simple as this is enough to show how loved I am by her." His blush deepened as he said in an almost quiet voice, "this girl is seriously driving me crazy..."

Sasuke could feel just a bit of relief fill his heart as he watched his clearly lovesick friend mutter over and over to himself, "I love you," as though she were there.

It wouldn't be until he met her that Sasuke could then decide that the idiot was in good hands.

The sky that day was impossibly blue, yet incredibly beautiful to look at. Every day, she found herself drawn to the sight of the azure-blue sky, because every day, it reminded her without fail that she would meet with him soon; a spiky blond-haired boy with eyes rivaling that of the sky itself. Being able to only see him in person once a week was pure torture for her, if not downright aggravating.

But in the times that they were able to meet, she couldn't deny that the wait had been worth it. Because once she saw his face, it was a reminder that no matter how far the distance, he was willing to travel it, all in order to see her. That fact was a reminder alone that he clearly returned her feelings. That he cared for her the way she did for him.

"Ahhh, this isn't good," she groaned, while fanning herself. "My face is getting all hot again." She pulled back her long hair and held it in place with a thin hair band.

Beep, beep!

The muffled sound had come from her pockets. Reaching in, she pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open, her opaque eyes lighting up at the displayed sender. Opening the message, it read:

That's amazing! I can't wait to taste your homemade ramen! You're a good cook, so I can definitely trust you. I want to see your face soon too, I really miss you.

Though she'd promised herself that she would change, she found it almost next to impossible to keep from blushing like mad upon reading that last part of the message. The words had conveyed a sense of loneliness, something she found to be awfully cute from such a loud and energetic person.

"I m-miss you too!" she blushed, speaking to the phone as though it were her boyfriend itself. A couple passing by had seen her and whispered while laughing amongst themselves. It was without a doubt directed towards her, but she decided to pay them no mind, because her feelings for the blond were nothing to be embarrassed about.

Beep, beep!

"Another message…?"

By the way, me and Sasuke will be there in about another forty-five minutes.

"Ah, that's right! I almost forgot!" she gasped. "Naruto-kun is bringing his best friend with him too!" It had completely slipped her mind that the other boy would be with them today as well. She couldn't help but feel foolish for having forgotten such an important thing, especially after her boyfriend had gone through the trouble of setting their long-awaited meeting up.

"Onee-chan!" shouted her younger sister from the second floor window of their home. "Neji nii-san said to stop talking to yourself in the middle of the street and to go to the train station already!"

"I-I know that!" she blushed; embarrassed that a few of the neighbors passing by had heard the scolding she'd indirectly received from her older cousin.

She glanced down at the time on her cell phone. It took nearly half-an-hour to get to the train station by bus. If she left for the bus stop now, then she should've been able to make it in time to meet up with them.

While thinking about nothing but Naruto along the way, the one thought that occupied the corner of her mind was what this Uchiha Sasuke would be like.

Well, if Naruto-kun likes him so much, then I probably will too, she convinced herself. Though she knew that such a reason made very little sense, it was all she could think of to keep her nerves under control. She'd never been good when it came to dealing with males, aside from the ones close to her that is. Going to an all-girls school had definitely had its downsides, considering the nervous mess she became around the opposite sex.

But Naruto-kun will be there too, so it should be fine, right?

This thought was enough to calm her, and with it in mind, she continued moving forward, her heart beating in anticipation.

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