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Chapter One

The Deal and the Boy

The Dark Evangel, The Maga Nosferatu, The Queen of The Night, The Doll Master, The Girl Queen of Darkness. Those were just a few of her titles. But at the moment, Evangeline A.K. McDowell was neither of those. At the moment, she was ANGRY.

Her day had started simple enough. She woke up in her comfortable bed. She took a long warm shower. She had a delicious breakfast prepared by one of her puppet-maids.

And then she remembered it was the last day.

It was not the end of the world. It was not even the end of the week. It was simply the end of her life.

She had had enough. After falling into a state of boredom more intense then anything she had ever experienced, she had realized that she had lived enough. Sure, the Lifemaker had lived for two and a half thousand years, but she was more then satisfied with her achievement of just passing 1000.

Thinking back, she was surprised she did not see this coming sooner. After all, with Negi extinguishing his life once his wife had passed on, she should have realized that she would reach that stage as well – that she should have probably reached it hundreds of years ago. She blamed her youth for not seeing this sooner, her days of striving for survival through all odds.

But now, nearly four hundred years since the 3-A Middle School Class of Mahora graduated, the last she was part of, the class that she could honestly say was the closest group of friends she had had in her undead life, she had to admit that she no longer had a reason to strive for survival. She had lived more the she should have, she had kept the promises to her former classmates to watch over their descendants for a century or two… hell, she had even traveled through several parallel worlds just to find something to occupy herself with.

But the facts were facts. The world was at peace; mankind had terraformed and colonized not only Mars, but Venus, the Moon, as well as Mars's moon, Phobos and Deimos. Magic was known by all and used by over 80% of the population.

And she wanted a break; she wanted to end her meaningless unlife. So, just as Negi had, she created weapon of such destructive power that even her Shinso healing ability could not hope to keep up with – or even have the chance to begin the healing, for that matter. She wanted a quick and painless death, and she would have it. I was remarkably easy to build the thing, and after putting her affairs in order and finding an isolated region of space, she detonated it, vaporizing everything in a mile radius.

Which brings us to her current situation. After detonating the weapon, she had found herself naked in a white space, devoid of anything else. Not caring in the slightest about her lack of clothing, she looked around for a while, searching for… anything.

Eventually as she was screaming in frustration, a black cloaked figure that seemed to be made of shadows and dark mist appeared before her… and told her why she was there.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T DIE?" Evangeline screamed in anger… and terror.

"Just as I said, child… you cannot die. It is your own fault, delving so deep into the darkness." the voice seemed to rasp out directly into her mind. "Your greatest creation, Magia Erebea, has grown beyond your knowledge and control. It had consumed not just what you wanted, but also what you did not… it has consumed the magic of the spell that made you a Shinso Vampire… and merged it with your soul… making more immortal then the one that cursed you… In his case, his soul was immortal and could easily take a new host once the previous reached its limit… in your case, not only is your soul immortal, but so it your body and your magic… even as we speak, your body is being remade in the human world, your magic piecing back your flesh and keeping your soul bound… feeding on the endless magic of the world."

Eva stated. Stared. Opened her mouth to speak… only to decide against it as she collapsed to her knees. True immortality, she had achieved something nobody else had and she found out just when she wanted to die… karma was a bitch.

"I can see you are wise enough to be displeased with your… condition…" the voice rasped into her mind. "I also am displeased with this situation… which is why you are here, instead of on your healed body… I have an offer for you…"

"Oh?" Eva glanced at the figure. "Maybe you should tell me who you are first… as well as where I am and how do you know all this about me…" as she kept talking, her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I am Death… that should explain all your questions." she heard in her mind and, while the statement would have been considered mere boasting at other times, right then she fully believed it. "My offer is this… I will send you in a certain state into a different world… not one parallel to yours, but a whole new one… where you will have to fulfill a task I ask of you… and should you succeed to my liking… I would not only interfere and allow you to die… but also… overlook… some of your unpleasant actions, enough to allow you to enter the same afterlife as your friends."

"…What kind of task are we talking about?" Eva asked carefully. "Also, how long will it last and… and what did you mean by 'in a certain state'?"

