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Warm breath brushed the bare skin of Abby's back. Her arms were crossed underneath the pillow, while her head was resting on top of it.

One leg, the right, was stretched out, while the left leg was pulled upwards, with the foot of said leg resting against the outstretched one.

A warm arm was possessively draped over the small of her back, as other parts of her bed companion were pressed against her side.

This was something both sure could get used to.

A lazy smile appeared on Abby's face as she bend her head to give the nuzzling lips more room to caress her neck.

The tip of his tongue came in contact with her skin as he began to trace an imaginary line from the middle of her neck toward the artwork on the left side.

Goose bumps rose on her skin, pressing against his bare chest which by now was more or less completely resting against her back.

Her voice was still heavy with sleep and barely above a whisper.

"Hmm, you are allowed to wake me up like that every morning."

After one last butterfly kiss against her neck, he swiftly turned her around and started to tease her lips, licking over the bottom lip before kissing her with a slowly up-building, burning passion, Abby came to love.

It was still amazing and all still so new, despite the fact that six weeks had passed since the first 'not wearing any panties life changing' night.

There were the gently teasing kisses, the hot and passionate kisses and those kinds of kisses that slowly grew passionate after the first tender teasing.

Breaking for air he lowered his forehead against hers and spoke up, still out of breath. "You know, to be able to do that almost every morning, you need to stay."

With a grin on her lips she crossed her forearms behind his neck, looking up into his eyes with a tender expression.

"I figured, since we both tend to be very busy at the navy yard and we work most of the time anyway, we can leave my underwear next to yours. I honestly don't think I would spend much time someplace else anyway."

He watched her face for any sign of uncertainty and found none.

"I like the way you think." Jethro said, sealing the deal with another breathtaking kiss and downwards wandering fingertips.

It came in handy, that Abby wasn't wearing any sort of shirt to cover her body, in fact she was bare of any cloths as she had fallen asleep right after the lovemaking the night before.

The agent used this knowledge to let his thumb brush over the sensitive peak of her breast, causing her body to arch into his touch.

She felt a smirk against her lips shortly before Gibbs broke away from her lips, kissing a trail downwards until his mouth enclosed around the second sensitive nub.

This was heaven.

Abby felt home, safe, loved, cherished and content. Judging by the wandering hand, seeking a haven between her legs, she would also feel very satisfied in a little while.

And so she did.