"Honestly, Scott, don't worry about it." Alex laughs standing on her front porch. It's already evening time, way past the time Scott had promised to get her home by, and in other words, he was so dead. "My parents are really cool about this stuff, and they like you."

4 Hours Earlier

Scott had arrived at Alex's house a good five or ten minutes before the planned meeting time, yes, he was that nervous. He runs a hand through his hair after pushing the door bell, contemplating his choices for the date. Since the two of them decided to see a movie, he chose a plain navy blue sweater and a pair of nice khakis. Perhaps he should have chosen something dresser? It's too bad he doesn't get a chance to run away as the turquoise door swings open.

"Hi, you must be Scott," It's a woman who can only be described as looking like Alex's older sister. "I'm Molly, Alexandria's mom. She's told us so much about you and the other kids at the Xavier Institute." She steps to the side to reveal a tidy hall way leading to a sunny yellow walled kitchen. "Come in, come in, we're actually in the middle of a late brunch. Alexandria, your friend is here."

"Sorry for disturbing you." Scott says already starting to regret his life's choices.

Mrs. Quincy banishes the comment with a wave of her hand. "Nonsense, dear. My husband and I were just conversing about our next research expedition. I want to spend some time in Greece, and he wants to do something in South America."

Alex practically floats down the hall from the kitchen. Even in painted splatter jeans and T-shirts, Scott still thought she looked good. "Sorry, we spent the morning painting the living room." She glances at the item in his hands, her eyes lighting up in recognition. "Are those for me?"

"Who else?" Scott hands the blue tinted carnations to the younger girl. Alex buries her face into the flowers; she glances back at him to say something before a loud manly voice booms before the kitchen.

"Alexandria, is this the boy who wants to take you out?" Scott wouldn't really call him burly, but Alex's father is obviously very athletic, the muscles still very profound under his shirt. He practically looms over his wife and daughter who were both petite in body type. "My name is Conrad Lucas Quincy." He sticks out a large hand for a shake.

Scott's own hand is practically engulfed by Mr. Quincy's. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm going to get ready." She starts to head upstairs with her flowers. "Mom, can you get me a vase for these?"

Mr. Quincy swings an arm around Scott's shoulders and steers him towards the kitchen where plates of breakfast sandwiches, fruits, and crepes litter their dining table. "Let us men talk in here while Alexandria gets ready." Mr. Quincy says ushering him to sit in a chair across from him. "Now, what were you planning to do with my daughter today?"

"Um, to see a movie?" Scott can practically feel the holes Mr. Quincy was trying to bore into his skull. Scott couldn't really see the other man doing any type of research; he seemed fit for the army. "And then maybe we could go get some ice cream."

Mr. Quincy nods slightly. "You see, I did my research on ancient civilizations and their cultures. If you just so happen to disrespect my daughter I will painfully end you." And Scott didn't doubt him for a second.

"Dad, stop threatening people." Alex says entering the kitchen. She had changed out of the old jeans and T-shirt she wore to paint, now opting for a clean pair of jeans and a flowy long sleeved evergreen T-shirt with the words 'Fabulously Me' written out in sparkling silver letters. "You ready to go?"

Scott nods and they were out the door and in his car before Mr. Quincy could voice another one of his many threats. "You're father's really intense." Scott says as he slows to a red light.

"He's actually just a big softie, can't do anything against my mother. They just like to argue for the sake of arguing." Alex explains, sweeping her long dark hair over her shoulder. "Any thoughts on the movie we should see?"

He never had too much time to find out the latest movies, he is the leader of a group of mutant teenagers who trained to save the world after all. "There's a really popular one that recently came out, a lot of people in class were talking about it."

"Just as long as we don't run into them," She obviously knew who he was talking about. They had been almost stalking her ever since Duncan's party. Most of them probably just wanted a pretty girlfriend to show off. "They won't stop following me. I almost wanted to ask my dad to deal with them."

And it would be exactly what they deserved. "Well, here's the moment of truth." Scott turns into the parking lot of the ever so popular movie theater. And as usual, it's almost completely filled, mostly with teenagers hanging out around the area. "What are the chances that they aren't actually here?"

Alex rolls her eyes. "I would be surprised to hear that." Scott notices that she walks a little bit closer to him than she would usually walk. But he doesn't have time to delve into the hidden meaning of her walking when sees an all too familiar car in the parking lot.

"Hey there Alex," and it's too late. Scott is practically pushed to the side as their classmates and other jocks suddenly rush towards them. They were all chatting away at Alex. "You want to see a movie with us?"

Scott catches her eye over their heads. He tries to make arm motions to just run for it. "I actually really want to see that movie." She points to a random movie on the wall, opting to play to the boys' fantasies. "Could one of you, buy me a ticket?"

They are practically falling over one another to buy her a ticket. "Come on, I know another place we could go." Scott says grabbing her hand a making a mad dash across the street. He leads her through the maze of city streets and lots of pedestrians before slowing down into a calm walk. "You alright?"

