Chapter One


"Doctor, is something the matter?" Nurse Chapel inquired.

"Damn right! Today's Friday, September 13!" Chapel shook her head at her CMO. He was one of the few people who still used the old Gregorian calendar, instead of Stardates.

Suddenly, the klaxons were blaring "Red Alert. All hands, battle stations. Repeat, red alert. Battle stations."

"What'd I tell you, Nurse?" McCoy growled. "One hell of a day. Get surgery ready. I'm sure as hell we're going to be in there." He stalked to the intercom and was going to call the bridge to see what was going on, but decided against it. He'd be useless up there, and would only be in the way. Despite what that pointy-eared, green-blooded hobgoblin thought, he had a purpose by going up there. To make sure that if Jim did something stupid, there was someone there to hold his crazy ass back. He barrelled into the turbolift and snapped "Bridge!" when the computer asked him where he wanted to go. McCoy charged onto the bridge and stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the mess of green and red pools that were rapidly growing on the floor.