They had been laying the sun warmed grass for what seemed like an eternity. The sun was bright in the sky and there wasn't a cloud in the cerulean horizon. There was nothing but blue skies, green meadows, fresh air, and them. Jefferson curled a loving arm around Alice's waist, hugging her to him.

"I was sleeping." She giggled against the warmth of his chest, her fingers curling around the soft material of his shirt. She stretched languidly, like a cat, a grin on her face as wide as the Cheshire's.

"But I wanted to see those eyes of yours." Jefferson replied lovingly, craning his neck down to kiss her forehead, pulling her tight to him. He gave a playful frown, "Your bump is in my way." He teased, resting his palm against the curve of her pregnant belly.

"Our bump." She corrected, brushing her blond curls out of her face as she rested her chin on his shoulder. She kissed his cheek, before sitting up. "Let's go to Wonderland today."

"But it's so beautiful here today."

"Come on!" She begged, pursing her lip out and giving him doe eyes.

"Fine." He rolled his eyes, helping her stand up. "Just this once."

"Then we come back here, I know."


The day in Wonderland was spent, wandering around the enchanted land, getting into as much harmless trouble as they could. Until Alice made a mistake, she drank a potion on a whim and it had adverse reactions.

"I'm going into labor." She groaned as she sank to her knees, reaching blindly for Jefferson's hand. "The baby is coming."

"The baby can't come. We came in as two, only two can go out." Jefferson panicked, kneeling beside Alice. He stroked her clammy forehead, brushing curls out of the way and hugging her to him.

Alice screamed again, pain streaking through her as she laid back against her husband. There was nothing she could do, the potion had induced labor. Their daughter was being born whether they wanted her to or not.

"Name her Grace. Because by grace I will see you both again."

"I can't leave you here." Jefferson tried to remain as calm as possible, but Alice had been the one to finally except him and all his little nuances that had driven other potential lovers away. No one could replace her.

"You have to raise our daughter."

"We can stay here. The three of us."

"The Queen won't allow it." Alice protested, screaming as she pushed past the pain. Pushed past the physical and the spiritual pain. How many years would she go without Grace, without Jefferson?


"You have your mother's eyes you know." Jefferson murmured as his daughter came to sit beside him on their picnic blanket.

"I caught a butterfly!" She giggled, she was too young to realize what she was missing. A mother. She was too young to understand the concept of loss. Not like he did. She would never understood what it felt like to leave behind the one woman who had been the one to tame the insanity, tame the wildness, tame the tricks and the magic. She had made him sane.

If he ever lost Grace, it would be his undoing. She was all that held him together.