"Your task…" Death began "…is to look after a certain child, and help him achieve not only his destiny, but also his potential… his birth has been prophesized to be that of a person who holds the power of vanquishing the current Dark Lord… and vanquish him he will, because that filthy snake has gone against nature and split his soul repeatedly and used the pieces to anchor himself to the world of the living!" for the first time, there was emotion in Death's voice: disgust laced with anger. "Your task will last until the Dark Lord that calls himself Voldemort is vanquished… however you may remain in that world as long as you can if you desire. As for the state I spoke of… as your body will be left behind, only your soul and magic will enter this new world… which I will store within the Prophesized Child's body. If you manage to create a new body for yourself, however, know that while it may perform as well as your previous one had… it will never reach the same stage that brought you here."

"So at least I don't need to worry about that again." Eva muttered, deep in thought. "But how can I look after him if I'm merely sealed within him? And will I even be able to contact him, or influence him in some way?"

"You will be able to influence him in ways you have to discover yourself… but you will only truly contact him once he is 14." Death spoke. "Now… make your decision."

"As if I have any choice in the matter!" Eva scoffed. "Just one last thing before you send me away: what would be to your liking regarding how I do this?"

"…There are three items in that world that I made the mistake to craft and allow mortals to handle… together, they could grant one a state similar to your own immortality… I want your charge to have them… but I do not want him to combine their powers and obtain that kind of immortality… it would be best if one of them is completely destroyed… which, I do not care." Death declared.

"What are these items?" Eva asked curiously.

"A wand of great power… which bears many names such as the Deathstick, the Wand of Destiny… but its proper name is the Elder Wand. The second is a stone that can summon the souls of the dead… the Resurrection Stone. And finally, the third and last, is the cloak that can hide its holder even from myself… the Cloak of Invisibility. Together, they have been popularly been called the Deathly Hallows." Death finished.

"…Very well… I'll do it." Eve agreed and before she knew it, she falling through darkness… only to land in what looked like a copy of the place she was previously in, only lacking Death.

Slowly but surely, however, colors and shapes began to form around her, but nothing she could comprehend. Closing her eyes and trying to concentrate, she found herself seeing a blurry image and hearing sounds that were probably voices, distorted as they were. Finally, it was the smell that clued her in, even it if was barely what it should be felt like: her charge had just been born.

This put Evangeline in a quandary. Even if she could perfectly influence her charge at that moment, it would do her no good as it would be not just risky but irresponsible to influence a blank slate that was a newborn… so she had to wait until he was at least a few years old before even attempting it… joy.

Resigning herself to a few years of boredom, she decided to gather as much information as possible about this new world. It was not one parallel to her own, so it was bound to be very different. She was sure that it had magic, and that her charge was a magic user, but other then that, she knew nothing concrete.

So she watched and listened, learning all she could. It was a quick and obvious decision to not interfere with the child's mind, the shapes and colors around her being his only memories which slowly but surely became solid and began organizing themselves within his mind. Everything he saw, she saw; everything he heard, she heard. The difference, however, was that she also understood. Luckily for her, they were not speaking an unknown language. They were actually speaking her first language, English, and by their accents they were likely somewhere in the UK, likely in Wales.

So she waited and learned, sleeping when the child, Harry she learned his name was, slept. She learned that the predominant magic users in this world were called witches and wizards, that non-magicals were called muggles; that the magical society was in hiding from the non-magical one, and many others. She was particularly intrigued by the magic of this world. It was… mostly for convenience, really, with little to no elemental uses. They had a spell for everything from simple levitation to the illegal Killing Curse which James and Lily frequently mentioned – they were at war. War against Voldemort and his gang of inbred fools called Death Eaters. The more she leaned, she more disgusted she became. The people of this world were weak sheep, mindlessly following Voldemort, their incompetent Government, or some Merlin wannabe named Dumbledore – the leader of the Light.

Learning that Voldemort knew part of the prophecy made Eva wonder if they kid would live past his first birthday… he did, but as soon as she found out that the mutt – Black something – had come up with the 'brilliant' idea to have the weak rat which she never trusted hold the secret of the Potter's location, she began counting the days he kid had left… she reached day 7 when Voldemort showed up.

She almost attempted to take control of the infant's body, if only to smack the parents over their heads. Their stupidity was something she rarely encountered. James Potter, the 'mighty' Gryffindor, went off to hold off the freaking Dark Lord without even having his wand with him! What the hell was his malfunction? And brilliant Lily Potter, someone Eva had actually began to respect, had made the mistake of going upstairs instead of running out back and teleporting… no, Apparating away once she was out of the Anti-Apparition wards.