Alex nods clearly out of breath. "So, ice cream?" They were outside his favorite ice cream place after all. Scott lets her pull him into the ice cream parlor. Their hand still intertwined with one another. His hand felt a bit empty when he let go of her hand to order their ice cream. "What if they find us again?"

"I could distract them with my ice cream and we can hide out behind a tree." They had run quite the distance, now in the Bayville Park deep in the heart of the suburbs. "Next time, I'll make sure not to go wherever they're going."

Alex nods licking her mint flavored ice cream cone. "We should come here again, I like it here." She silently slips her fingers in between his and they walked down a small park trail like that. Everything really is peaceful with Alex around, everything but his racing heart. And secretly hoped that his hand didn't start sweating.

"Hey Scott, Alex!" People were just not leaving them alone today. Any other day, Scott would just walk over to Jean with his usual smile on and have a nice chat with her about some random topic. But today, he just wanted to have a nice date with Alex. "What are you two doing here?"

Alex quickly lets go of Scott's hand before Jean could see it. "Out for a walk, you and Duncan seem to be having a nice time together." The couple had set up a small picnic not too far from the path. "I hope we're not disturbing you."

Jean shakes her head. "We're actually getting ready to go."

"What are you doing here, Summers?" That snobby attitude filled voice could only belong to one person, Duncan. He had gotten ice cream bars from a nearby vendor when Jean called out to them.

"I'm clearly on a peaceful walk with Alex." Scott replies. Something about the other male made Scott want to fight. It's like talking to an angry child, sooner or later, you'll get angry too. "Something that wasn't obvious to you." He munches on the waffle cone of his ice cream.

Duncan is so easily angered, and Scott is the one who usually does the angering. This time, the results turn out to be much sweeter as Duncan grabs at the front of Scott's sweater, only for Scott to drop the remains of his ice cream cone on Duncan's pants and shoes. "I think we better get going then." Alex suggests, her turn to grab his hand a run towards the forest on one side of the park.

Scott ducks behind a tree, pulling the shorter girl to his chest, making sure that Duncan didn't find them. In the spur of the moment, Scott had let his arms wrap themselves around Alex's petite waist. If this were to happen in another type of situation, he would have jumped backwards and stuttered like crazy. Too bad the tree against his back wouldn't let him do that. "Sorry about all of this." He reluctantly lets go of Alex.

"It's ok," She didn't seem to be as flustered as he felt. "But thanks for helping me hide from the angry boyfriend of your friend." She has to stand on her tip toes in order to be relatively level with his height. And she brushes her soft lips against his cheek. "Perhaps we should head back to your car now?"

Scott hesitantly follows her out of the forest, noting the blush on her cheeks and returning to their former hand position. By the time they make it back to his car, the sun is already dipping below the skyline. "I have one last thing to show you, if you're up for it."

Alex flashes him a brilliant smile. "Of course!" They were driving through the border of the downtown area when the city lights turn on. Alex stares out the window, letting her hair whip back and forth in the wind.

"And this isn't even the best part." Scott yells above the wind as he drives up the familiar road to the little overlook that all of the other x-men knew about. At first, it was his place, then he showed it to Jean, and then everyone else found out about it. "Not the most romantic place in the world, but it works."

"Are you kidding, this is absolutely amazing." Alex exclaims, sitting on the hood of Scott's car. Another aspect of Alex that Scott could add to his list of reasons why he liked her, she is easily pleased by the little things in life. "Who knew Bayville could actually be this exciting?"

"Bayville's actually not that exciting." Scott admits, leaning against his car. He sometimes imagined that the scene before him would be the same as New York City or Chicago. Not that he'd actually know.

Alex hops off the hood and moves to stand in front of him. "Well, I had fun today; maybe we could do this again sometime? Or you can come over to my house and have dinner with me."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" He raises an eyebrow feeling as if their roles had been reversed.

Alex shrugs, "only if you say yes."

"I'm free on Friday night."

Alex beams "That's great; I'll make sure my dad's on his best behavior and doesn't threaten you again." It's only when she starts to shiver that Scott starts to realize his mistake.

Scott hadn't noticed how late it was getting. By then, traffic through the streets was relatively easy. Alex reassuring him that Scott was not going to get killed by her father. "Honestly, Scott, don't worry about it." Alex laughs standing on her front porch. It's already evening time, way past the time Scott had promised to get her home by, and in other words, he was so dead. "My parents are really cool about this stuff, and they like you."

"You won't tell them about the, you know." He points to his sunglasses. Probably another thing that will make Mr. Quincy not let Scott date Alex. "I can't imagine that they'll take it too well."

Alex laughs, leaning against her door. "Don't worry, I'll get tell them that the light bothers you sometimes. They probably won't even care. You can tell them the truth when you're ready."

"I just have one more question for you." Scott says as Alex starts to open her door. She turns back to him. "Um, are we officially dating now?" Really? Could he get any stupider?

Alex stares at him blankly. She glances back into her house through a window. "I'd like to think we are." And she presses her lips against his before rushing inside. "Dinner here on Friday then?"

"I'll be here at six." Scott replies, hoping that he didn't have a stupid smile on his face.