Her family was truly unique. But just because they were evil didn't mean they couldn't love each other like a normal family. Well, almost normal. The family had a certain business. They kept it very secret. They all lived together, except for one. She was kept like a prisoner in Chase Young's palace and was constantly watched. It drove her crazy. He took her powers, her freedom and all pleasure she ever had. But the woman regained some. She snuck out at night to do business with her family. Her brothers all ways made her laugh, her father was a little overprotective and her mother was like her best friend.

Wuya dipped her feet in the water. Her mother had given her a bracelet that gives her an alarm when she needs to go to work. She looked at the silver chain with a large circle resting on top of her wrist. They worked for Gene Co. They did two certain jobs for Gene Co. One Wuya hoped Chase never found out about, the other, well she could live with it if he knew, which he almost did. Wuya and her family were the voices for Gene Co. Chase knew Wuya had a voice but never really said anything about it.

Suddenly Wuya's bracelet began to beep. Wuya covered it up and ran into her room. Once she closed the door she pressed the button. A hologram of Rotti Largo's head appeared.

"Wuya, you will be flying solo on this one. Miranda Washington's payment is past due". Wuya turned it off; she grabbed her large black bag and opened the door. Chase was then standing right in front, arms crossed with his face staring at accusingly.

"Who was that"? Wuya just shrugged.

"No one". Chase was far from convinced; he was more suspicious.

"Where are you going"?

The witch would never tell him the truth. "Just for a walk".

As Wuya was about to sneak around Chase he pinned her up against the side of the door. "That's what you said last week". Chase leaned in closer towards her face. "What is going on with you"?

In a rush of panic, Wuya pulled a vial out of her bag and injected a glowing deep blue liquid into Chase's neck. His eyes widened, turned to rage and then began to close sleepily. Wuya gently sang in Chase's ear.

"And a little help comes in a little glass veil in a gun pressed against your anatomy. And when the gun goes off our Chase Young is ready for some surgery, surgery". Chase then fell to the ground, unconscious. "Sorry Chase". She leaned down and kissed the unconscious man on the cheek and bolted out the door.