Eva wasn't the least surprised when Voldemort blasted open the door of the nursery so soon that he likely had not even stopped walking as he blasted apart James Potter. She was curious about Lily's actions, however. She had learned over the past year that she was not nearly as squeamish in battle as most of the 'Light' witches and wizards. She rarely had an issue in maiming or sometimes even killing the Death Eaters if that was needed to secure the safety of herself and of her allies – she had heard countless arguments between Lily and James, with the 'wise' Dumbledore occasionally dropping by and reminding her to give others 'second chances so they can redeem themselves'. Eva personally wondered how bad Dumbledore screwed up in his youth, since she had the feeling that the old man was on his fifteenth chance or the like.

So when Lily trice offered her life in exchange for her son's safety and then remained silent until Voldemort decided that he had given her enough chances to move aside and thus killed her with the Avada Kedavra, Eva knew that something big was going to happen. She watched through the infant's eyes and the Killing Curse flew towards the suddenly scared child, who had seen his mother go down and not get up. She briefly noticed a beam of light leave the chest of the fallen redhead and hit Voldemort, causing him to explode just as the green curse hit the child's forehead… and fizzle away?

Quickly examining the memory, she determined that Lily's last effort had destroyed the Dark Lord's body and just that. The woman had likely believed that her sacrifice would shield her child from harm. She was mistaken. But what DID protect him? Eva decided that it was accidental magic of some sort, judging from his heightened emotions. She almost missed the sudden agonizing pain as something entered the wound left behind by the curse… no, it was trying to posses him!

Throwing caution into the wind, Eva reached out to her own magic and channeled some into the child's core; strengthening it and allowing it prevent the possession, even though the soul had got though, it stopped it and captured it in a net of magic, before bringing it to Evangeline.

As soon as she saw it, she almost puked. While she could not guarantee that it was thee most disgusting thing she had ever encountered, it was definitely in the top 5 and that was saying something. Looked like a stillborn fetus of a demon spawn… and not one of the pretty kind. From the snake-like appearance and the red slit eyes, she determined that it was Voldemort…. Or at least a part of him. Quickly reviewing the memory, she noticed how the wraith flew away, so this was likely a piece of Voldemort's soul that he was intending to use to make another soul anchor. Realizing that the child had passed out, she turned her attention towards the bound fetus who was currently staring at her… in what turned from curiosity to shock and then terror as Eva's sclera turned black and her pupils slit before she began ripping every memory the soul fragment had, while also making sure to have some of its magic, or rather magical talents, bleed into Harry's core, adding to his own. She made sure to double and triple filter any possible taint, and granted the child the ability to heal faster, to understand and speak in the language of snakes – known as parseltongue, an animagus form of a white basilisk, the ability to see magic – known as Mage Sight, with the later three dormant as they would merely scare and confuse him at his age.

As she worked, she barely acknowledged that Harry had been rescued and was being taken away by Hagrid. She knew she could review Harry's memories later. She was however startled when Harry's magic began to be chained – someone was bonding his power! Forcefully waking him up, she saw the twinkling eyes of Albus Dumbledore as he placed the child down before a door, all the while discretely using the wand in his sleeve to restrict the amount of magic Harry had access to – Eva estimated that nearly 95% of his core was bound. Behind the innocent eyes of Harry Potter, the Dark Evangel glared at the old fool that dared make her job harder. Oh, he would pay for his interference, and if the white wand he was using was what she thought it was, then he was officially on her shit list, right under Voldemort. As soon as the old man left as did his two companions, she quickly viewed the memory of Sirius's arrival and departure before she began attacking the net of magic that restricted Harry's core. She quickly reached the conclusion that it would take years to, maybe even decades to fully remove it on her own, so she began to filter her magic into Harry's core. After all, while it restricted access, it did not restrict growth, though she had learned that in this world magical cores stopped growing at around three and then had two other growth spurts around the ages of 14 and 17… but did not stop Eva from artificially increasing the size of his core as well as refining and strengthening his magic with her own. She now realized why Death had said that she could only truly contact him once he was 14.

Over the years of abuse under the Dursleys, Eva could not help but then Kami for her healing powers which she allowed to bleed into Harry's core as well as those of Voldemort… otherwise Harry Potter would have died of malnutrition before reaching the age of two. Even so, he was so skinny and short that one would mistake him for a nine year old instead of his real age of eleven.

