RPGV School Days

Yukie's POV

I wonder what just happened to Miku? I better find out.

"Hey Meek! Get ova hea! It's impooortant!" I shouted. Mikie ran over her from talking to the teacher after class and said, "WHAT DO U WANT?"

"Let's go check out Miku!"

"Oh right"

So we ran our fastest to the detention office but Miku was already gone. So then I asked the detention lady thats rude and grumpy where she went.

"that suckish girl? She went that way!" She said pointing to the right.

"k thx" so we ran but we couldn't find her. So we ran to her locker and tried to open it. It got stuck so then Mikie punched t really hard and it accidently cracked. Fortunately, it opened!

"so wheres her schedule... Ah! There it is! 3rd perion, 3rd period, 3rd period, there! She has science like me! What do you have, Mikie?" I asked.

"Ummm todays thursday right?"


"thursday 3rd period I have either science or social studies..." Mikie said.

"Please be science! Please be science!" I wished, crossing my fingers. I watched Mikie check through her agenda.

"SCIENCE IT IS! YAY!" She said while giving me a high five.

"awww now we have to go all the way from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor!" I complained.

RIIIIIING!(the bell)

"Oh s***!" we both at the same time. Mikie quickly fixed the locker and ran up the stairs as fast as we could...