Yes, he was finally eleven, after nearly ten years of being the Dursleys' personal servant, after ten years of abuse and lies, he was finally returning to the Wizarding World… and one of the first people he meets was someone carrying Voldemort's taint and wearing some god-awful turban.

Thinking back, Eva could not help but smirk at what she had managed to do to help the boy over the years. She had increased the potency of his magic to what most wizards can't even dream of, she had increased the size of his core to that of Konoka's, and she has had increased his control to the max… yes, he would de well at school…

By Christmas, Evangeline was banging her head against everything she could find in Harry's mindscape. The boy was intentionally performing worse then he could, and for what purpose? So that Hermione 'Know-it-all' Granger was the smartest and that Ronald 'Shit-for-brains' Weasley wasn't the dumbest? Even without looking for more clues, it was obvious that Weasley was planted from the start by someone, likely Dumbledore, to be his 'friend' and while Harry was naive Eva clearly recognized the burning greed and jealousy in the redhead's eyes. As for Granger, she was likely planted after Halloween to keep him worshiping Dumbledore or at least follow the narrow path that was sure to be cut short when Dumbledore decided it was 'for the Greater Good'… and of course, if he said so Granger would gladly slit Harry's throat.

Over the entire course of his first year, however, Eva made sure to manipulate Harry's body to draw additional magic from Hogwarts, eroding further at the shackles on his magic… and making him more and more compatible with the Magia Erebea and Darkness as a whole. She took particular pleasure on four certain occasions to drain as much magic and abilities as possible.

The first time was when Harry received the Cloak of Invisibility. She made sure to absorb as much of the magic as possible without damaging or weakening the Cloak in any way, and then, a few days later, she did the same with Dumbledore himself while the old man stood invisible behind Harry while the boy gazed into the Mirror of Erised.

The second time was when, during his detention in the Forbidden Forest, he touched some of the blood of the dead Unicorn. Eva drained as much magic and abilities she could from the few silver drops as well as stretching beyond skin contact and drained far more from the fallen magical being, making sure that she filtered and negated the curse that came with the blood. And what better way to negate it then with the same thing that negated the Killing Curse: the extremely rare magical ability once possessed by one of her closest friends – Magic Cancel. Of course, after correctly identifying it before Harry was three, she had made sure to not only nurture the ability, but also keep it in check else it may become permanently active as it was for Asuna. The result of absorbing the magic of the Unicorn was to increase Harry's aptitude for what this world called Light Magic tenfold.

The second time was when Harry drank the potion Snape brewed to allow passage past the black flames in the obstacle course leading to the Philosopher's Stone. The potion did not only grant protection against that particular kind of flames, but against all fire short of FiendFire. Eva made sure to keep the excess magic from the potion and enhance it, granting Harry near absolute protection from all kinds of fire, even FiendFire having a much reduced effect.

And finally, what she considered as her greatest achievement that year, was to drain dry the Philosopher's Stone, absorbing not just the enormous amount of purified magic, but also a staggering amount of knowledge regarding alchemy, the ability the bypass the law of Equivalent Exchange, and to manipulate one's age and appearance, the later which she instantly added to Harry's budding Metamorphagus abilities. The knowledge, however, she kept to herself, as she did with most of the purified magic which she would steadily bleed into Harry's core over the summer break.

Said summer break almost had her take control and brutally murder the Dursleys, but had to settle with feeding his core more and more magic to sustain him in spite of the lack of food and water. She was thankful for the Weasleys rescuing him, she really was, but the fact was that it also cemented the fact of at least Ron being Dumbledore's pawn, with him knowing Harry's address in spite of him never telling it to anyone. Over the time spent at the Weasleys, she quickly got tired by Molly's attempts to mother him, all the while having that greedy look in her eyes… which got worse after the visit to Gringotts.

Second year at Hogwarts had her finally beginning to influence his mind slightly, dampening his trust for authority quite easily given the opportunities named Snape, Lockhart and Fudge. It was remarkably easy to take that lack of instant respect and spread it like a mist over all his acquaintances, making him think twice before trusting them implicitly… of course, she only made sure he would not trust others without a good reason, so with Lockhart's books being worshipped by the sheep of the Wizarding World, it was not enough to prevent Harry from attending the first meeting of the dueling club and to go to Lockhart of all buffoons with information regarding the Chamber of Secrets.

Yes, the Chamber of Secrets, something that intrigued Eva greatly. She perfectly understood Salazar Slytherin's reasons for not wanting muggleborn within the halls of Hogwarts. In that time and age, she would had likely done the same or worse. She knew all too well what it was like to be hunted for being different, so she found it quite reasonable that he had left something behind to do the biding of his heirs… unless those heirs were living in the 20th century when muggles had no knowledge of witches and wizards. Yes, in cases like this, she was pretty sure that it would be best to have the Chamber of Secrets sealed.

With the attacks going on, she was quite intrigued of what the 'monster' was. She was alternating between a gorgon, a cockatrice and a basilisk… until she looked into Voldemort's younger memories and found out that it was a basilisk… and that Voldemort himself had unleashed it upon the school half a century ago.

Like the previous year, she made sure to have Harry's magic absorb and assimilate all valuable magics and properties he encountered, and to her delight she found no less then five opportunities.

The first was when the bumbling fool known as Lockhart vanished all the bones in Harry's right arm. That gave her the opportunity to assimilate Skele-Gro, a nasty potion indeed, which she would rather have him replicate the effects of rather then have to drink it regularly.

The second time was when he drank Polyjuice Potion to assume the form of Gregory Goyle. She assimilated any and all leftover magic from it and added it to his Metamorphagus and animagus talents, increasing their potency further and making additions and changes on the later.

The third was done in two stages: first when Dobby the house elf visited Harry in the Hospital Wing after his Bludger nearly killed the boy, and then when Harry helped free the creature from the Malfoys at the end of the year. On both occasions, Eva leached as much magic as she could from the elf, having Harry assimilate talents such as house elf Apparition and wandless magic.

The fourth and fifth took place nearly at the same time, in the same minute to be exact. It was when Harry's hand was pierced by the basilisk's fang and when Fawkes used his tears to heal him. When the venom entered the boy's bloodstream, Eva had instantly began draining its magic, not as much as to assimilate it but more to have less of it in the boy's blood. She had already made sure that Harry had a rather high resistance to poisons and venoms over the years, so while the most potent destructive substance in existence, the venom of the thousand year old basilisk was working twenty times slower then it should had – in other words burning his flesh and bones in seconds. Fawkes tears however not only healed the damage and counteracted the remaining poison, but also healed his body as a whole as the excess tears were absorbed into the bloodstream, with Eva draining as much magic she could from the tears and the phoenix itself without its notice. Doing so, she not only increased Harry's healing abilities exponentially, but also granted him another animagus form – that of a black phoenix.

The summer break that followed was likely the best Harry had ever had… once Eva put into practice the wandless magic taken from Dobby and allowing Harry to inflate Marge Dursley. She was irritated however, that Harry had taken a useless elective such as Divination. She believed in prophecies, true, but the fact was that you either had the gift or you didn't. Harry did NOT have it. So he was just wasting his time. She would have preferred him taking Ancient Runes and/or Arithmancy. He was more then smart enough… if he did not hold back, which he STILL did, much to her irritation.

It was with the beginning of his third year that for the first time in centuries Evangeline felt fear. She understood perfectly why Harry fainted, why he was more affected then his classmates. It was only natural, with his past and with the Dementors focusing solely on him. After all, from their point of view Harry was a delicacy: three souls in one body, all three holding memories of great misery. She practically felt her soul being drawn to the Dementor.

So once Harry had settled down in the castle and went to sleep, she decided that she had waited enough. She knew that she had two options: posses Harry's body and do her thing, or make one for herself. The choice was obvious. Her magic flared and flowed out of Harry's body, creating a Kage Bunshin. It was not a real body and it could and would only last a few hours, but for what she needed it was enough.

Turning herself invisible, she wandered out of the Gryffindor Tower and headed straight for a certain corridor on the seventh floor. Walking three times before the portion of wall next to a rather ugly tapestry, she summoned the entrance to the Room of Requirement which Voldemort had discovered in his Hogwarts days… and in which he hid one of his Horcruxes.

Entering the empty room she requested, she looked around with the Mage Sight and could not help but be in awe of the complexity of the piece of magic. She could say without a doubt that the only thing more complex then this she knew of was the Code of the Lifemaker.

Shaking her head, she spoke clearly as she concentrated on her goals.

"I need Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem which has been placed in the Room of Hidden Things." Evangeline said clearly and a second later the tiara-like object appeared on the floor before her. "Now I need a book or books detailing Horcruxes, from how they are made to how they can be destroyed. I particularly need to know how to remove the soul fragment without damaging the containers."

This time it took nearly a minute to fully satisfy her 'need'. First several books appeared before her, some looking older then time itself. Then, several rolls of parchment appeared with black lines being written at lightning speed. And finally, what she recognized as a pensive appeared before her, with three small bottles containing a transparent silvery substance.

Sighing, she began looking through the books. She skipped Secrets of the Darkest Art since she had the full memory of it from Voldemort, and then began looking through the other five books. They were on some of the most disgusting magics she even heard of, things that even Voldemort would have considered too evil… at some point, anyway. She made sure to skip everything she did not need and focused solely on Horcruxes and other soul magics. She then read the rather mechanic text written on the parchments, before finally watching the three memories. It took less then three hours as there was so little knowledge in the subject. But she found what she needed.

She began by undoing the majority of the charms that held the soul fragment bound to the Diadem, adding some of her own instead. With that done, she took the Diadem and went out for a stroll to the gates of Hogwarts. Reaching them, she looked in disgust at the Dementors who were standing guard beyond the gates, unleashing their aura of fear. Deciding to waste no more time, she chucked the Diadem through the bars speaking only one word.


The Dementors descended like vultures upon the barely attached soul fragment, breaking it further apart and sharing it between themselves. As soon as they were done, Evangeline summoned the Diadem back and cast a few scanning spells on it and was pleased to find out that it had gone nearly perfectly. The only apparent drawback was that the Dementors had also drained a good portion of the Diadem's magic, but that was not something she worried about: Rowena had made her Diadem capable of drawing as much magic as necessary from nature, so it would be back at full power after a few days in the Room of Requirement. And that was exactly where she stored it before dispersing, sending the memories to her real self sealed within Harry Potter.

She later congratulated herself for feeding the Dementors as when they invaded the Quidditch Pitch there were only half a dozen of them. True, they still converged on Harry causing him to lose consciousness, but all he got was a few bruised from falling from that height even with Dumbeldore's Aresto Momentum charm. Of course, what he cared more about was his broom…

The rest of the year went rather well. She kept a close eye on the Granger girl who seemed more affectionate then in the past year. She was also more worried for Harry's safety, though Eva deduced that she was still Dumbledore's pawn, from the way she Harry's Firebolt without even telling him more then that he should not ride it yet.

The end of the year made Eva confident of Harry's future development, as he not only managed to drive away over a hundred Dementors, but also gained a new family member – one that actually cared for him. Eva had known for over thirteen years that Sirius Black was his godfather and that he had not betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, so she was glad that she wouldn't have to tell Harry in a few months that he had allowed an innocent man die.

She was also reminded of certain piece of magic by Granger's Time Turner and by the time the school term was over she was confident she could build a Cassiopeia if needed.

But what made her most happy was that with the extra strain of performing a spell such as the Patronus Charm Dumbledore's bindings upon his core had nearly been broken. All that was needed now was an extra push from her… which came the second day of the summer break as Harry was contemplating writing to his friends to have them send him food due to Dudley's diet that Petunia had all the members of the Dursley household suffer under.

He was just thinking about how Mrs. Weasley would react to the news of him being starved when he felt pain beyond anything her ever experienced. He tried to scream but found his voice missing. He tried to move, whether to get help or kill himself to end it all he could not decide, but moments later he collapsed face-first on the floor as he passed out.

He found himself in a very odd place, which for some reason seemed very familiar, but at the moment he was too busy gasping and thanking the gods for ending the pain. As he somewhat regained his composure, he began looking around only to freeze at the sound of a female voice.

"My, my, so you finally pain me a visit." was heard from the darkness and looking in that direction he only say two emerald green orbs much like his own glowing ominously. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you..." the possessor of those eyes continued as she stepped forward into the light, revealing herself to be a ten year old girl with her long golden-blonde hair reaching to her knees. "…Boy." she finished her sentence with a predatory grin.

Harry remained silent and staring however. He was more focused on the fact that she was completely naked.

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